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  • Adriano IT Level 1 Level 1

    Last week I've experienced the same problem with my new iPad4  (received 10 days ago).The first time I've plugged the lightning USB cable in the USB port of my notebook HP ProBook 6440b , it was stuck.

    The only way to disconect it was to use a feeler gauge, 0,25 mm , to release the bottom two pins on the host port.


    Very bad design and quality control from APPLE.


    I've asked APPLE support for a new cable.


    They want the old cabe back in order to check it.


    I'm waiting...



  • Nutty87th Level 1 Level 1

    Well I join the list of people with this problem.

    Plugged my iPhone 5 cable into my wired Apple keyboard ... and now I can't get it out.

    Grrr ....

  • jeyaantony Level 1 Level 1

    Don't throw the plastic wrapper which comes along with the cable. Trim slightly to fit the USB slot. It worked for me to pull it out. Apple has wrapped the faulty cable with solution . (Apple could trim to fit the USB slot) Next time insert with the wrapper on top of the white plastic side. Use untill Apple replaces the faulty one.


  • bulletproof101 Level 1 Level 1

    Apple this is ridicolous. Same here. Bought an Ipad mini on Monday. USB got stucked in ACER Laptop!


    Thanks you community for the hint with the cardboard and plastic.


    Modern world. ;(

  • rickwhoo Level 1 Level 1

    Just contacted apple and they are sending me a new cable. I hope its a better one that will not get stuck. The plastic trick worked to get it apart.

  • mblaqmaniac Level 1 Level 1

    Okay I think I have the same problem, so 3 months after I bought my iPod touch 5g the usb cord broke and I just bought one like two weeks ago and that one isn't working anymore either. The first one Ripped from the top but this one is perfectly fine. It just wont charge my iPod, I tried connecting it to my laptop, in different outlets and nothing. But I did notice that like 2 days ago it started giving me troubles. I had to mess around with the cord so that it would actually charge my ipod but now it wont work no matter what I do. My parents are getting mad and said apple better give me a free replacement since my parents just bought this one.

  • asad6q Level 1 Level 1

    GUys , Wait uP> i had this probLEM LAST came here found nothing. yesterday i figured out that if u try side by side,  up and Down you'll get it out without any plastic .

  • rickwhoo Level 1 Level 1

    Call apple and tell them your problem. They will send you out a new one and they might have you send back the broken one. Worked for me and they did not want the old one back.

  • Mairi613 Level 1 Level 1

    Thank you everyone for the tips on how to get the USB end of the lightning cable out of wherever it is stuck. I was so ****** and blaming the wrong company! I ordered my iPhone 5s a month ago got it 2 weeks ago. While ordering the phone at verizon, the sales girl kept advertising the Motorola battery pack. I thought it was awesome, but for $80 no way! Then a week later, I saw it on amazon for $35 and was so excited that I ordered one right away. I used the battery for 2 weeks with my iPhone 4 with no problems. Then when I got the iPhone 5s (3 days before I left for Disneyland) I used it twice with no problem. Then the last day we were at Disneyland, I plugged the cable in like normal and put it in my backpack and went on 2-3 rides, thinking nothing of it. Then when I checked my phone and saw it fully charged and unplugged it...or tried to. I freaked because I couldn't get it off. All I could think was that I might have melted or something to the battery pack. Luckily I could charge the battery pack and then my phone with no problems. Later that week I went to target and got a different plug (I think it's better than apples). I never thought to check here to see if anyone else had the same problem. I am going to contact apple and see if they can get me a new plug because I definitely won't use this one unless it's an emergency. Thanks again everyone!!!

  • Jim_H81 Level 1 Level 1

    Hard to believe Apple hasn't made any subtle changes with any of the post-iphone 5 products when they first introduced this cable to fix this issue.

  • Jim_H81 Level 1 Level 1

    Hard to believe Apple hasn't made any subtle changes with any of the post-iphone 5 products when they first introduced this cable to fix this issue.

  • AppleDouche28 Level 1 Level 1

    Yeah I got mine last week, still has problems. Thought they were supposed to pay attention to costomers comments, but i guess not. 

  • Pin0977 Level 1 Level 1

    Same thing here, plugged the cable into my laptop on Firday and it's stuck solid.


    I phoned Apple this morning and they said that they'd never heard of this problem before!?  I told them that there were a lot of complaints online about it happening to people but they said that no one was reporting it to them.


    I was advised to take my laptop to an authorised Apple supplier (as I couldn't take it to the Genius bar as my laptop isn't an Apple product, even though it's an Apple product which is stuck in it) and see if they could get it out.  If not, perhaps I knew someone who was good with computers??


    No mention of a new cable, or laptop for that matter .


    I'll try the thing with the plastic though to see if that works..

  • kiklanisune Level 1 Level 1

    this happened with the lightning cable i got with my new 5 the wk they came out. it was a defect. it got stuck in my wall charger, a friends got stuck in her laptop. took 5 hours of arguing with apple to send me a new one because i refused to spend 22.50 on a new one just because it was a smidge too big. the issue itself was with the cables. the second one they sent me (one that just comes in the little box alone), worked great, hasnt gotten stuck at all.

  • kiklanisune Level 1 Level 1

    they are lying, they heard of this problem when the i5 first came out. i told 7 different reps on the phones about it in jan 2013.