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  • Richard Spangler Level 1 (5 points)

    Soory was a typo and I had to edit the message.

  • mp3king82 Level 1 (0 points)

    Im on the phone with apple right now and got them to look at this fourm. Maybe something will come out of it.

  • gianfri Level 1 (0 points)

    If I go to exchange the phone at the Apple store, how do I  know that the one I am getting does not have the same problem? How do I test it before I leave the store? Is there a way to kow from the box, before it is opened, if the phone has the Apple or the Intel WiFi chip?

  • jiansuo Level 1 (0 points)

    Thank you FranAltomare!


    I followed your suggestion on my iPhone 5:

    -go to Settings/Wi-Fi

    -select the connected WiFi network and then click Forget this Network

    -click Other... then manually type in the SSID

    -then select encryption  (I also selected WPA)

    -then push back and enter password


    and it seems that my iPhone 5 wifi is working much properly in the last 24 hours. It is the easiest change. Reconfigure router is not a feasible work-around since one cannot change other people's routers.


    I think the wifi issue is an iOS 6 software problem. First of all I noticed my new iPad took longer to connect to my router (Airport Express) when I switched on WiFi after I upgraded it to iOS 6, while there was no problem with my 4S on iOS 5.1.1.


    I got my iPhone 5 yesterday and it was amazingly fast to browse the web by LTE. I connected it to my WiFi and found sometimes Salari was slow. I then used SpeedTest and found it hanged or took minutes rather than seconds to complete the upload test. Even if SpeedTest was successful the upload speed was a few Mbps which was abnormal since my 4S got ~20Mbps download and upload speeds. I then use SpeedTest on iPad and found either it was hanged when testing upload, or got upload speed at a few Mbps or 80Mbps+! Before upgraded to iOS 6 the SpeedTest usually showed ~25Mbps upload speed.


    I checked at that all my iDevices were using Apple chips. Since iPad and 4S on iOS 5 worked prefectly in the past, I thought it was a iOS 6 problem. I followed your suggestion on the iPhone 5 and SpeedTest showed more normal results. Safari loaded faster.


    I then did the same WiFi setting change on iPad and SpeedTest again but the results were not as good as iPhone 5, SpeedTest was still sometimes hanged when testing upload or showed 50Mbps+ upload speed!


    Hope it is a iOS 6 issue and Apple solves it by a software update.

  • mccosha Level 1 (0 points)


    what IS the suggestion you followed????

  • jiansuo Level 1 (0 points)

    -go to Settings/Wi-Fi

    -select the connected WiFi network and then click Forget this Network

    -click Other... then manually type in the SSID

    -then select encryption  (I also selected WPA)

    -then push back and enter password

  • cosmic81 Level 1 (0 points)

    thanks for sharing, but unfortunately no change for me here.

  • clickmeas Level 1 (0 points)

    for me either.Again iphone 5 behaviour is different dependig on the wifi router you use.

  • clickmeas Level 1 (0 points)

    Why dont Apple stores have WPA secured network, so they can test before they give us a new phone ?

    Who in the world has a unsecured network these days ?

  • aligrace Level 1 (5 points)

    Hi you could be right about the router you use,i had a old netgear dg834g adsl modem router about 6 years old,well i have been so pxxxed of with my iphone 5 wifi that i thought i would try new router ive now got a netgear n300 wireless adsl 2 modem router model dgn2200 v3 my security on new router is wpa2-psk {aes} phone seems to be working fine now and has been since last night,but we should never have to try these things apple needs to get *** in gear and sort it asap

  • Bu88ler Level 1 (0 points)

    Having the same problems as everyone else - brought my iphone 5 last week thursday from Orange UK, i knew something wasnt right as one minute it was super super fast and then next at slug pace.  Anyways called Apple Support -useless asked if I wanted to wait an hour to speak to a senior tech -said no.  Anyways went back to store and without any questions asked they exchanged on tuesday just gone.  Guess what still the same problems - have tried every thing that every one has suggested here nothing works for me.  Called internet provider they tried numerous things and nothing worked, the 2 laptops, wifes 4gs all work fine apart from my 1phone 5.


    got an appointment with  genious staff on sat will update to see what happens.


    both phones had apple wifi chips


    depending on what apple say on sat iam gunna return the phone and get a samsung s3 or note

  • StuartDMT Level 1 (0 points)

    Just adding my voice to the din. I've read through many of the posts, trying all of the suggestions that I've come across. I am running AirPort Extreme (2012) - I tried removing security, opening up the network - did not improve the service. At work our WiFi is through a Sonicwall router - tried "forgetting" the device and entering the network information manually - I can still barely pull 1.5 Mbps - often less. UPLOAD speeds aren't bad: 4/5 Mbps.


    There is no ATT LTE service here, so I've tried turning off the Cellular data plan and that doesn't help either. The "4G" service may as well be dial-up!


    Anyone got an idea when a software update might be ready? Lack of connectivity makes the phone pretty much useless to me. I mailordered my phone and there's no Apple Store withing 120 miles of here.



  • Emil880 Level 1 (0 points)

    If it helps, my new working replacement unit has got a wifi-adress recognized as apple (54:26:96). Dont know what my first one had though but it got very bad signal strength and very low speed overal.

  • Shaddow Level 1 (10 points)

    RichieOB: turning off homesharing so far has helped me. What is your theory and how did you come by it?

  • Bu88ler Level 1 (0 points)

    I know what you mean - I guess when i go to the apple store on sat they gunna fob me off saying that there is no problem thats because they are on a unsecured network - and the phone will work fine- so annoying just that we know theres a problem and will sort it out with an update rather than leaving us folk spending hours trying to sort this mess out - i tell you what this is the last apple product iam buying thats the only way apple will listen and give this a priorty - when the stock value starts declining

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