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John Vestal1 Level 1 Level 1

The release notes for 10.8.2 seem to indicate that we can now pre-authenticate FileVault 2 volumes in 10.8.2.  Does that mean it will boot into the "normal" login screen and run things like logmein, etc?  If so, how do we enable that functionality?  What hardware will support it?

  • ClassicII Level 3 Level 3

    Just found this out.


    run fdesetup help


    this will show all the commands that you can run.


    you are looking for authrestart


    if you run "sudo fdesetup authrestart" it will promt you for the key or the fv2 enabled user password. Once this is done the machine will restart and go past the fv2 preboot screen one time and bring you right to the main login window.