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    I have a Cygnett carbon fibre case and my wifi goes off completely when i put the phone into it. The wifi works intermittently normaly so i do have issues with it but when the case is on and unless im standing next to the router it cuts off.

    Im awaiting a replacement phone but i have the feeling i will have the same issues with wifi/case.

    I would like to keep the case on but if this issue isnt solved with a new iphone then its very frustrating!

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    I can also replicate the antenna loss issue but I believe it has no impact on my slow download speed.  I have not had connectivity issues (as in the loss of) with either of my iPhone 5s.


    My home wireless networks provide excellent speed for a period time and then provide slow download speed for a a little and then back to high speed (as compared against other iOS devices in the house).  However, I find the slow speed is reflected by only a few apps.  These include and youtube and in app downloads.  Speedtest X and things like Facetime work very well regardless of my speed tests.  Also, Safari has always been snappy.


    BTW, I have NEVER had an issue with this phone or my previous iPhone 5 on our wifi at work (LEAP).



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    I am having wifi droup outs on my iPhone 5 like everyone else here. Lots of packet loss during ping.


    I talked with Apple several times with no result. I took the phone to Genius Bar today and demanded a replacement. Long story short, The Genius took the phone inside and came back after ten minutes and told me that this is a known issue and Apple is working to fix this. They said its happening with some phone connected to some networks. There is no gaurentee that a replacement will fix this. So I have to wait till Apple come up with a solution.

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    I feel like I should share my experience and the solution that fixed this (it's not fun):


    I had the same issue with TWO different iPhone 5's in my household. Limited connectivity and massive packet loss on WPA and WPA2 wifi networks. The phone connected fine when I changed the routers security to WEP or unsecure. I called Apple's number and explained the issue to them and together we worked on doing some simple troubleshooting (turn off and on the router, restart the phone, disconnect wifi and reconnect). Of course, I was not an idiot and had already tried all of these things but did the anyway to appease them. I then explained that there was a thread on these forums with over 1500 replies on this issue. She then said that I needed to restore my phone(s). I told her that was not a trouble that I was willing to go through and that I had already devoted enough of my own time trying to fix an issue that is clearly a phone issue and not a user issue. She then suggested I bring the phone into the store and work with a genius to try and fix the problem. She said that Apple had not posted any bulletin's anywhere for their support team about this issue. I asked to speak to her supervisor.


    After holding a while I spoke to her supervisor. He was a really nice guy who was much more helpful. He contradicted the last girl I spoke to by saying that there WAS an internal bulletin about this issue. He went on to suggest that I try and restore my phone and if that doesn't work I needed to make a genius bar appointment. I said since I am having the EXACT same issue on TWO different phones, it is unlikely there is anything an Apple genius or a complete restore could do that would correct this. He begrudgingly agreed. I said that the only option I was willing to entertain was that they send me a replacements for my phones. He said that was something he could help me with... but then said that I would have to send in my phones and then I would receive replacements in 4 days . I said this was absolutely not an option as I could not go without a phone for 4 days. He then went on to explain there is an express service option where they ship a replacement here and then I switch them and send the original phones back. I said that this option sounded great but then he went on to say that this would cost me $29 per phone. I explained that it was ludicrous that I  should be expected to pay money to help fix an issue that is clearly Apple's responsibility to correct in the first place. I said that I bought this phone with the  expectation that it, like all other wifi enabled iDevices before it, should connect to ALL wifi networks without issues. What if I have to use my phone on wifi at a hotel while traveling internationally and they happen to have a WPA2 network? This issue is clearly Apple's fault and there is no reason why I should pay to have it fixed. He begrudgingly agreed to this but then said that he would be willing to send both replacements to me as long as I put down the full retail value of the phones on a credit card as a deposit. I agreed to this option and put $1500 on my AMEX.


    2 days later I received the replacements and BOTH of them work beautifully on ALL wifi network security encryptions. The phones arrived in boxes that included return fedex shipping labels and even packing tape to seal up the boxes with the bad iPhones. The boxes even included a little tool to open up the sim card tray... I was totally ready to use a paper clip.


    This was my experience with this issue and how I fixed it. Apple ended up making the situation right, but it took a lot of back-and-forth with them and I made sure to stand my ground the whole time that I was not going to be going to waste hours of my time restoring the phone and going to genius bars, and I was NOT going to spend any money to fix this issue. I hope this helps anyone reading this with this issue.

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    well lucky you. I went through the EXACT same thing, like literally, exact. Just with one phone. they sent me the replacement and I am still having the issue. Not happy at all.

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    I may as well chime in on my experience thus far as well


    I received my iPhone 5 on launch day. Love the new design, love everything about it. First thing I noticed was it was taking a very long time to download/install my apps. I started running speed tests on my wifi and noticed I was getting between 0.5 and 2 mbps. My PC and Laptop were both pulling about 20 mbps  so I knew something was up. I let it go for a little while hoping it would resolve itself, but no luck.


    I called Apple support last week. Told them about my issue, they said they didn't hear of this before... Ya, sure...
    I got forwarded to a senior apple support rep who was very helpful. Offered to replace my phone, shipped the device and I have my new one in less than 3 days. Super.


