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apple maps are grey and maps are not clear

iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iOS 6
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    What the heck were apple thinking??? At least give the choice of google maps.

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    Hugely dissapointed with the iphone 5. Google maps worked fine with good clear pictures and zoom. Now we are left with blurred pictures and wrong place names, not to mention it not recognising a lot of places too. Apples answer to this is that i will get better as it's still being worked on..........!!!!!! I buy Apple products because they work, first time every time! If it's not finished and ready for market why release it???

    Siri doesn't understand much and to be frank is more of a gimick than anything useful and I am now having trouble getting into the app store. Very happy with iphone 4 but time to change to a lumia.

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    Hi I updated my iPhone 4S to ios6, wot a mistake that was untill I seen the new maps.

    What a joke of a mapping system plain, dull, and isn't detailed like google maps

    I have an iPad 3 and won't be updating that untill apple do something about there maps

    Got a quote that I read

    The software, which runs on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, was created using data from navigation firm TomTom, and replaces the popular Google Maps service.

    Sorry but Tom Tom should be sacked on what they have done with the mapping system it's rubbish.

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    Have just upgraded to iOS 6 and on both iPhone and iPad, where I live, the Maps are only in black and white!

    I'm hoping it's because they have prematurely released an early alpha version of their new Maps app and a proper version will follow soon.


    We are now 12 years into the 21st Century - looks like Apple's new Maps app is literally back in the dark ages.

    We have had colour photography including satellite imagery available now for many many years!


    Maps are important to me.



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    Apple's new Maps has worked perfectly for me. I compared the new Maps to the Google Maps and the new Maps loaded alot faster than the Google Maps

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    Maps facility is now so poor - prior to upgrade to 6 I could tap an address and get street view.  Apple should change back to previous map software.  Rubbish - their products are expensive so they should listen to their customers.

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    That was the worst system ever released by apple.

    Maps with chinese lable in poland! That was a great Google kickin apple.... After all Apple you depend on great products to make yours good. Shut up and accept google maps, your decision s@cks!

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    Updated my iPhone 4 to iOS6 ~ Apple really have shot themselves in the foot with this sub standard maps app. Images black & white where I live, other areas blurred and worst of all inaccurate locations coupled with NO street view :-(


    I have discovered that Google have released a Mobile web Maps App which puts an Icon on the Home screen if you tap to install this App from the Google Maps website. That gets most of the functionality of Google Maps back and have also read Google are working to add street view to this, which is excellent news.  Won't be updating my iPad to iOS 6 until this has been done as street view is such a useful tool.


    Hope Apple get this issue fixed, or make up with Google ;-)

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    I agree, this app is awful. I see that it is powered by TomTom Maps. They need to go back to Google Maps. I drive a truck and I used to be able to zoom in and see if my customer had a gate at the truck entrance. This way I would know if I was able to get there in the middle of the night and park. Now I can't zoom in far enough to see and even if I could the resolution is so bad that I wouldn't be able to see if they had a gate or not. Not to mention, the exit numbers on the interstate are no longer available, which I also used religiously when getting bad directions to a customer.


    Apple, I beg of you to bring back the Google Maps!!!

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    Suggest you all check out this very long thread...




    Has a lot of detail and more than a few silly comments, but you might get an idea of what works and doesn't in trying to fix this issue and the awful Maps.


    Good luck to all


    A fellow iLost user...

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    There is a app called maps +, which has google maps on, its free and has street veiw, it does'nt have directions though i don't think.

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    Yeah Maps + is seamless with Streetview. Can't be more pleased.