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Problems with my security code

iPhone 4, iOS 6
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    What do I need to do to correct this?

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    Since apple's "customer support" consists of a whole bunch of ******** derelicts who blame you or your credit card company for this message, I had to take it upon myself to figure out a way around the problem.  All you have to do is change your billing information in iTunes from your credit card to PayPal.


    I was getting this same ridiculous "invalid security code" message when I knew I had entered it correctly!


    It's funny, because PayPal recognized it as a valid account and security code, and now all my apps finally work again.


    1. Open iTunes
    2. Go to the Store
    3. On the right, click on "Account"
    4. Next to "Payment Type", click "Edit"
    5. Click the PayPal logo and either enter your existing PayPal account info or create a new one (as I did)


    I'm not a fan of PayPal, therefore I never had one.  I created one really quickly and even used the same account that mysteriously stopped working.  (AND WITH NO PROBLEMS... THANKS, APPLE)


    I really hope this helps anyone with this same problem as it is really frustrating when somebody **cough cough apple** tells you that you're doing something wrong when you know you're not, and takes no liability whatsoever when the error is on their behalf.


    Happy Apping.... For now

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    I bought iPhone 5 from ebay, but the phone wasn't activated yet and now the phone isn't in USA its in Cambodia. so I need to activated the phone how can I activate the phone?