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    I just realized a setting that solved my streaming problem (which may have been oversight on my part although I could have sworn I tried everything to solve it). I thought the streaming worked as soon as I enabled iTunes match but somehow went south after a little while. This is actually a setting to allow iTunes match to stream over cellular. 

    Go to Settings/iTunes & App Stores and turn on "Use Cellular Data" and Match streaming works.  Make sure you're data plan supports this or you'll overshoot and get a penalty charge.

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    I for one do not like itunes match because it does not stream within the cloud. Only from itunes to atv. Which fine becaue I have an atv but, Itunes match is not a music locker hich is why i like Amazon Cloud, it is a music and it will stream within he cloud fromy your ipad to your atv and you don't have to hav any song loaded on to your iphone/ipad to do this but, you have to use their player to use this feature which is fine because thir UI is so much better than Apples. But I love apples eco system. I just wo't subscribe to itunes match because I don't trust their cloud service at all. Plus once you buy something you canot delete anything. With Amazon you can.

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    you're crystal clear and you're RIGHT !!!!

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