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So, I just updated my 4S to iOS6. I wanted to try the new maps turn-by-turn. They actually worked pretty well... unfortunatley when I plugged my phone into my cars USB cable (which worked the day before via iOS5) I couldn't hear the audio directions. I turned on my Audible app to see if a book would play, no audio, though the play counter was counting so it was playing. I then tried iPod, playing, but no audio. I rebooted the phone and tried again, same thing.


I thought my cable wasn't working because of the update didn't like the fact that it was an old cable. Tried a new cable, still no worky. I have a seriously long commute, I NEED my audible to get through it. Aside from unplugging the **** thing and listening to it through the tiny, crappy iPhone speakers while I drive I think it's acceptable to expect to use my iPhone's USB cable through my car strereo like I did before I updated... please help!!!!!

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