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I made an upgrade to iOS 6 on my iPad 2 (Wi-Fi+3G). Problem is that when I'm on wi-fi and the iPad goes to sleep mode it's not checking my e-mail account. In this situation it wont download any of received e-mails so it wont give me any notification about it. In the moment when I switch on (from sleeping mode) the iPad, it connets to internet using the wi-fi and even after I open the Mail App then it checks the mail server and downloads new mails. Safari has not any problem with connection. I tryed to use only the 3G connection. In this case there is everything ok. New e-mails are downloaded in every 15 minutes. In iOS 5 was everything ok. Now I think that the problem must be in the wi-fi connection or something with the sleep mode.

iPad 2, iOS 6