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I have updated my son's iPod touch to the new iOS 6 and now it won't connect to my wifi or any other wifi!! I AM SOOOOOO FRUSTRATED cause I have tried everything. I did a total restore, an earlier backup, reset network, reset settings, cleared all Safari cookies and cache, tried connecting to a diff network, reset my wireless router, shut the iPod on and off more than enough times, clicked forget this network and re-entered password, renew lease...uggggggh! It was working just fine before this freakin update! I WANT A SOLUTION!!! People shouldn't have to spend hundreds of dollars on these items to have to deal with some bs for days on end. I have seen so many with the same problem, mostly for the iPhone, but my iPhone is so old that I can't update it to the iOS 6, so luckily I still have that! I use this iPod for all kinds of things and it bites when you can't get a freakin solution when you ask. It is Apple's fault!!! We shouldn't have to pay for tech support to solve an issue that your company caused!!! PLEEEEEEEEEEEEASE HELLLLLLLLLLP!!!! Thanks you and have a wonderful and lovely afternoon!

iPod touch, iOS 6, Wifi will detect but won't connect