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  • ChipChopChip Level 1 (0 points)

    Me too! This slow wifi is almost a deal breaker. The Apple genious recommended I upgrade my router to 5Ghz and that should fix my problem.


    I hope it's a software problem, but I doubt it or Apple would have said they were working on fixing it by now.


    My iPhone 4s and MacBook Air are both getting full bars and downloading over 20Mbs while the new iPhone 5 is only getting 2 bars and barely downloads .5Mbs.  And this is in the corner of the house where we are 80% of the time.


    I tried some of the DNS fixes posted on line, but it didn't help.  Even right next to the router it is 3-4Mbs slower on average. I have a 30Mbs ISP.

  • ChipChopChip Level 1 (0 points)

    Changing the DNS didn't work for me on either of our iPhone 5's.

  • Loopers Level 1 (0 points)

    To all UK people with wifi issues, I have sent an email to the BBC programme Watchdog to see if they would like to highlight the incompetence of Apple on their weekly consumer programme, it might help our cause if other UK based people also contacted them, a bit of bad publicity for Apple might be the kick up the backside that they need to admit that there is a problem and deal with it ASAP!!!


    So, go to   and hit Tell your story. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

  • munnlete Level 1 (5 points)

    Mine is not connected to wifi in places that the 3GS was (such my office at work, unfortunately)


    Seems to be no consensus on whether its hardware or software....If it's a software problem, how does it get fixed?

  • Loopers Level 1 (0 points)

    The fix should come from Apple as it appears to be a problem with IOS 6 tho Apple have yet to admit to this! No doubt they will eventually admit that it is a fault of theirs and not the routers etc of the people who have paid out hundreds of £ & $ to purchase Apples inferior kit!

  • MattyFizzle Level 1 (0 points)

    On my first replacement and still no difference. Two geniuses that I spoke to said they haven't even heard of that issue before which is shocking to hear considering there's 90 pages here and four people and counting that I know personally with the same problem. I had patience at first but now this is really frustrating. I've used more than 1.5 gigs in the last seven days and will most likely be paying some overages on my bill this month because of this issue. I'd feel a lot more comfortable if apple would admit there's a problem. I don't believe that not one person in two different apple stores here in Hawaii have had any customers mentioning this problem. For Christ sake if my iPhone 3G can load videos and download apps faster then my iPhone 5 then we know there's a problem here.

  • MattyFizzle Level 1 (0 points)

    Oh and I should add that for some reason even though the receipt says 30 for a full refund its actually only 14 days and anything longer will get you store credit only according to the "supervisor" that was on shift. Not only that I'm no longer entitled to a refund because my phone has been replaced. Although it was replaced with one that had the same problem. Starting to get pretty upset with apple ill be honest. Even most so since I bought the phone outright for 650 dollars plus a bs upgrade fee from AT&T even though it wasn't an upgrade. A lot of money that I can only get back in store credit now. Awesome.

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    Another one with issues.   This is not an IOS 6 issue... its a Iphone 5 issue.   I have a house full of ipod touches and iphone 4's.   Every one of them has been updated to the IOS 6.   Yet my brand new Iphone can not connect to my home wifi unless I'm standing right next to my router.   I get the error that says it can't connect to the network OR my wifi doesn't even show up when searching for networks.   Yet every other apple product shows not only our home wifi but at least 3 neighbors!   

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    Apple is really starting blow. A company that makes 32Billion on the rollout needs to step up to the plate. And stop telling people it not their fault. Apple weakness has always been backward compatibility.


    Upgrading from my 3g to the 5 was a huge hassle that the Average Apple user could not handle on their own but being a PC guy for 30 years and the internet I figured it out.


    Now the Iphone keeps bringing down my network and is texting slow. I hate cellphones to begin with they are not good for your health to use them. But I need one as a portible web browser for wifi use and texting. I never talk on them unless and abosulte emergency. So the two areas I need suck! and I'm paying $100 monthly for this sucking performance?


