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I have an iMac, and iPhone.  I've had my Apple ID for a few years. 


My wife got an iPhone 4S a few months back and the salesperson at Verizon set her Apple ID the same as mine, but gave her a different password.  I don't know if this was ok, but that is what happened.


So, yesterday, we both upgraded to IOS6 and I had no problem logging in to my iPhone with my Apple ID.  When my wife went to log in, she was told that she was entering the wrong password. We entered the password over and over again and still was wrong.


The question is... can two people share the same Apple ID on two different iPhones and maintain different passwords?  (I have the feeling her iPhone is thinking that since it's my Apple ID, it wants my password.)


If not, can I still set up a new Apple ID for her even through she's had the iPhone for a few months?



iPhone 4S, iOS 6
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    Yes you can set up a new apple id for her, this is better in the long run.


    Just note that when there is an update for an app with her old id, she will need that password to update. (maybe your password).

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    You shold follow your feelings, its probably right most of the time.


    You can have 5 different devices hucked upp to one Apple ID. What I have done is that my wife and I have one Apple ID, when I bye a new app on my phone, She gets it to. Thats nice.


    You can allways set upp a new Apple ID for your wife.

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    The only thing she has purchased for her iPhone are a few songs.  She hasn't really purchased any apps.


    So, it seems like it should be a pretty simple process?


    Thanks for your help.