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  • kyussmondo Level 1 (0 points)

    Exact same problem with my new iPhone 5 64GB. The frustrating thing is the my wifes iPhone 5 32GB seems to be having no problems. My old iPhone 4, iPad 3, MacBook Pro and work laptop all connect fine so it doesn't seem like a Wi-Fi issue or an iOS 6 issue. Apple seems to recognise it as a problem now so hopefully they can fix it with an iOS update soon.


    It works a charm on 3G (no LTE to test yet) and I have all you can eat data but there are limits on the size of things you can download.

  • marlopez85 Level 1 (0 points)

    exact problem here in Spain.... did apple said anything regardless solving this issue?

  • Golra Level 1 (0 points)

    I am having the same wifi issues here in France.  I will talk to SFR, my service provider tomorrow.  I hope it gets solved or I have to change my apple loyalities and get out of the complete eco-system gradually. 

  • ChrisAgNYC Level 1 (0 points)

    So, here is a recap of my issue and an update after multiple calls to Apple Care:




    Running iOS6 on iPhone 5 and New iPad.

    Set up iPhone 5 64gb / black on Friday (9/21) at home and wifi worked great all weekend (airport extreme - 5GHz).

    Came into office on Monday and connected to my wifi here for the first time and all was fine (802.11n - 2.4 GHz).

    Went home Monday night and connected to home wifi, no problem.

    Came into office on Tuesday, connected to wifi but took forever to load anything.  My iPad worked fine with no issues.

    Spoke with Apple Care and ended up doing a Network Reset and then reconnected and it worked fine.

    Went home, had to reconnect to my home network since it was scrubbed during the Network Reset and it worked fine.

    Came back into the office this morning and again it connected but was terribly slow and would not load.  Did the Network Rest and it worked.


    It has been opperating this way ever since.


    On Wednesday, I spoke with Apple Care again and they suggested I swap out the phone.  I did that Wednesday night.


    I set up the phone as a completely new unit and did not restore it from my previous phone.


    I am having the exact same problems.


    Not once when speaking with Apple Care did they mention that there was an update coming to address this issue.  I'm now wondering if I should just return the phone and go back to my iPhone4.


    Any ideas or suggestions?

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    Malopez85.... Issue ???? What Issue??? First time we heard about this..... Well that's the answer many of us are getting. There has been no official announcement. Some say they are aware of the problem, other reps never heard about it. So you pick.

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    For those having issues with reps on the phone or people in the store, I STRONGLY reccomend explaining the problem to a rep on the phone and then asking very specifically to speak to their supervisor. I dealt with two reps who kept telling me it was my issues, and my network must not be set up right. After arguing with them for 45 minutes I finally spoke to a manager who I convinced into sending me a replacement phone (via Service Express) and he even took off the typical $30 charge. It is THEIR fault after all, why should I pay for the replacement? They did have to secure the full value of the phone on my credit card tho.


    The replacement phone arrived the next day and works like a charm!

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    So the problem is with my particular iphone, and will solve just changimg it for a new one??


    I spoke to the apple support and they encouraged me to go to an Apple Store so they will change it for another one.... Because "there is no general issue". But I'm not really keen on changing it for a replacement one just to get the same problem again...

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    Do not let them make you go to the store... or restore your phone (which doesn't work). We are the customers... they are the company that screwed up and sold a defective device. It is their responsibility to go through the trouble to make sure that we get working devices and are satisfied... it is not our responsibility to drive all over perdition to apple stores, go through hours of troubleshooting and posting to forums, to get this issue fixed. All you need to do is tell them that, and if they are unwilling to send you a replacement phone (while waiving the $30 Express Service fee like they did for me) then you need to speak to a supervisor. And if that supervisor is unwilling to help, speak to a different one. Do not get off the phone until they agree to do this for you.

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    what scares me is that I have no warrantee that it will fix the problem.... and it is a risk to take to change it and still get same problem with wifi connection....

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    Guys, I was having the wifi issue  (stalling after 10 min even though it was connected).


    I REPLACED my iPhone 5 at an Apple Store.


    The replacement I got works PERFECTLY now. It might be a mix of hardware and software.


    I suggest you exchange it. I did. and I'm happy to report wifi is working flawlessly.


    Just try changing it. If they don't replace it for you, then just wait for Apple fix (or Apple recall).


    Good luck

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    I have the EXACT same issues as you do. It has been a on going issue for me for the past week. This is my second iphone5 and it is really frustrating. Seems to me that it is a software issue because just a simple "reset network" resolves the issue. I am going to try and turn off my WIFI before I leave work or home and then turn it back on when I arrive at either location.

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    Would be interested in seeing if that works.  I'll try it too.

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    I got mine replaced after I got annoyed at having to keep bluetooth off to avoid rebooting my phone each time I got home to get it to work. Well the replacment worked great for about 2 days or so and now its the same as before. I know this time I changed no settings or anything in the meantime. Just used it. All this time my wife's continues to work just fine.


    Considering that my problem, which is connecting but no packets go after about 7 seconds or so, and a reboot fixes it 100% till I use my car's bluetooth again, seems pretty unique, and it came back, exactly the same as before, leads me to believe it is some sort of software problem with the way something is interacting with my network.


    Details again of my network, I have a roaming network woth 3 routers (diff brands) all sharing an SSID and PSK and one router that has it 5gz network with a seperate SSID, and none of these work when the problem is occuring. I have tried everything but an unsecured network to mitigate the problem with no results. A WPA2/AES wrt54g running dd-wrt at work I have abs no issues as I do not with other networks other than home that I have connected to.

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    It has now been 5 days since I swapped my non-wifi-working 5 at the Apple store and the new phone has yet to experience a single problem.  While it still may be luck of the draw with a new phone, I too highly recommened anyone going to the store to not leave without at least trying/demanding a new phone.

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    Hi Guyz i had my genius appointment yesterday and i told the guy that wifi was so slow and would only get the full reception right next to the router so he checked it ran diognotics no problem however its not gonna play up in apple store obviously so he said he is happy to replace it because im under warranty i got a replacement and guess what on the new one wifi works perfect it feels more like mine if you know what i mean dont wait and think that update will sort it out nope there is definitely a faulty batch out there i think very first ones because i got mine on its release date by the way i got 16gb black old ones wifi address was 98 new one is 56 go and get a replacement untill you find one where the wifi works by the way im from the uk