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  • Brent M. Level 1 (0 points)

    I came home on launch day and couldn't connect to my home WiFi. (Netgear WGT624v3) It had connected fine at the VZW store. After downgrading my router firmware I could connect, but the connection isn't very stable. Speed runs at about 9-10mbps while the rest of my devices are pulling 20-25, and when you watch the little graph at the bottom, you can see there are times when it will dip down to the bottom, like it lost connectivity for a moment, and then jumps back up to where it was.


    Anyhow, fresh phone on the day of purchase didn't work. This is my first iPhone so there was no backup to put on the phone. I did a restore last night and selected new phone, and that didn't work either.


    Oh, and for those wondering, I have the Apple chip. 98:FE:94.

  • Eric Maier Level 1 (45 points)

    (reposting this from the AES/WPA 2 specific thread)


    Apple Store Visit #2 - Exciting!


    So went back again today after the deep reset, got the same rep. However, instead of processing a replacement as we'd discussed, she wanted to send me home to call Applecare to "troubleshoot my network". The next part of the conversation was not pretty on either of our parts, and other than saying that won't say anything more.


    Basically, she said she couldn't replace the phone because she'd tested it, and hadn't seen the problem. I pointed out she hadn't tested it, because she hadn't connected to an encrypted network. I scanned the list and found "Apple Breakroom", secured. I asked her to connect to that. She did, the 1st link loaded, and she said "See, it works." I slid the phone over, hit a 2nd link, and the lil mofo froze right on cue. She picked it up, started clicking links, and the look of "Aha" on her face was just so nice to see.


    Apologies all around, replacement is on order. She was concerned the replacement could be bad, I said we'll just connect it to "Apple Breakroom", and if it works, I'll leave with it.


    I don't think it will be feasible to go thru multiple units checking mac id's. Stock is limited. But quit blaming yourselves and your networks if you have other idevices working on them. AND DON'T LEAVE THE STORE WITHOUT PROOF IT WILL CONNECT TO AND MAINTAIN INET ACCESS ON THEIR OWN **** SECURED NETWORK!

  • Brent M. Level 1 (0 points)

    @kobyh15: I have noticed a few of the same issues as you, but this being my first iPhone and first time on VZW, I didn't think anything of it. I was in the grocery store the other day, my phone showed "o" for no internet, but I was able to jump on my online banking web site and check my balance. A day or two ago my battery seemed to drain faster than usual, and I was at home when it happened. That could potentially be similar to what you are experiencing as well.


    No one knows for sure yet if it is hardware/software. There are a lot of people posting their findings, and some of them are obviously quite smart individuals... but we don't know anything for sure until Apple makes an announcement. Don't hold your breath on that one.... it will be a while before they admit anything, if they do at all.

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    @ Brent M. That's what has happened to me as well. I'll be in the same spot all morning for class and I'll lose about a bar every 10 minutes until it says I have no bars at all. Once it gets to no bars, I can still get on webpages like normal. The battery drains quickly, however. If I restart the phone the bars go back to normal and all is well. I've replicated this everyday since I've had the phone. It's a pain. My Wifi connectivity doesn't drop like others have stated though. I stay connected but get 1/2 the speed of my other iOS 6 devices running on the same network. It turns out I have the Apple chip set, so I don't know if it's a software issue or an all out hardware problem. I'd like to know which so I can get it figured out and have a fully functioning phone. Missing my completely problem-free 4S more and more everyday.

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    I had the same experience - works in the apple store, it must be your home network. But I came prepared: I brought in an apple express AP configured with WPA2. After demonstrating that it worked on their open network and then not on my AP, the rep went away for a bit to talk to others. They came back saying that the network in the store has protections against unknown APs. Uh, no, I don't think so. I pushed - they relented - and exchanged both of my phones. Keep in mind this happened the weekend of the launch, so it's POSSIBLE I was the first person there reporting the problem. The fact that they're still playing these games, almost two weeks since launch, is very frustrating.

