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    Can't you do what I did and do the express replacement program? They will ship a device to your house overnight AM shipping and you will get it either tomorrow or the day after. Make sure THEY cover the cost of it as all of this is THEIR fault.

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    I can confirm that it's not a matter of modem firmware as I own 2 iphone 5 with the same 1.00.16 number and only the one with the wifi address 98:FE has problems.

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    General question for this discussion:

    Is there someone in this thread that got the phone brand new with never having owned an iphone that has the issues? I am just trying to see what responses there are because in my case it was the restoring of old data before the phone was completely setup. I had better results as I posted when I set the phone up as new and then only after it was working restored my backup. A new user to iphone would not have any history to restore so in theory it should be a clean phone.

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    Update - I just received my replacement phone.  I could not connect to wifi again (imagine that), so I had to start from a new phone.  Still having Wifi issues.  Phone sent has Apple Wifi hardware per the Wifi address.


    I will update again when I get more info.

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    I setup my iphone as Brand New while at the Apple Store.  I had WIFI issues on WPA2/AES networks. The open network WIFI at the Apple store worked fine. I'm having more issues with the replacement phone than the one I had at release day. I also attempted a restore after this and failed.  When I spoke with Senior Advisor at the toll free number, we ended up doing a reset of all settings to wipe it clean and start from scratch.... Still had issues. I hope this answers your question.


    We will see what happens on iphone5 #3 when I get it.

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    That may solve some people's problem..... I did that when I was trouble shooting my first iphone 5.  That has not fixed my problems just for information.  But I defintely recommend trying it... it might fix issues for some if the iphone 5 is not defective.

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    Mariano....  First iPhone 5 Wifi Mac Address was 98:B8 and my replacement was 54:26 and both of these iphone 5 have issues.  But I'm beginning to think that the MAC address has nothing to do with it now, as I believe a couple people have reported having the same MAC address and some did not have problems.  Same as with the Firmware..... same firmware 1.00.16 some working and some not. <<<SHRUGGING SHOULDERS>>>

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    I am a brand new user to Apple iPhone. I've never owned one until now, which I have the iPhone 5. Mine won't even connect to my home wifi, it asks for my password to my wifi, I put it in and it brings up "unable to connect". So, yes I am having the same kind of issues.

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    Let alone does the iPhone5 have Wifi issues but it also messes with other devices when its connected to the router. My sons ipod stops working or starts working slow, etc. I have D-Link 655 router. All my devices worked great before when I had my iPhone 4S. I also noticed if I go into my routers wireless info page and my iPhone5's only connecting as 802.11g and not 802.11n like my iPhone 4S did. Is anyone experianceing this or checked to see what your iPhone is conecting at? My sons 4th gen iPod connects with 802.11N. I am using WPA2 tkip&aes security. Also at work it connects and seems fine but I come in the next day and it forgot my network. I am really dissapointed in this iPhone5. My 4S was solid. For now I am just using it without WIFI as it just ticks me off. I hope Apple has a fix as I'm about ready to go back to my 4S. Oh and I turned off iCloud...I watched that video that someone posted about iCloud using constant data and mine was doing that also. I will just backup to my computer from now on. Sad....just Sad.

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    Same issue here - went to ATT in person and was told it was my problem.  Called apple support was told they didn't know of the issue - when I mentioned the Verizon update she all of a sudden knew of that but no issues with ATT.   Currenlty I am 4 x over my 200 MB limit, when in two years I've only once exceeded it.

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    Just got off the phone with Apple Support about getting my replacement iP5 replaced. This experience was pretty bad. I detailed everything that I had done with the first phone, how I replicated the process with the second phone, the research done to discover possible solutions on my own and with the help of all of you... the "Advisor" played ignorant of any problems with iP5 WiFi. I was put on hold several times only to have her come back on line and ask again if I had cleared the Safari cache, restored the phone from backup, set up as new.... Finally, she told me she would have to consult with the original Advisor (who was great, btw) - Now I have to wait another 24 hours before they MIGHT agree to replace the replacement.


    I've read several article from online sources who claim to have solved the problem with some of the temporary fixes the board contributers have already cited. Not sure what to make of the epidemic of short sighted pundits.


    I don't suppose anyone has had a break through or has heard that Apple has acknowledged the problem....?

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    I was having major wi-fi issues with my black iPhone 5 at&t 16GB. It would connect to wifi network using airport express (2012) and using WPA/WPA 2 security, but after about 10-15 min the connection would just stall. Like it would remain connected, yet nothing loaded. I had to toggle airplane ON and OFF all the time to get it to work, then again in 10 min it stalled again,


    Went to Apple Store today, genius bar said they had no idea about this issue, but they agreed to replace it for me. I'm in the office. Haven't gotten back home yet, but as soon as I do, I hope it works now.


    If I still have wifi issues, then for sure the problem is software based and we'll have to wait for iOS 6.0.1 update to get a fix. If it's solved now, it might be hardware after all. I'll do an update later tonight.


    Good luck to all of you.

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    I am replacement phone number THREE!!!  I still cannot connect to wifi.  Period.  It doesn't matter if it is public or private, whether I know the password or don't need one.  Up until phone #3, nobody at Apple claimed to know of ANY wifi problems.  So as I waited for the "genius" to get back to me after talking to a manager, I showed him the forums......ALL the forums.... to which he said "I take anything on the internet with a grain of salt."  I almost punched him.  I said THESE ARE YOUR CUSTOMERS!!!!  I said I do NOT want a 4th replacement phone, I want the **** phone fixed!  He went in the back, got a new phone and said "ok, here you go - good luck!"  I left, went to Starbucks and still couldn't connect.  Went home, couldn't connect.  Went to work, couldn't connect.  Now I am "elevated to the engineers" who were supposed to call me back 3 days ago.  I think they expect me to bend over and accept that my phone no longer connects to wifi.  Sorry but no, I won't. 


    THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!