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    Thanks!!!! This method worked perfectly. Hopefully this issue is fixed soon.

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    This option worked for me....Thanks aeflynn

  • alwaystubed Level 1 Level 1 (70 points)

    The other issue is the custom ringtones sound horrible. Muffled, compressed, poor. Same file used as Text Tone sounds perfect.

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    I followed this suggestion PRECISELY and no change. I even tried it twice. I wasn't having any problems with this until I made some custom tones in garageband and synced them to my phone today.


    It seems like it has to have something to do with garageband because I've used custom tones from other sources with no problems what-so-ever. Now even those won't work.


    I also tried setting the default for my home number then calling my iphone to see if the suggestion of changing individual defaults work - it did NOT work. Still marimba.


    Any ideas??

  • bgosper Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I just tried aeflynn's suggestion with a normal restart/soft reset involving just the power button, not the power/home combination. Appears to have worked. Maybe slightly different methods work on different phones - I have an iphone 4.

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    This worked. Thanks!

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    I am having this issue. Restored a new 4 from a backup of a 3S. Restored three custom tones. They work. Can set one as default marked by a check mark but cannot change Marimba (default).  Tried forcing open apps closed, power off and soft reset combinations.

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    FIXED! Hope this helps someone else.  Found another article elsewhere on my friend the Ineternet that suggested this fix.  Connected phone to PC (or Mac) with iTunes started.  Unchecked sync ringtones then synched phone.  That removed custom ringtones from the phone.  Checked sync ringtones then re-synced phone.  When I opened my sound settings my first custom ringtone (of three) was check marked (though Marimba still has default in parenthesis).  Looked at a few contacts.  All seemed to be set to default ringtone.  Called my self and my custom ringtone is now the "default" ringtone.

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    Fixed. That did it.

    Not clear why post iOS 6 install everything worked fine until the sync from this morning. Suddenly none of my custom tunes were there. Someone called me (Marimba) and I looked around the room to see who was still using the default ringtone.

    Oh, that's me. Wait a minute. What the heck changed?


    Sync with/without has restored the natural order of the universe... for now.

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    My Marimba bug...


    I have a 4s using iOS 5.0.1


    I've been using the same ringtones from this ringtone maker called Texttone for over a year. It used to work for everything, but most importantly my alarm clocks.


    I have not updated my phone, yet when I got off of a recent 6 month deployment, all of my alarm clocks and ringtones are marimba. I CANNOT STAND MARIMBA. I need to wake up to something very soft. Marimba is loud and annoying.


    I tried the force quit and reboot and it did not help me. Someone please respond with advice soon before I break my phone or switch to a :( droid

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    Do a hard reset. Hold home and sleep button down until Apple logo appears then release.   If that doesn't work restore from iCloud backup.  If that doesn't work DFU restore from iTunes.

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    Worked great! Maybe you should let the tech's know at Apple what to do. I've called Verizon to ask for their help but they just told me the obvious. Thanks a-lot aeflynn!

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    I've tried every solution in this string with no luck.  I can change the default ringtone, but cannot assign a different ringtone to any of my contacts.  It shows it's changed, but when I call from that phone it still rings on my phone as the default.  Really need to fix this - I can't always look at my phone when driving and don't want to answer all phone calls.  Frustrated.

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    After searching the net and some support sites like this. Thers was this feeling of complete frustration as nothing I did could change the ring tone or my message sent tone or message recieve tone. The solution was quite simple edit your contact list my family contacts had different text tones and ringtones from default so they overrode the default and there you have it try it if all else fails Cheers.

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    iPhone Settings won't set after iOS 8/8.0.2 update


    I Have had this problem as well as others sonce the iOS 8 update. 


    fter updating my iPhone 5 to the new iOS, some settings are not able to set.

    i.e. lock sound slider wont set when configured. settings>sounds>lock sounds

    batter percentage slider wont set when configured, settings>general>usage>battery percentage

    setting ring tones/text tones, other sounds, and custom vibrations wont set  settings>sounds>ringtone/text tone/new voicemail/new mail/sent mail/tweet/facebook post/calendar alerts/reminder alerts/airdrop

    changing text message notifications wont set.   settings>notifications>messages>show on lock screen/show previews/


    I have tried soft resetting my iphone and factory default resetting my iphone to no avail. 


    Apple Please HELP!!!!!

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