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After updating to iOS 6 when i assign a ringtone(purchased from itunes) other than the factory default(marimba) and i receive a call it still plays the factory default tone. Previously on other firmwares when you choose a ringtone other than the default one it would override the factory default one as the main one(unless you customize per contacts). Has anybody encountered that? or am I doing it wrong?

iPhone 4, iOS 6
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    Try going into on of your contacts that uses a default ringtone and re select the default ringtone, I tried it and it worked

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    I am having the same issue. Though I have set my default ringtone as a personal ringtone I made in GarageBand, only the factory default ringtone (marimba) ever goes off, unless I have set a specific ringtone for a specific contact. Going into my contacts and resetting a specific person's ringtone to default will fix it for that one contact, but anyone I don't do that to will always play the factory default ringtone no matter what, and any call I get from someone not in my contacts will play the factory ringtone. How to fix? How do I make my phone ringtone actually play the default tone I've set it as? I have a 64 gb iPhone 4S and this only happened ever since iOS 6. I've tried a factory restore to no avail. Thanks.

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    Same problem here, I have an iPhone 5 and my friend is having the same issue on his iPhone 4.  Going through all the contacts would work,but i have quite a few.

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    Same problem.  iPhone 4, I can assign ringtones to individual contacts but cannot change the default from Marimba.  Have deleted and re-synched all my custom tones, rebooted, and cannot get anything but Marimba to read as the default tone.

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    Yep - You guessed it. Same problem. Come on Apple! This is NOT what we've come to expect from you! Problems I've had since switching to iOS 6 and getting an iPhone 5:

    -Marimba stuck as default ringtone

    -static lines on keyboard screen when entering password into itunes or app store

    -Knick on body of my phone (apparently from when they put the glass in)

    -Apple Maps (Need I saw more)

    -iTunes Match would not work - didn't figure it out for DAYS after multiple restores.


    I'm beginning to wonder if Apple died with Jobs. Could this be the beginning of the end?

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    I am shocked that this is the only thread I can find on this. Surely more people are having this issue. I can't even find where apple has acknowledged this bug. I, along with the rest of you, want it fixed!!  It would be noble of them to acknowledge the problem and that they are working on a solution!! 


    Very disappointed.

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    Having this same annoying! So annoyed how many issues my $300 phone is having already. I love Apple, but c'mon guys. This is such a stupid problem to have! Anyone tried calling?

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    I had the same issue.  All Ringtones worked for individual contacts, but not the Default.  Could not change that at all, no matter what I used, only had the Marimba ring.  I saw this solution in another forum and it worked for me. 


    1. Set your default ringtone in Settings - (the ringtone you want as your default).

    2. Kill ALL running apps by double clicking the Home button and turning them off one by one.

    3. Do a reset of the phone (by holding the Home and Top buttons down until you see the Apple, then release)


    Your default ringtone should now work.  Not elegant - it would be nice if Default just worked - but it does the trick.

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    This solution comes from a different but related discussion on this forum:


    Just talked with tech support. If you kill ALL running apps (by double-clicking on the home button), including the phone app. Then do a soft reset by "powering off" / "powering on" your phone. This should change the default ringtone. IT WORKED


    Side note: I had already selected the ringtone that I wanted to use as default before doing the reset. Not sure if that will make a difference.


    Good Luck!

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    I was having the same issue but it didn't seem to be consistent.  I changed the default ring and tried calling myself and it worked, but later on I received a call and it used Marimba.  I have tried a power off/on so will see if that helps.  I have an iPhone 5 and restored the data and settings (including ringtones) to it from an iPhone 4.  I do not have any custom ringtones associated with contacts.

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    it worked

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    Also the custom or purchased ringones sound worse. Set as text tone they sound full and good.

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    This worked for me

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