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  • RKA_1234 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    qkpham>>> When my iPhone 5 would wedge - with the strong Wifi signal level - but no connectivity - I ran some diags - and saw "DNS lookup failures" --- but I think it was primarily because of the WiFi channel collisions that I described earlier. (Basically - the iPhone 5 - sees strong signals, the channel clash messes up connectivity and then you have a DNS lookup problem).

  • Eric Maier Level 1 Level 1 (45 points)

    Does it work for you at the office? Mine doesn't. That's the acid test. I just discovered there's now a discussion group specific to the AES encryption issue. Check it out. The only reliable fix is a replacement machine. And a lot of folks are getting bad replacements too.


    If your other iOS devices are working on your network, so should your iPhone 5. Heck I've never had a single problem with ANY device on my WiFi network, Samsung, Sony, Chumby, whatever.


    It's not that the iPhone 5 is some kind of special princess that must sleep on silk sheets (with the AES issue) it's simply defective. Report the problem and return it.

  • qkpham Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I think that I've found a fix for my WiFi. I'm currently testing it. I will come back to you in a few minutes.

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    Eric Maier>>>. Have guys at your office check if they have physically close Access-points (APs) set to non-overlapping channels - 1, 6, 11........looks like the iPhone 5 needs 'silk or satin sheets :-)'

  • Eric Maier Level 1 Level 1 (45 points)

    Ugh no. Have you tried fix #1382 manual DNS server entry? Router settings are a rabbit hole. Sorry, I appreciate your input but manually setting the channel of your WAPs is not an acceptable fix. This is Apple gear, not a $100 grey market no name Android tablet.

  • Eric Maier Level 1 Level 1 (45 points)

    I work at Adobe. I ensure you our IT department is not going to jump thru hoops for an iPhone bug. They're just too, ahem, "lazy". iPhones with the AES encryption issue are broken. Period.

  • RKA_1234 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    They might be able to manage the APs automatically with a solid good AP controller - these things are supposed  to manage the spectrum effectively.

  • Eric Maier Level 1 Level 1 (45 points)

    RKA, I'm sorry, I know you are sincerely trying to help. Glad it worked for you.

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    I'm having the same problem!

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    Having the exact same issues. Just submitted the following to Apple.


    Horrible wifi downstream.

    Wifi: ~80 mBs

    LTE: ~3400 mBs



    iPhone 5 64GB Verizon (13.1 carrier version)

    Time Capsule (3rd gen dual-band)


    Things tried to resolve:

    Change WiFi channels (all of them)

    Both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz

    Disabling security

    Manually setting 802.11n only

    Resetting network settings on iPhone

    Manually setting DNS

    Disabling celluar

    Disabling only LTE

    Giving the iPhone a stern look and telling Siri what I really think...


    Please resolve or advise. I've read in the community forums that people have swapped their device out for another one and the new one works fine, although it's a hit or miss.

    I would rather not have to do that, but it does sound hardware related.


    I also tried changing the network name, but didn't think it to be relevant. I could also try standing on one leg and sticking my tounge out. Seems about the same usefulness to me.

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    I got my iPhone 5 64/Verizon on Saturday, and noticed absurdly slow performance on my WPA2-AES network (cisco/linksys e3000).  Like 10-20 kbps downloading apps from the app store; somewhat better for short things like browsing.


    Went to the Apple Store for a 2010h appointment; left at 2130h with a replacement phone (their only one), but had to explain to the Genius the difference between unencrypted wireless ("which is secure!") and WPA2-AES.  They had a "GR Test" network with WPA2-AES running both 2.4 and 5GHz in the back, but it wouldn't reach the front of the store (Apple Palo Alto University Ave).


    The replacement phone has exactly the same problem.  I've got 6GB of data on Verizon, so I'll just turn off wifi on the phone for now, wait for 6.0.1, or at least for some more clarity on whether a replacement will fix.  I might whine to Apple too in the interim, but I don't see any good solution.


    I'll probably grab a more configurable AP (e3000 running linksys firmware isn't), so I can test TKIP vs. AES, other wireless settings, etc., but I don't really want to do Apple's job for them this time.  Wifi and Maps both are substantially worse on an iPhone 5-iOS6 than on an iPhone 4-iOS5; I'm astonished that Apple let this ship.

  • Loopers Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Everyone is talking about wifi issues being a hardware problem but my iPad 3 and iPhone 4 worked just fine until I updated to IOS 6, then everything fell apart! I have the same issues as everyone else - variable speed when on Internet along with dropped connections. Sometimes it looks like I'm connected but nothing happens other times I get a message saying couldn't connect. My new - less than a week old iPhone 5 is the same.

    I have spoken to apple who will give me a new replacement iPhone 5 and I can send in my iPhone 4 and iPad 3 for repair, but what's the point? If its an IOS issue it probably won't solve anything, neither will messing about with router settings etc.  The items should work out of the box, like any other phone, tablet etc. All my other gear, laptops etc work and always have, just like my apple gear until IOS 6 came along then everything fell like a house of cards.

    Apple know they have a problem with wifi and I'm sure they know its caused by IOS 6 but they will never admit to it. Until they have a fix in place.

    So I will be leaving my router setup alone, I tried some of the fixes mentioned in this forum, none worked. I'm currently staying in a lovey hotel on the isle of Harris Scotland and I can't connect properly here either, but I'm sure that if I were to ask them to change their settings to accommodate my apple gear I would be politely told to *#%? Off!

  • Eric Maier Level 1 Level 1 (45 points)

    Ho hum. Who cares if it's hardware, firmware, or software. I have 6 other iOS devices that work flawlessly with my wireless networks. 4 of them on iOS 6.


    Apple owes you a machine that works without jumping thru any hoops. That's why we paid the premium.


    If your issue is AES connectivity, return the thing. Not enough of us on the radar to fix it by update.


    Return, return, return. That willl get their attn, these posts wont.

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    I just had an interesting conversation with Apple Phone Support.  I told the guy the phone was having wi-fi problems and he grunted.  Then, he told me to restart the phone ---- and that that should fix everything.  Spoiler: it didn't.  Also, it works on my home Airport 802.11n network, but not my work network.  The home network is WPA2.  I'm not sure about the work network.  The odd part is it says I have full wifi bars --- just nothing is going through, or it loads half the page.  Oh and also I have a replacement device from Apple with the issue.  The first phone messed up calling and wifi.  Now, "4G" (HSPA+ AT&T) works but Wi-Fi is messed up (at my work).  Online it says to change DNS to (Google DNS) which did not work for me.  I'll see if the HTTP Proxy: "Auto" setting works.  It's an AT&T iPhone 5 32 GB Black.


    tobifs wrote:


    My iPhone 5 connects to wifi networks and remembers them, but receives absolutely zero data through the network. LTE and 3G no problem... Off to the repair shop (after 3 hours of ownership...) or any ideas??

  • ImQuackers Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I understand it might be software related. I'm open to anything that is fixable / replaceable. Swapping hardware is more appealing as it's an immediate option, even if it's not guaranteed to resolve it. If it's OS related, however, I would expect any network changes to not offset the issue entirely as people have noted. At least I would expect to see some kind of pattern and not everything from changing router firmware to disabling security and renaming the network.


    Sadly, I won't mention it at work either as I know for a fact that they'll tell me I'm holding it wrong >.>

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