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  • DavidJZoni Level 1 (0 points)

    its possible there may be another issue which affects sound output... i think some people are confusing the "thinks it is in dock mode" issue with another issue where all sounds dont work. its possible there may be a speaker hardware issue in there too...


    with the dock mode issue, the problem is a hardware issue, either fixed by blowing, brushing, or scraping the dock port, or replacing the dock port. this is why some people with the issue have had their phones replaced.

  • DavidJZoni Level 1 (0 points)

    also, if you look around in these forums, you can find similar threads that talk about this problem after the 5.0 upgrade too... it just seems that when it happens after an upgrade people associate it when that... when it may have been the dock port getting bad and it happened to get finished off then with the update... who knows. mine stopped working when i removed it from a plug in my car... i thought it was something with that at first. then after reading this thread, i assumed it had to be a software issue too. but i got good advice from a veteran apple genius on another board that advised replacing the dock connector. even after i told him i THOUGHT it was a software thing...

  • dgtedavis Level 1 (0 points)

      This is not a “Hardware Issue” I have had this problem with three different iPhones two iPhone 4’s and one iPhone 5. They tested the crap out of my phone several times and it isn’t a problem with the phone it is a problem with the iOS 6/6.01/6.02 software.


      Do not waste your money buying parts and voiding your warranty installing them. Do not pay a fortune for a new phone. They replaced my iPhone 4 for free and the new one had the same problem. I bought a new iPhone 5 and it has the same trouble. I only have one app installed on my phone now (Night Stand Central).  I have had my phones to the Genius Bar six or seven times. They have referred the problem (so they say) to the Engineers. I am not holding my breath waiting for them to call me though.


    DO NOT SPEND MONEY trying to fix this issue. If you wish to spend money give it to the American Cancer Society because there it will actually do some good.

  • Kevern Level 1 (0 points)

    Well nothing suggested on this page has worked for my ladies Iphone 4s.

    Any one have another suggestion

  • CarlosQ Level 1 (0 points)

    I used moving the sound volume down and up. This worked. But ...


    Yesterday it happened again no sound with music or youtube I realized that I had used iTV the night before. I disconnected everything that could be involved with iTV in my iPhone, iPad and MacBook. Bingo! sound back.


    The problem is definitely a software bug with iOs6 

  • EvidencE_Toronto Level 1 (0 points)

    I have two phone and both have same problems since the upgrade

    This is terrible I cannot hear it ring play music or anysound at all on one

    Why have a phone? The resetting was a waste of time

    The blowing air worked for one day on one of them. I really hope Apple is

    going to resolve this issue right away.


    As someone else mentioned there is way to many phones with the same problem.

  • lil_ben5 Level 1 (0 points)

    Following should be read in CAPS!


    This is becoming a right joke. This sound issue is really starting to tickle me.


    Its got to a point where it will change from working to not working in seconds.


    I can be typing a text and it will go on and off at least 5 times.


    What are Apple even doing about this? Surely we have a right to cancel a contract if the phone doesnt fit its purpose?


    SORT IT THE **** OUT!

  • smynio Level 1 (0 points)

    People, if yours iPhone is still under warranty just go to Apple store for replacement.

    I did that, is the only solution.

  • Bryberns Level 1 (0 points)

    In my scenario I believe there was an app that muted all my sounds.


    Fix that worked for me was to enable the accessibility assistant in settings then when you go to sound there was an option to unmute.



  • SpikeFluff Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi Bryberns,

    You say the fix that worked for you was to go into settings & to enable the Accessibility Assistant, then when you went into sounds that there was an option to unmute. Can you please explain this in a little more detail, as I have just gone into the accessibility assistant & not to sure what option you would have turned on?

  • Bryberns Level 1 (0 points)




    Once you open up the assistant click on "device " and you'll see the option there to "mute" or " unmute".

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    Speakers just started working again on my 4s iPhone running iOs 5.1. Last night I had deleted the same iCloud account from an iPad I was borrowing from work. The problem started around the time I configured the iPad. However, I just re-added iCloud to the iPad and still have sound on the iPhone so maybe it's another red herring.

  • LoFiLoTEK Level 1 (0 points)

    From my understanding with my phone, the apps are no longer sound independent from the OS. It used to be that if I turned down an app it would not affect system wide volume, but in iOs 6 that is not that case. Its a bit annoying but I have found by going to my apps, example Angry Birds, and turn the volume back up on the app it fixes the over all system volume. Kind of crappy because if you use the volume controls it will say its at full volume. Check your apps. Oh and even if the app isnt "running", ie double tapping home and open, it still sets volume levels. I think this is why sometimes a full reboot works.


    Hope this helps.



  • miss1chriss Level 1 (0 points)

    This is a very interesting view of the problem.  I'll have to do some playing around with it to see if it's true.  Hmmm....

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    I'm among the many afflicted after an iOS 6 upgrade on my iPad.  Issue continues after 6.0.1.


    Specifically, the sound randomly stops working - as though the whole sound system has crashed.  It is independent of the use of headphones, and I don't have a dock.  Volume buttons still produce the volume feedback overlay and move up and down accordingly, but nothing produces any sounds - no alarms nor notices, and if I attempt to play anything via the Music app the play button, after initally changing to the double-bar "pause" icon, reverts back to the "play" icon after about half a second (and there is no progress on the song).


    I do not have a dock to test against, nor have I ever used this with a dock.  Plugging headphones in does nothing - music still won't play, audio still won't sound (so it's not a hardware issue with the interior contact switch).  This happens whether or not "Do Not Disturb" is ever used, or the scheduled DND notification suppression is on - tried it both ways to be sure.


    The only resolution I have found is to power-cycle the device: "slide to power off", let it shut down, power it back up, and then all sounds work correctly again.


    The onset is apparently random, sometimes 2 days on a row, sometimes it can be 2 weeks between occurrances.  This never happened to me with iOS 5.x, and only started after the 6.0 upgrade (and first happened within a day of the upgrade).


    I used to rely on my iPad as an alarm clock, but this unreliability has been extremely frustrating.


    iPad 2 (Model MC916LL)

    iOS 6.0.1 (10A523), but it started on 6.0

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