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I downloaded by mistake the podcast app. It took away the podcasts from Music and Video App.

After deleting the Podcast app. I can not access my podcasts anymore.

How do I restore prevoius settings?



iPhone 3GS, iOS 6
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    It is not enough to delete it from the phone, but it is necessary to delete the app in itunes, and then synch again to make sure it is removed from both itunes and iphone. Only then the podcasts will be shown again.

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    Restart your phone once or twice

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    After you delete the app, make sure you go back in the sync screen that pertains to your Ipod/Iphone and verify that the "sync podcasts" box is checked.


    I had to restart my Ipod twice. I could see that the podcasts were back in the music folder but the podcast tab would not show up within the music tab.

    Restarting it one more time did the trick !


    Thanks for all your help on this ~ this app was the worst thing ever !

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    This tip restores audio podcasts, but does it restore video podcasts? I'm investigating that now. I fear it does not.

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    There is an Videos app. When this app is in the device it takes the videos from the music app. This happens regardless the podcasts app.

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    Agree- this Podcast app is TERRIBLE


    I finally gave up and removed it from my iPhone and iTunes and set things back to the way they were

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    Is anyone else able to download podcasts directly from their device after deleting the Podcast app (in iOS 6)?


    I was so happy that I could delete the Podcast app a play podcasts from the Music app, but I'm unable to download new podcats from my iPhone. The only way I can get new podcasts is by syncing to my iTunes library.

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    No, I have not been able to download podcasts the old iOS 5 way directly to my phone.

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    Glad to know it's not just me. I'd say anyone recommending that people delete the Podcast App should make sure they also mention this limitation; it could be rather significant for some people.

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    Guys, any idea on how to do this on iOS 7? I've tried and tried and iTunes will still say that I'll no be able to play my podcasts until I install the app. All this got screwed up when I installed the podcasts app and I got a message on my phone asking me if I wanted to manage podcasts with the new app or keep in Music, so I stupidly went and did it, without thinking it would be impossible to switch back. Only reason I'm not happy with the Podcasts app is... it's fugly! AAAND, not sure why this is the way it is, but the Music EQ doesn't apply to any other music app on the phone except the iPhone's own app, which ****** me off (I listen to loads of bassy stuff, earpods need more oomph sometimes).

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    I am in the same boat


    With IOS 7 upgrade I was forced to reinstall Podcast since there is no way I could find to get Music to show podcasts already saved on my iPhone 4s



    I HATE the Podcast app and now find Music and Podcast App both fighting for my headset when all I want to do is listen to a podcast where I left off

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    I deleted the app (as described above) on a 4S, then updated my new 5S from the backup of my 4S. The podcast app remained off (I was given the options to add it back again when I set up my 5S, and of course I said "no"). May I ask if iOS 7 has a better Podcast app?


    Ever since I deleted the Podcast app and started using iCatcher (a paid app), I've been very happy. It doesn't sync to iTunes, and takes a little bit of getting used to. But I think it is much much better than the Podcast app from iOS 6, with much more power, and not so buggy. I have no clue how the Podcast app is in iOS 7.


    Message was edited by: Rob Mitchell1, as my workaround didn't work as I expected... may need to play with it a bit more.

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    Manual workaround to play Podcasts as Music on iOS device by changing settings in iTunes:

    1. Select a Podcast episode or group of epsisodes in iTunes
    2. "Get Info" (command-I)
    3. Click "Info" tab
    4. Click "Genre" and change to something other than Podcast
    5. Click "Options" tab
    6. Change "Media Kind" to "Music"
    7. Press "OK"
    8. Then add the media to your iDevice (as you would add a song -- many ways to do that), and you should be able to play the podcast like music on your iDevice, w/o getting a 3rd-party Podcast app.

    (I'm not sure if 5 & 6 are absolutely necessary, but it doesn't hurt)

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    I actually think the critical bit is step 6 to change the media kind away from Podcast and have it be something that the Music app will agree to play.