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I have more than a thousand pdfs that are lesson notes for these Japanese language classes I'm taking in my iPad 3rd generation.


The text in these are a mixture of kanji, kana and romaji (English text).  I upgraded to iOS6 yesterday and now none of the Japanese text is showing up in my pdfs.  I have an ebook that does have the text, but the pdfs do not.


These were working fine before iOS6 was installed.  Is there any way to fix these without having to open each PDF and doing a 'save as' to embed the fonts into the files?  Like I said, there are more than a thousand of these on my iPad, and using it for my lesson notes is the major reason why I got the iPad in the first place (not to mention the fact that this and GoodReader are the two apps I use most heavily).


I even changed the iPad's system language to Japanese and still no kana.



iPad, iOS 6, 16GB
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