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    Sending station has left the BSS :


    If this message appears repeatedly for any individual client device, it may indicate one of the following issues:


    Radio Frequency (RF) interference is disrupting communication between the AP and client.

    A legitimate client is repeatedly failing to authenticate.

    The AP is set to open authentication. Illegitimate clients are repeatedly attempting and failing to connect

  • RJB4 Level 1 (0 points)

    Is your iPhone 5 GSM or CDMA?




    Did you restore your iPhone from a backup or as a new phone?


    Tried both


    <Optional>What's the first 4 letters/numbers of your Wi-Fi address (Settings-->General-->About-->Wi-Fi Address)?




    <Optional>What specifically is happening?  Intermitent connection showing wi-fi bars?  Slow internet?  Other devices working but not it? etc.



    Connection is fine for first 30 seconds- 1 minute, then drops.  AES issue.


    Other IOS6 devices work fine with home wifi including a different iPhone 5

  • garrett247 Level 1 (25 points)

    Welcome to Apple Support Communities!  It seems like the only people having this problem have GSM AT&T phones.  I have yet to hear one complaint from Verizon.

  • RJB4 Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks. I agree. All GSM so far. I have never had a reason to become a member of the support community before. Been a customer of Apple since the first iphone and slowly transitioned products. So while it's great to see a community looking out for each other I am kind of wishing my iphone 5 would have worked fine and I didn't have to visit this forum.:)

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    Is your iPhone 5 GSM or CDMA?


    Italian GSM (unlocked)


    Did you restore your iPhone from a backup or as a new phone?


    New Phone


    <Optional>What's the first 4 letters/numbers of your Wi-Fi address (Settings-->General-->About-->Wi-Fi Address)?




    <Optional>What specifically is happening?  Intermitent connection showing wi-fi bars?  Slow internet?  Other devices working but not it? etc.


    Wi-fi bars are full 3/3. Like always.

    Internet (instram, downloading musci from iTunes , appstore, maps, siri) often is very slow. Sometimes Internet does not work.

    I'm using wireless @ 2.4 ghz (40Mhz) in B/G/N mix mode

    WPA2-Mixed - TKIP or AES

    My iPhone 4 is much faster!

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    Not true my i5 is cdma australian version and having the wpa connection issue aswell. Will connect but wont load any data after a few minutes. 

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    I'm with Verizon, this is my 2st iPhone still will not work. I have tried everything and still drop wifi or will not pick up. I live in Charlottesville Va. We are having big time problem with the iPhone here.

  • Frunobulax1st Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks Phil - my bad, I didn't searcvh the WiFi Certs dbase with those filters, and knowing that the IPHONE5 is WiFi Certified, while it does help me answer my difficulties, at least that question mark is eliminated. I have now just found it in the "OTHER" category - who would have thunk it??


    For everyone who read my previous post, I forgot one piece - ALL IPHONE5s were set us as NEW phones only, I never even tried to restore from a backup, and I always manually entered my home network info as well as that for work.  For me - every phone was like a "1st time new user to Apple" setup.

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    I have not had time to go through all 91 pages of the post here, however, I am having what I believe is the same issue as the original post.  AT&T Iphone 5, 32 Gig, have restored it, taken in to Apple and been given a replacement phone, still getting extreamly slow internet connection on any WiFi network that is using security.  My wifes IPhone 5 is not doing it, or at least not as bad.  I am currently using LTE instead of my WiFi at home due to the fact that I can not work like this.


    Has there been a fix or something that I can do to help eleviate my pain that is buried in this discussion?


    Thanks for any and all help.

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    Don't know if this will help, but if you turn off "cell data" you may find you have a better Wi-Fi connection.  Also you may wan't to add the App, to your iPhone to see actual speeds.

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    I don't know if anyone is experiencing the exact same issues I have been with my iphone 5 but here's what happens to BOTH my phone and my wife's iPhone 5s


    1. We can both connect to our ATT U-verse access point router but we cannot access any webpages outside. Connectivity is intermittent.

    2. We can communicate and use devices withing our home network. ie Slingbox TV Streams and Philips Wifi Fidelio wireless speakers.

