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Upgraded iPad 3 to iOS 6. Wifi and LTE working.  Siri not working.  Siri hears me and types it back to me then says There is a problem, please try again.  I have turned Siri off and re-signed in rebooted. Used external mic. Tried in middle of night so servers not busy.

iPad, iOS 6
  • Laxman25 Level 4 (2,260 points)

    I would restore the device. Just make sure you save a backup before you do. It should take care of any software hiccups that might have been caused during your update.

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    Yes I seem to have the same problem but its not all the time, just some of the time. Yesterday I recieved the new Ipad and updated it, and siri was working fine, but I noticed a little later that the purple light it would just keep spinning, and eventually when it did show my command, nothing happened. Then a litle later it would work again, and now this morning it isnt working. I had wifi all the time so that isnt the problem. Ill probably just restore it, its already backed up.

  • Laxman25 Level 4 (2,260 points)

    Yea esp if you updated during the mad rush... Hiccups can happen with a feature or two. I did a restore just yesterday because I caught the missing album artwork at the top. Fixed now.

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    Restorng took two days and I had to do parts of it manually even thow I had it backed up but restoring solved several problems now on to restoring data to apps.Thank you