    I did the switch and I am stil having this issue. Right out of the box, I was getting 20 mbps, I thought it was great until about 5 minutes later when I retested...back to less than 2 mbps.


    I am going to follow up once again with apple. It appears that with this second device I recieved, I am having a Battery issue as well.... at 8 a.m it was charged 100%, it's now 10:53 a.m and my battery is at 66%, I have only made one 5 minute phone call and checked twitter once... Not good..

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    So I'm at the apple store..... after I just went through 1hr and 40min of trouble shooting with senior advisor last night. I was advised they would replace the phone but I would have to have over $800 removed from my bank account because I don't use credit cards. I understand the insurance to make sure they get back their replacement. So I find out that I it would be best to go to the store and attempt a replacement that way.


    I respond to the store on a Genius Bar Appointment.  The rep didn't appear like she was really wanting to replace it and insisted that..... Iphone 5's have different firmware amongst them.  So there are various firmwares going on within the iPhone 5s.  She advises it is a software issue but based on the additional issues and the trouble shooting I went through, she advised that they would go ahead and replace it. The rep stated that it depends when the iphone 5 was FLASHED and that determines the firmware.


    I don't know enough about firmwares to confirm any of this being said.  I do know that I cannot access WPA2/AES with my iphone 5 and all my other devices are working perfectly fine. Being that I work in law enforcement, I need to be on secured networks when accessing some information while on the road.  I cannot tell my Agency to remove security from the network so that I can access it.


    There are many people here that have successfully replaced their iphone 5 and got a working model as JMBOMAN83.... and others that keep having issues even after a replacement such as myself.  I'm not sure what to make of this at this point.  I just know it is quite frustrating and Apple isn't giving any information as what exactly is going on other than I'm being told it is a software issue.


    I really don't know what else to do.... But my 30 days is coming up with Apple for return policy.....  So what if IT IS NOT a software issue / firmware issue and instead turns out to be Hardware Issue and it's passed my 30 days return policy.  Are apple customers screwed at that point.  I'm not sure if sitting around and waiting is such a good idea if it turns out that it is more than just software.


    I'm sitting at Apple Store waiting to see if their new shipment might include a replacement for my iphone5. Apparently being that mine is 64gig they don't get that many in compared to 32 and 16 models. So I will update further once I get some news and if I do get a replacement, I will test it and update on here.

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    JMBOMAN....  Can u provide your firmware version for your working models...?


    The 2 iPhone 5 I have are using a firmware version 1.00.16


    Can anyone else provide firmware versions please of working and not working to compare.

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    firmware version 1.00.16 and having wifi issues.


    I'd be interested in seeing what firmware version someone with NO issues is using.





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    I meant to state... Mine use firmware 1.00.16 and both of mine and do have problems.

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    Sorry, but I have no issues with the SAME firmware.

    Mr.Stringer wrote:


    firmware version 1.00.16 and having wifi issues.


    I'd be interested in seeing what firmware version someone with NO issues is using.





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    The two phones I sent in that did not work were 1.00.16 and the two replacements I received that DO work are both 1.00.16 as well...

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    Thanks for the feedback......  So can someone familiar with firmware possibly elaborate further on this..... If the apple rep and their techs at my Apple Store are saying it is a firmware issue with the iPhone 5... yet same versions 1.00.16 are both defective units and working units....  Can it still be a firmware issue of some sort? I unfortunately don't have the expertise to elaborate further on this.  I was just sharing what the Apple Rep that made my replacement mentioned.


    I really regret sending my personal iphone 4 in to Gazelle. Because if this 3rd iphone 5 fails, I'm not really sure what else to do but return it.  The rep appeared to be understanding toward the end of my visit at the apple store.  I have a 64gig version ATT and she advised me that even past the 30 day return policy, they would continue to exchange the iphone, but that they don't believe it is hardware and that it is software related. This answer came after I asked her what happens if I hold on to a defective unit and it is found that it is a hardware issue instead of software issue and my 30 day period has passed.  She advised that I would still be ok and especially with Apple Care+ that I would not have to pay for a replacement and so forth and that Apple would make it right.


    I'm personally considering if this 3rd replacement does not fix my problem as others have successfully done so, I'm going to return it before my 30 days is over with.  I'll wait a little bit and probably purchase the 32gig instead as I was told that replacements on 64gig do not come in as often as 32gig or 16gig versions.


    I really wished I could find a solution and I'm still trying really hard to find a connection between them, but it is difficult with only having one iphone 5 and I have to rely on the community to assist. Thanks for replying on the firmware versions, that seems to be possibly eliminating the comment the Apple Rep gave me.


    But if there is more information on this firmware stuff that I'm not understanding or catching on, please do share your input, because I'm all about learning and finding a solution.

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    To update on my replacement... I ended up having to leave the Apple Store with the same iPhone 5 and wait another 3 to 5 business days for notification that my replacement has arrived. She advised they have received quite a few 32gig versions but no 64gig in todays shipment... go figure... same thing that happened to me the first time I replaced it.  I feel 64gig was a mistake and costing me extra trips to the apple store.


    I'll update upon getting my replacement.