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  • keomac Level 1 Level 1

    Well, it would appear that Apple DOES monitor this thread....  I have had what I considered a perfectly reasonable post removed for being "speculation or rumours, non constructive rants or complaints"...


    In my post I wondered whether people who have had their phone's operability impacted by the iOS 6 update have a legitimate reason to want to formalise their complaint in a structured way outside the Apple support communities walled garden...


    Unfortunately, this was perceived to be in contravention of the Apple support communities Terms of Use (TOU).  Perhaps it was, I didn't mean to breach the TOU, fair enough if so.


    Putting that aside, I am  beginning to wonder whether the release of iOS 6 could be considered malware, it has certainly ruined a number of users hardware.  I was in the fortunate position to have a handset within warranty which was  replaced, but, until this problem is resolved I will not be updating the family's three phones and two iPads to any new iOS updates as I don't want this frustrating problem to happen to any other of my iOS products.


    FYI, here in New Zealand, there is legislation known as "The Consumer Guarantees Act (CGA)", which is about the quality of goods and services; it protects customers from poor quality services and goods that do not meet reasonable expectations.  I am sure that there is similar legislation in the US, EU and beyond.


    If Apple chooses to ignore everyone who has this problem but is out-with their warranty period, perhaps such users may need to find a way to band together to persuade apple to take notice?


    If this post is removed I guess I will need to find another way to present my thoughts.

  • mbkerk Level 1 Level 1

    keomac wrote:


    Well, it would appear that Apple DOES monitor this thread.... 

    Good to know that I guess... I am a little confused by why the problem was not addressed with iOS 6.1, or why they have not had someone comment here.


    My 4s is behaving OK, but not near as loud as it was with iOS 5. I am not going to risk updating to 6.1 either, nor will I update my wife's 4s, her iPad, nor any of the numberable iPod Touch's we have floating around here. Not going to chance messing any of them up.


    I still get a kick out of all of the posts in this thread that blame it on the hardware. Seems the devices all worked OK until they upgrade to 6.0, and then for some reason the hardware fails!

  • SignOfZ Level 1 Level 1

    If you are having any problem relating to the volume of existing sounds you aren't having the same problem everyone else is. The issue most of us are talking about is that the sound completely fails. It does this because its sending the sound to a non-existent dock device. The sound is GONE, even the volume slider is GONE. No sound at all execpt from perhaps the ringer.

  • dgtedavis Level 1 Level 1

    I am not sure how this got to be about a partial loss of sound. The original post and what I think this is is about a>>>>>


    >>>>  TOTAL LOSS OF SOUND......


    The only thing that works to notify you that you are receiving a call is the Vibration if you have it set to vibrate, otherwise you get nothing. If you are posting about low volume or some apps that don't make sounds while others do you are posting in the wrong place.

  • PlaceNarration Level 1 Level 1

    Very grateful for your helpful suggestions. I think it seems too much to hope for at this point that they actually are reading this thread with the intention to help the MANY of us with the very same, very unhelpful problem on our devices - because of their software. My guess is the flag and removal was simply a key-word search. Going forward: If somebody posted a link to combine our thoughts, efforts and information to communicate *effectively*, together, with Apple, I would absolutely be for it. And sign wherever necessary so that Apple may verify the legitimacy of our group effort. How else can we communicate, together, to let them know this is a widespread problem and to address it in the next software update? I certainly don't want to miss any more it urgent calls or important meetings because my very expensive and well-kept up Apple device has been rendered unusable half the time because of their software change.

  • hovnarr Level 1 Level 1

    I also updated yesterday to IOS 6.1 from 6.0.1, the other update was superior to this one. I cant use my phone now to call with. I can call but I cant hear the person I calling or being called to. Just got an iPod instead of iPhone 4S!


    Since its sound related I posted my issue here. Any advice? Tried to restore it a couple of times, wont help.

  • Stig-san Level 1 Level 1

    One week since 6.1 came out and my iPhone 4s - died in volume control skype out sound ...strange behaviour. I am not alone ....


    But where is the solution!!!   must be SoftWare -- please Apple help us!!!

  • hovnarr Level 1 Level 1

    I have now restored the iPhone inside settings and not from iTunes, all it did was wipe the settings and now everything seems to work again? Cross my fingers...

  • Pierre_3xxx Level 1 Level 1

    I GOT IT FIXED! , with my iphone 4s iOS 6.1


    I called apple support in sweden,

    I went this way --> settings/general/about/reset all settings


    you just gonna loose your sound settings and backgrounds on the phone.


    my problem that i had was simular to yours, my ringtone didnt sound when someone called me and i couldnt hear my buttons, but my speakers and music in phone worked well before the reset.




    but i cant understand WHY apple wants insurance money when its their own trouble we're in the end dealing with, he said that apple can take the insurance money in the sell price instead but ffs its your(apple's) problem we're dealing with.

    well at least the first support call is free.


    first and last time i bought an apple thing if you dont get us customers FREE support!

  • Pierre_3xxx Level 1 Level 1


  • Reynout Level 1 Level 1

    For me the USB charger trick did not work, but it was the right tip to get it working again.


    After starting the music app I started the music and then pressed the home button twice and then I swiped twice to right.

    This gave the option to use airplay and indeed no iPhone. Only Dock Connector and my Apple TV.

    So I played my music to the airplay.

    After that I went back to home screen and clicked home button twice. Then I killed the music app.

    This gave back sound. But only thing is that whenever I start music then my iPhone thinks I am in a dock connector.

    Weird, but at least I have system sounds back. But hopefully apple can use this to fix it.

  • WalidKamel Level 1 Level 1

    updated my iphone 4 to 6.1 then all coming and outgoing calls don't hear my voice, however the mic is working very well through viber and voice memo application, can't downgrad through iTune to 6.0, any one can help ?.

  • mspecht Level 1 Level 1

    So not happy with Apple. To stop the constant notifications to upgrade and I thought 6.1 might actually have fixed the multitude of errors with 6.0 I upgraded. Now like so many others the sound for music on the internal speaker does not work the phone thinks it is connected to a dock. (Which it has never been.) This means there is no volume slider when using the internal speaker, sound works fine through the headphone, speaker phone works just not playing music.


    I have tried reboot, reset settings etc, nothing in this forum has yet to fix my issue.


    However I have a solution for all; get a non-Apple device

  • Seans61 Level 1 Level 1

    I had also problem with latest update when it comes to "sounds"! When updated I realized a new icon next to time in the middle of top list, a very nice half moon icon, I later found out that the update had activated the "Do not Disturb" feature. That was why it sometimes worked and sometimes didnt, based on if the phone was locked or not.

    When turned to "off" then the problem was solved.

    Settings=> Do Not Disturb => OFF

  • 2012FitFan Level 1 Level 1

    It's now been over a week since I received my warranty replacement from Apple and all is still good. No random loss of sound.

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