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    I've been having WiFi issues since I received the 5 on launch day. I thought I had solved it after downgrading my router firmware, which allowed me to finally connect... but when the issue resurfaced several days later, I knew it was far from over. Every day or two the connection will stop working, and give me the dreaded "Unable to connect to <network name>". I reboot, reset network settings, unplug router, etc etc.... and once I'm finally connected, it runs at about 1/3 of the speed the rest of my networked devices do, with intermittent gaps of zero connectivity.


    So, I decided to contact Apple tonight to make sure there was an upcoming iOS release that would address this. She said they were aware of this issue and started asking the usual questions. Once I told her all of the troubleshooting I had attempted, which is everything, she asked that I restore the device and set up a call back for tomorrow. She also said that if the restore is not successful, that the advisor tomorrow would "move on to the next step, which would probably be replacing the device." I'm surprised about this, because I was under the impression that the problem was software related, not hardware. So that leaves me wondering, is Apple replacing the devices with this issue to appease the customers, or is there actually a hardware problem?


    I'll post again when I have more info. From others who have contacted Apple about this, what have you heard?

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    I was told the exact same thing. Do a restore and call back. Then I was told yes, they would need to "repair", not "replace" the hardware. Hopefully you have an Apple store close to you, because if not, your options are slim. Either go without a phone for a week while they fix it, or pay a $700 dollar deposit for a loaner phone. The choice is yours.

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    Thanks for sharing your experience. I'll push for a replacement and hope for the best. The nearest Apple store isn't close, but it's less than an hour. Fingers crossed, because of course the restore didn't fix anything...

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    I got mine last Friday when it first came out.  I used it for one week and I was very frustrated with wifi performance. When connected to wifi, it barely moved.  I am with Verizon and I lost my unlimited data because of the upgrade. I signed up for 2gb data a month and amazingly I used up my 2gb in one week.  My average data usage before the upgrade was less than 2gb a month. I just don't understand how I used up my 2gb when I my usage is the same as a ,tater of fact, I barely used it because I am conscious that I do not have the unlimited anymore. My thing is what is the use of getting the iPhone 5 when you cannot freely use it and enjoy it because of the data limitation. 


    Another problem I came across is the Bluetooth connection.  After configuring my Bluetooth device with iPhone 5, when I turn on the Bluetooth, the phone does not connect with Bluetooth device.  Unlike my iPhone 4S, when I turn on my Bluetooth device, it instantly connects to my phone.


    I ended up returning the iPhone 5 and got back my unlimited data. Although, I was charged $35 for restocking fee, I did not really care too much. I get to enjoy my iPhone 4S again. 


    Good luck to you all, iPhone 5 owners!!!!

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    Perfect70> You could have fixed that issue with the update Verizon pushed yesterday..

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    FIRST the Verizon update DOES NOT FIX THE CONECTIVITY ISSUE OF THE IPHONE 5...I am getting a new one because i am upset at the inability to address the problem...I hope my stocks dont I still like apple...Also tried all the workaround fixes..none seem to work on my home router... they charged me 30 bucks on a 5 day old phone to get it here in 3 days flat...I hope this new device works....I have 165/60 megs internet..and when the LTE connection was faster , I knew there was a problem... Not sure if its hardware or software , but if I waited for the update , and it never 30 days will be up , and I would be stuck in the mud..I'd much rather this was fixed or addressed properly...I hate to exchange , but they dont leave much choice...APPLE please address this issue....some people have had luck with there new phones , some have not...

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    If you've read Perfect70 post, his issue is different from ours. His iPhone is using LTE while connected to a wifi network. Verizon update does fix that issue.

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    Are you not able to connect or is your download speeds varied?

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    opps...yes correct , does fix data usage issue..HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN THE WIFI PROBLEM???

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    I have no problem connecting to my network or any other network. Download speeds are just inconsistent (upload speeds are stable & on par with my other iDevices). Browsing on Safari is very fast. Streaming Youtube videos is sluggish, same goes for large apps downloads.


    I have tried to use Connectify in order to transform my Mac & my other PC into hotspots (or WiFi repeaters in this case). With the Mac, the issue is still present. With the PC, downloads speeds are consistent, faster but still slower than what I get with my other iDevices.


    (You could use Mac OS X integrated internet sharing in System preferences but you need to hook it up to a router ethernet port)


    Could you guys try that ?

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    @qkpham What you're describing is exactly the problem I have. Just curious, are you Verizon or att?

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    I am on a no-commitment AT&T iPhone 5 (unlocked) running T-Mobile trimmed nanosim.

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    In my opinion, my iPhone 4S works better than the iPhone 5.  I paid $300 for the iPhone 5 32gb which basically works the same as the 4S except for the longer screen and a couple of additional changes.  I just don't like loosing my unlimited data and get stuck with something I am not happy and satisfied with. Maybe in time when all the minor flaws of the iPhone 5 have been fixed, maybe I will consider upgrading.  But now, I do not regret my decision of staying with my iPhone 4S. 


    Thank you for your thoughts, qkpham.

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    I believe that it has to do with packet losses. Small files or browsing are less likely to be affected by that while large downloads such as streaming videos struggle. I first thought it could be because the iPhone 5 was to sensible to the signal/noise. It may be a combination of all those factors..

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