    I might just get the samsung with  the huge screen, cricket! I feel ripped off by this small screen on the Iphone (*** a longer screen), but thought it actually working would make up for it. I still love my Ipad but have not upgraded to IOS 6 yet not sure if should now.

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    I have a iPad 2 that I up grade to IOS6 run really slow. iPod touch 4 I have not up grade works fine. Got my new iphone5 on the 21st. Would not work at all. Went 2 hours to the Apple store  yesterday to get a new Iphone5. Said they could not find anything wrong with my Iphone5 and they didn't know of any wifi problem. I told them that if I had to take this phone home that I was going Verizon to get a Samsung 3. So he gave me a new iPhone5 works at home and at work. But will not connect to free wifi anywhere. I don't know what's going on with the new Iphone but I really wish Apple would fixes it. How I wish I could go back to my Iphone 4. If you have not up graded to the IOS6 don't I really think its the update.

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    I went to my local Apple store this evening and had my iPhone 5 replaced.  Sprint is now having problems with reactivation of new devices due to the number of devices being turned in.  Activation can be up to 72 hours!  I now have a $400 phone that only works on Wi-Fi with text messaging...gotta love it.  It also does not appear that the issue has been fixed, WiFi still drops in my house where my iPad and other Apple devices work fine.  My wife's iPhone 4S is still getting faster network speeds than the iPhone 5.   Two options now....either sit tight and wait for Apple to deliver a fix.....or seek a full refund and go phone shopping.   Losing my faith in Apple quickly.......

  • ChipChopChip Level 1 (0 points)

    iOS 6 didn't affect my iPad 2 or iPhone 4s. It's only my iPhone 5 that's slow on wifi.

  • kag49601 Level 1 (5 points)

    I wrote in an earlier post that switching to just the 2.4 ghz signal worked on my AirPort Extreme.  After a few speed tests, my throughput was back to 300k... I had Apple replace my iPhone 5 with new and still have the same problem... And this is on Apples AirPort Extreme! The Tech I spoke with tonight is moving my case up to engineering, so hopefully with all of our direct complaints, something will get done. I love the design of the new phone, but if I can't even use it on my home network, while other iOS devices work fine, I may have to go back to my 4s.... Sad...

  • stark442 Level 1 (0 points)

    SOLVED ! ! !


    Well guys, I think I finally solved my wi-fi debacle once and for all after a solid week of trying everything.


    Like many, I have an Apple Airport Extreme Latest Gen. Also I extend with another Extreme older Gen and a couple of Airport Express. Now, I've already tried 2 other routers by different companies to no avail, so I concentrated on the Extreme. To summerize I've tried WEP, None, 2.4Ghz only, 5Ghz only, DNS, Open DNS, outside DNS global on every device, Wifi channels, downgrading firmware, Extreme tethering thru my 4S for internet, reboot, reboot reboot, and last but not least Getting a new iPhone 5 from the Apple Store.  NOTHING worked for me at home but saw my speed test at the Apple Store show a staggering 25Mbps download. What gives!!!!


    After a lot of logical and deductive thinking, I decieded it's got to be something with my Extreme. After all what else would they be using at the Apple Store anyway? So finally a simple fix, but never thought of and everything is as fast as it should be. So for anyone having this problem, simply change the name of your network SSID from what ever it was to something else. Configure 5Ghz WPA2 to another name as well and now try a speed test. Everything should be back to normal. I thought I was doomed but when I saw my phone pulling 20 Mbps instead of 0.5 Mbps i almost fell over in my chair. I hope that this will do it for most or all of you plauged with this issue. Also, I am connected via 5Ghz WPA2




    Paul Catignani

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    Even if this did fix the problem, what about every other wifi router in the world? We can't go change the SSIDs on all our friends, families, and public APs! This is a larger problem that needs to get acknowledged and properly fixed by Apple.

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