    3. I can access my router configuration setup page  and make whatever changes I want.

    4. Apple Store Geniuses did a clean install of iOS6 on my wife's phone... no change in wifi connectivity after that.

    5. Connectivity is intermittent with all routers I access around town, at work and at different friendly networks.

    6. If I turn wifi OFF and use 4G i can access my Slingbox TV Streams from anywhere in AT&T's network.


    My most recent solution attempt?  I changed the DNS Server address to Google's when accessing my home router.  So far 48 hours without a wifi hang up.


    Does this sound too simple to be true?  Will post again in a few days.

  • Phil Ossifer Level 1 (10 points)



    As long as you brought up the BSS message, this a problem which at least one router manufacturer issued a  firmware update to fix which took a couple of days.


    I still think if the Apple Breakroom encrypted router doesn't work that's the litmus test, because that's what will convince the local Genius to replace your phone, perhaps with one that works. However if you have already done that, and it still doesn't work, maybe there's another approach.


    If the problem is what some people have stated,  it requires a patch either on the phone or the router since the the phone and AP  may be interpreting the dot11 standards differently.


    According to other posts, the iPhone sends an extended capabilities statement to the BSS with a length that is considered to be invalid unless the router supports 802.11 2012  If you look at the WIFI certification, it was issued in August if I recall.


    Here's what a Cisco expert says about this


    "An AP that supports BSS transition management shall respond to a BSS Transition Management Query frame with a BSS Transition Management Request frame. The AP may send an unsolicited BSS Transition Management Request frame to a non-AP STA at any time if the non-AP STA indicates that it supports such capability in the Extended Capabilities information element."


    Apple iPhone 5 apparently does send a message that it supports these extended capabilities, however if the router or AP says the message length is invalid, it then fails to allow the transition for authentication to occur, (but presumably still is connected!) and looks for other APs that might work instead, and then if that fails, starts the BSS transition time out timer. When that timer expires, (and this would be very very predictable ) AES would fail and you would get the Deauthentication message


    Interface Dot11Radio1, Deauthenticating Station 8853.xxxx.xxxx Reason: Sending station has left the BSS





    station (STA): A logical entity that is a singly addressable instance of a medium access control (MAC) and

    physical layer (PHY) interface to the wireless medium (WM)


    basic service set (BSS): A set of stations (STAs) that have successfully synchronized using the JOIN

    service primitives14 and one STA that has used the START primitive. Alternatively, a set of STAs that have

    used the START primitive specifying matching mesh profiles where the match of the mesh profiles has been

    verified via the scanning procedure. Membership in a BSS does not imply that wireless communication with

    all other members of the BSS is possible.


    basic service set (BSS) transition: A station (STA) movement from one BSS to another BSS in the same

    extended service set (ESS).




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    Just got off the phone with Apple Support. They were very helpful and they didn't sound as though they were making excuses or denying reality. I was told that Apple knows that there is a problem but that they don't know what is causing the problem. I spoke with two support people, the last one being the first one's supervisor. He indicated that Apple is trying to get a hold of a sample of iPhone 5s that are having this issue so that they can examine them. I will be getting a replacement phone next week, I'll send my current phone back and also be sending them the last several sync logs from my home computer.


    We spoke of the real possibility that a new handset may not resolve the problem. Of course, that is a bridge to be crossed should I arrive there. In any case, I was assured that whether a software or hardware issue, Apple will do what it can to solve the problem.


    I also mentioned to them the problems with bad battery life and the "purple haze" in the camera problem. I'll be sending along an example of the purple halo in a photograph just for fun. The second support guy mentioned that if the WiFi unit in the phone is constantly looking for a better connection, that could be a source of battery drain. So...that's a thought.


    The big thing, though, is that I reported everything that I did to troubleshoot the WiFi issue and they were fairly impressed by my thoroughness. I'm not nearly as thorough as many of the folk who have posted on this thread, so, we're doing pretty good here.


    I will post more regarding my experience as it develops, including if the new phone (scheduled for a Tuesday delivery) works any better.

  • qkpham Level 1 (0 points)

    Please report the issue here :


  • kag49601 Level 1 (5 points)

    I have the same issue as everyone.... Very slow speeds after a few minutes of use.  I have a Verizon , black, 64gb model.  Have tried everything that has been listed. Also on my second iPhone. Apple replaced the first one for the same reason. Using an Airport Exteme base station, latest gen...

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