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    My iphone 5 is my third iphone, and until now I have had no issues with previous versions.  I now cannot connect via wifi at work which is a secured site.  With my iphone 4 right next to my iphone 5, the 4 connects right away.  I have no trouble with accessing my home wifi.  So far Apple has had me try everything but nothing works.  I really hope all of us complaining with force the issues. 

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    Yes, Apple knows, it has to do with the IOS 6 software, ipad users are also complaining on the wifi issue, and it is known that verizon 4G will charge you b/c the data is redricted through the cellular connection, verizon and apple have released an update, AT&T dosent seem to have the problem though [Cnet]

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    @Andrewkit - That's funny I had my Airport Express in my bag too! I was ready for battle.


    Luckily the fact that it did download 1 page before quitting on "Apple Breakroom" quashed that argument. Plus, I think she's a genuinely decent person who was just over worked & frustrated.


    That bull about their network having "protections" is ridulous. (mac address filtering I supose?)  It's supposed to be a service center and they should be about to troubleshoot AES issues. It apparently NEEDS to be part of factory QC.


    Part of the unpleasant conversation was - Me: "OK, I want to return it. Her: "Fine, I can do that" Me: "Are you really willing to send a 20+ year customer to Samsung?"


    The answer folks is YES.


    Be prepared as if you're going to an IRS audit. Apple the largest company is the world is NOT the same Apple we grew up with.


    This fault is real, everyone must DEMAND they showed it connected to an AES encrypted network and working for, I'd say, at least 10 minutes. (BTW all up to date Airport Routers are either using AES or none. They don't have TKIP capability anymore.)

  • Pchu1234 Level 1 (0 points)

    I actually think they can fix it with the next IOS patch. But the question is how long would it take them to do so?


    If I go for an exchange, and they may take the same amount of time to get an IOS patch. I am kind of torn at this point.

  • jaycityatl Level 1 (5 points)

    I can tell you all that I had weak wifi and a really slow 3G connection.  I got my phone replaced by apple at an authorized service center And the new one works perfectly.  There is def a hardware problem here...

  • Eric Maier Level 1 (45 points)

    @Pchu, either way you're still stuck with a broken phone for a period of time. They won't take it away from you while you wait for the replacement. But who knows when, or if, a working patch will come out? Apparently, the AES encryption issue isn't even on their radar yet. The techs do search their knowlege base. They're not being difficult to some of us just out of meanness, they honestly have no idea the problem exists, and there's either an arrogance, or they're poorly trained. It's not rocket science that to test a plainly stated "problem staying connected to an AES encrypted network for more than 2 minutes" requires a connection to an AES encrypted network to test it and observe the issue. Connecting to an open network and saying it's fine - now that's the technological illiterate, not me.


    But then, again, maybe the Apple Store just needed to call AppleCare and spend a couple hours troubleshooting their own breakroom network.

  • mccosha Level 1 (0 points)

    I am on ATT and HAVE the issue.

  • thecommando Level 1 (15 points)
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    With 79 pages of posts on this thread, and another similar thread with over 110 pages of posts, we clearly have a great deal of interest with this or these issues.  I have been trying to read through all of this and put together a failsafe way to show anyone concerned about their phone how to isolate and prove their device has one or the other of these issues.  The "grayed out WiFi issue" is certainly very easy to prove you have.  The WifFi connect / performance issue is far more difficult to labile as one specific issue. 


    I am typically an optimist, but I find myself reluctant to just go visit an Apple Store and trade my iPhone 5 for a different one.  I have now absorbed so many various possible issues that I am thinking I would just end up with one that had a touch screen that wouldn't work, or an intermittent feature issue, or who knows.  On the other hand it is clear that my WiFi could work better than it does, particularly when I find myself in a room full of people using their devices without issue and I can't even discover that there is a WiFi Network available. 


    So far I am tempted to believe there will be a firmware or software update that fixes this issue for many if not most of us. 

  • nadachance Level 1 (0 points)

    Took about 30 seconds for them to tell me I needed a replacement phone. In and out in about 15 min with my new pbone in hand.  The could not see the wifi in the store.

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