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Jomo1232 Level 1 Level 1

Hi I just downloaded ios 6 on ipad 2 and there is no siri either on setting there is no siri some features that was suppose to be on the upgrade is not on my ipad such as the camera thing...passbook... Siri... Please help me ASAP

iPad 2, iOS 6
  • King_Penguin Level 10 Level 10

    Apple have never said that Siri would be on the iPad 2, only the iPad 3. Passbook is currently iPhones and the iPod Touch only.

  • Jomo1232 Level 1 Level 1

    So most things that apple said will not be on ipad 2

  • King_Penguin Level 10 Level 10

    iOS 6 features by device :

  • twisted636 Level 1 Level 1

    thats so stupid to not port siri to the ipad2, it basicly comes down to we just dont want to. I buy a alot of apple products despite the prices but this is getting stupid not rolling out features to not even a 2 year old device.  I have owned alot of apple products in the past and its getting to the point I just dont respect where the company is headed in a software aspect. 

  • King_Penguin Level 10 Level 10

    From what I understand the iPad 2 doesn't have the necessary hardware within it for doing noise cancellation that is required for Siri

  • Rahupathy Level 1 Level 1

    i am also upset like (twisted636) him , my friends all of them have apple products everybody get suggestions from me.siri create an impact so we are only waiting for siri will get work on our apple products.


    i bought my ipad2 even its not completed one year(it still in warrenty).am not able to go for another siri app working device to buy.why don't they give us a alternative way to get off this issue .

  • Buddy7160 Level 1 Level 1

    I Too have just downloaded the new iOS 6 on my iPad because a client told me it came with Siri for the iPad 2.  I'm very disappointed. I cannot afford to keep buying a new iPad or iPhone each time apple creates a new device. The new features should be available to all apple users..

  • prfclark Level 1 Level 1

    I have a 15-month-old iPad 2. It's the 64Gb with 3G, so it was not cheap. And I have to say that this divisive approach to software update - all functions for 'this one', but NOT for 'that one' - is already getting on my nerves. Apple seem to love to 'play God' with their faithful followers, and only dole out all functionality to those who spend money on the latest device every time.


    I've got to say, this is the last straw for me - after a number of iDevices and a few $000's spent on Apple products, I am going to move to Android. No idle threats, no ranting, no thumping the table. Just a disappointed conclusion that I have recently come to accept, and a calm and rational decision that going another way will be cheaper, more satisfying wrt staying up-to-date and generally less infuriating.


    Once, my vision of living in an iWorld with lots of iThings was that it would be a wonderous Nirvana. However, after arriving at the mediocre, half-baked and form-over-function world that I've found to be the reality of iWorld, I am disappointed and let down. What with the high price for getting there and the financial cost of remaining faithful, for only tidbits of 'new' functionality (that isn't really all that new) once a year and a media frenzy to dress-up the drab ordinariness of the 'latest and greatest' offering, I'm feeling somewhat jaded. Apple is beginning to remind me of 'The Capitol' in The Hunger Games - gaudy, bright-and-shiny, self-obsessed and without any care for how they treat the people who have made them what they are.


    So, I'll get out and they can get stuffed.

  • RedRacer123 Level 1 Level 1

    I too have invested lots of time and $$$$$ in Apple products and am equally disapointed in the lack of SIRI support on the iPad 2. I can't go as far as saying I am moving to another platform, but this simply shows me why Apple's stock price is on the decline. Maps was the icing on the cake for me and now no SIRI on my iPad 2.


    No doubt other companies are on the rise and will eventually catch up with Apple and I guess that is a good thing after all.

  • weegmister123 Level 1 Level 1

    yea but if a apple device has an A5 or A5X chip cant i get siri though?

  • Demo Level 10 Level 10

    It may go a little deeper than just having the same chip and the chip may not actually be identical on the iPad2 and the 3rd generation iPad.


    This is my assumption and not an official answer.

  • Dah•veed Level 7 Level 7
    Mac App Store

    Don't let the screened door hit you in the derriere on your way out to Android land boys!

  • prfclark Level 1 Level 1

    And so another poster ably demonstrates the typically closed-minded devotion of a true Apple bigot.


    Such unthinking loyalty is laudable and, for those who lack the wit to do otherwise, makes it easy to not have to consider alternative choices. From that signature line I suspect that this issue has never really troubled our insightful friend, nor does it seem likely that it ever really will.


    @Dah*veed - well done! Pithy comment, cleverly phrased. And no spelling mistakes. 

  • Xtreme4297 Level 1 Level 1

    No, that isn't the case.The iPad 2 has near similar specs to that of the iPhone 4S.This is just typical Apple. "Hey, Siri Will not run on my iPad 2, what should I do? Apple : Get a ('new') iPad!!!"Frankly apart from the retina display and the decreased battery life, I don't see any Performance per pixel improvement.

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