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Hi everyone,


My Macbook Pro with Retina display has no less than 6 bright white "hot spots" that are visible on the retina display when I have a bright or white window loaded. These are mostly on the bottom of the display, with 3 dots on the left hand side of the screen, a line in the center, and a blob towards the right. 


I will most likely schedule an appointment with an Apple Genius soon but was curious if other owners have experienced this and what outcomes Apple has provided to the problem.  I really can't be without the machine for long.

MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
  • sanjampet Level 5 (7,760 points)

    Take it to the Apple store, they are aware of display issues with Retina.

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    I am having the same problem.. I only have one, it looks like a cluster of dead pixels is my guess? Glad to see I am not the only one, I was afraid they would not cover it. Does anyone know if they can fix it right at the apple store or do I need to ship it away and use my iPad while its being fixed?

  • sanjampet Level 5 (7,760 points)

    That's a question for the manager of the store.

    I've been able to have "dog" computers replaced at the store, but have also had them send them back to te Mothership, then who knows where.


    Best of luck:)

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    me too ! this is my screen macbook pro retina 15", don't know it like to all of u or not 2012-12-19 23.24.45.png2012-12-19 23.24.45.pngWhite line_01.png

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    Same problem here. Started out with one small spot, now I've noticed about a half dozen or so along the bottom, mostly on the lefthand side.

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    These seems to be "mura" display issues.  From the forums this mainly seems to be happening on the Samsung displays.  


    I have 2 muras on my screen, and mine is a Samsung as well.


    I am concerned about taking this to the Apple Store; because they might be replacing it with a LG display that will most likely have  image retention issues.


    I will probably wait to get it fixed, untill 1 month before my apple care expires or they fix the LG display issue or they use a panel that has not "major" defects.

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    What you are describing seems like backlight hotspots. Is that your impression?


    What kpsmorokothis showing is some sort of LCD film defect.


    Both of those are covered under Apple warranty and should be returned.


    "Mura" issues is a very broad and generic term describing all kinds of image defects related to display manufacturing. Both Samsung and LG displays do come free of defects. You just may have been unlucky. My suggestion is to take it back. They should be completely fine replacing the computer regardless of whether you have AppleCare or not.

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    I had the same issue after about 10 months of having my MBP retina display. It was a bit of a hassle to fix as there is no apple store where I was living - although they did repair it without a problem. Then after about 4 months another white spot showed up on the screen. I have yet to get it fixed again but I am certainly glad I bought the apple care.


    Not sure what is causing this but I hope apple has it figured out as I use my Mac for photo editing and it was be a pain when working on high res images.