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    My cable is stuck in my vehicle.  Manager at my local Apple Store (Joseph Pacheco) stated that this was not a known problem. He also refused to do anything about it, telling me that it was a third party vendor issue, and that I needed to take my car to the dealership.  My car was 30 meters away, but he would not even look at it. He absolutely would not take any responsibility for it, claiming that it was not a defect in Apple's equipment.


    I will try the plastic trick.

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    I bought a new ipod touch 5 for my daughter. The USB charging cord will not come out of the port of her Lap top.  The tech support people are still claiming that they have not heard of this issue. (I called today.)  Apple has to do more than simply replacing the cable as the cord design is defective and is damaging computing equipment.  As of yet I haven't heard of anyone being compensated for damage to there computer, but it is a law-suit waiting to happen.  If I have to pay to have the cord removed and if the cord or port has to be repaired, I will be sending Apple the bill.  I expect a new cord to be sent to me to start.

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    get a plastic cup, cut off a small piece and use that to remove the cord.  Works like a champ for me.


    here's photos I posted on Amazon to show how easy it is to do.  (still doesn't resolve the fact that the cords get stuck, but it does unstick them.)


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    I contacted Apple on Saturday having received the ipad lightning USB cable... plugged it in, ipad started synching and then came up with USB malfunction and stopped.  I disconnected the ipad and am unable to remove the USB cable from my laptop.  I was informed by the first person I spoke to that they had never heard to this problem, I was then escalated to a Snr Advisor whom I sent a photo to whilst on the phone, by email.  I was informed this is not a common problem and that it would have to be sent to the engineering team.  He assured me he would call me back on Monday.   No call.  I sent an email to his address this afternoon to receive a phonecall within minutes from another person stating the gentleman I had spoken to on Satruday was not it and that the case had been forwarded to her.  She informed me that I needed to get a piece of plastic from a man's shirt collar - yes, approach my neighbours or anyone to ask them if they had one I could use and slide the plastic in the top of the USB and then another piece of shirt collar plastic in the bottom of the USB port.


    I do not have man's shirt with a bit of plastic in the collar


    I have tried various pieces of plastic, shiny cardboard from the apple ipad box etc, including a cup, for over 1.5 hrs now.  Nothing is releasing that cable.


    Therefore, the only option I have is a 70 mile round trip to the city!  No, they will not reimbuse the cost of petrol nor car parking charges to get to their store or the cost of going to a computer store to get this cable out or to fix any damage that may have occured to the port.


    I am beyond infuriated. 


    What galls me most is the denial from Apple advisors who are telling folk that this is not a known problem and that Apple are still selling these cables.   Having simply typed into a search engine just now about this problem, I find this thread which clearly shows Apple know there is a problem with these USB cables.


    Pretty disgusting!


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    IzzieLzzie I have had the exact same response today, get card board, metal, a card, anything and put it in the port.  Nothing works and I was also told this was the 1st time Apple had ever heard of the problem with the lightening cable.  I wish I had never bought the iPad 4 and should have went with the Samsung Galaxy tablet, the rep even told me not to touch Apple.  I wish I'd listened.  All my family have iPad 2's and iPhones and have not had these issues but I must be to do with the ligthening cable.  Another issue I have with the iPad with Retina as it is called is that it gets very very hot after half an hour of use, Apple say it shouldn't happen and it has been sent back to them and then returned to me saying that there is no problem - there clearly is due to how hot it gets - and this isn't even when its charging.


    Not happy at all with my 1st ever (and last) Apple product.

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    Add me to the list too... my cord is now stuck in my laptop. Trying to pry it out and it's damaging the plastic around the cord. Debating on whether to leave it in so at least I can charge my phone.


    Love my phone...faithful to Apple products... but knowing others are enduring the same issue and we've not heard about it until we're literally stuck? Not cool.

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    Update to my original post of encountering the same issue: Using advice from another post... I cut a piece of plastic from another device's packaging (like that of headphones, batteries, solo cups or men's shirt collar points here - lol), using an empty usb port as a template. I lodged the plastic into the stuck port, UNDER the stuck cord and began to tug a little on the cord, wiggling it... didnt come right out, but did come out without too much additional effort.


    Note: I am in no way an engineer or super don't be scared to try this yourself in order to save your device or your cord. Also, the port that the cord was stuck in seems to be tighter than the other ports on my laptop...not sure why. Hope this is helpful to someone else.

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    Wish I would have seen the post PRIOR to putting the plug into my computer. I just purchased my 5th Gen Ipod Touch 2 hrs ago and now I can't get the cord out of my usb. I will try all of the remedies and see what works. Thank You all for taking the time to post fix's for it.

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    Both my lightning cables for my ip5 have just delveope power surge faults and wont charge or sync!!


    Does apple replace these as part off warranty?


    If so is there a number to call?  cheers Sq

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    square88 wrote:


    Both my lightning cables for my ip5 have just delveope power surge faults and wont charge or sync!!


    Does apple replace these as part off warranty?


    If so is there a number to call?  cheers Sq

    Everything in the box is covered the same as the phone.  I would take it to where it was purchased for assessment.

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    When you say it had a power surge, what do you mean?  This is very strange to read because my lightning adapter just overheated last night and melted at the tip part.

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    I just bought my iPhone 5 on Feb 26, 2013, and my cord got stuck too... Took a little bit of work with a plastic bit out of the collar of my dress shirt, but I got it out. Tried it in a few different things after that, seems to be getting stuck in everything, including the 2 prong power adapter that came with the phone.

    Nearly broke my computer's USB 3.0 port trying to pull it out, then found the plasic shim solution. I'm still a little worried that I might have damaged the port with the pulling and the rocking.

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    I finally had to use a flat metal nail file to release the plug. What a pain.

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    My cable was also stuck in my laptop, after trying to pull and pull , i read people's thought on how to remove and the outcome then preety much gave up. After i asked my dad, who sitched then just pulled really hard after which it came out.

    But i won't suggest pulling it out as it might damage the cable? Guess i was just lucky

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    MTG > Apple Lightning cable

    Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 11.56.32 PM.png