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  • Tommyvercetti Level 1 (15 points)

    Definitely still crashing, Search crash has improved somewhat but now under Top Charts if you choose See All and after it takes a very long while before the spinning wheel stops spinning it did crash when I choose an apps there. Wow, just looked down at my iPod while typing this and saw the App Store crash while I was letting it load the Top Charts. What a joke that a 2 year device doesn't work it's own built in app. Who's gonna search or use the App Store as often anymore if this happens?

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    Will this work for the iPod touch as well?

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    I should have read al this before upgrading my 3GS to IOS 6.0.1,


    the new system is a disaster...., shuts itself down all the time, restarts crash and it is allmost impossible to get out of the frozen apple logo screen.  Worst offenders are the appstore, opening a home page in safari, battery life.

    And after 2 months of complaints on this site alone still no fix offered.  Is apples gold plated standard for OS coming apart at the seams?    I am so disssapointed with them.

  • Home Button Level 2 (375 points)

    My safari crashes while zooming on certain sites and my App Store crashes when trying to view purchased items. There hasn't been a fix for this from Apple since iOS 6 was pushed out 3 months ago. I have also noticed that the diagnostic log has low memory errors when this issue occurs. It almost seems like iOS is closing the App Store when I try to view purchased items because it is using too moch memory. It isn't necessarily a crash, it may be iOS trying to manage the memory. The same thing applies with the Safari "crash".

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    Ok, it seems everyone is having similar problems. I restored my iPod 4th Gen to iOS 6.0.1 today about a few hours ago and the appstore crashed right after a restore from a backup ( I loaded the appstore once and I went to Purchases and it crashed like I thought it would). Noticeably, the list near the bottom of the appstore was as follows (at least I think it was): Featured, Top 25, Genius, Search and Updates, with the "Categories" section in the top left corner. I went into the settings app and I enabled restrictions for iTunes, Deleting and Installing apps. After that, I went directly to the home screen and stopped the settings app from running in the background. I went back to the settings app and I went to Restrictions and I turned on iTunes, Ping, Deleting and Installing apps, and then I disabled restrictions. I checked the app store but it was different this time: Featured, Search, Updates, Categories, and Top 25 near the bottom. Surprisingly, the Purchases under the Updates section stopped crashing and the "Categories" section in the top left disappeared, as well as the Genius function which I never use. The app store looks just like it did back in iOS 5 (other than the new color scheme). This also happened to my iPod a month ago with iOS 6.0, but I'm not sure whether it will last this way. I searched on the internet for anyone else who might have had this happen to their iPod, but with no luck. Has anyone else experienced this?

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    I got an iPod touch 4th gen for Christmas with iOS 6 preloaded. I haven't had any iOS devices before, but I would say this is pretty fast compared to my Android phone, which is a Samsung Galaxy S. I realise there is occasional lag, but I'm used to it, as my phone's never been really fast and I use a netbook. I would even say my iPod has less lag than that phone. So I would say an iPod touch 4th gen running iOS 6 is prefectly fine, and runs quite smmothly, with almost no issues.

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    Every since OS 6 my ipad 3 and iphone 4s crash when trying to load purchased apps from the app store. This has never been addressed by Apple other than them saying 'they are aware of the issue'.


    Seriously, I don't think this will EVER be fixed.

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    My iPad 2 and my previous iPhone 4S never crashed while trinh to load anything from the App Store. Only the iPod 4th Gen would crash like there's no tomorroe

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    Trying* Tomorrow*

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    Good luck

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    The purchased apps section would crash, because it would load all purchased apps all at once and i mean ALL OF THEM (not the hidden ones) instead of bit by bit. I was able to view this on my ipod 5 (due to increased ram) and it would just go slow but not crash. And if "genius" is quitting, it's because it recommends a lot of apps, so yeah you're probably right about them not fixing this issue anytime soon or at all!


    "because the new ipod 5 support it's it all"


    -crapple >:D

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    It seems like iOS 6.1 did not fix this problem on my iPod 4th gen. Hopefully Apple gets this fixed.


    BTW, the new app store is horrible. I miss the "Release Date" tab in the old App Store because "New" isn't the same thing.

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    I liked the old App Store cause when you searched you saw a lot of results on the screen at one time, with the new you get one result at a time.

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    apple still hasn't solved this? WOW, i'm pretty shocked... I thought they cared a little bit more about their custormers even if we are on their old devices, we still bought them!




    I'm staying on iOS 5 utill someone asures me that this wont happen to my ipod