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    itunes, transfer purchases

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    Bryen.....  Your purchases are saved under your apple ID.  You can have 1, 2, or 5 devices.... set all devices as new... it doesn't matter. When sign in with your apple ID and password, you will not have to pay for the purchases again. Also when you sync with itunes it should be downloading the purchases to your iTunes account. But once you pay for an app, movie, song, it's yours. In iTunes you can also click on purchases to see what all purchases you have.


    Hope that helps.

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    Got my first replacement phone today, so far it's hit and miss.  Have it setup as a new phone currently, and have been downloading some albums from the store to test things out.  One song will download extremely quick, the next will be slow.  So, while it is an improvement, it's still not where it needs to be.  Not sure if it's worth getting another replacement or wait and see if Apple actually releases a fix.

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    I've had iPhone5 replaced once. Am still having wifi issues. Also have lines vertically across screen like snow across an old tv. This has only happened once but I've seen this on other forums. Also have sound issues. When I start a video there is no sound until I turn phone off and back on. This is intermittent. Just went to apple store in Highland Village Houston. Was told they had never heard of the wifi problem even though there are 114 pages about this issue on apple forums. "It's not a system issue". So now I can go home and make sure everything is backed up, take screen shots of any texts I want to keep and make sure pictures are backed up because they may not all transfer to new phone. Wow.

    Then I go back to store and then they do a restore and I have to manually reload all of my apps and I have a lot.

    Apple has a problem and they want me to do all this work when I have no confidence that this will solve the problem.

    I have never had an answer like this from Apple.

    The maps on this phone stink!!  I want street view back.

    I am really frustrated right now. Of course none of the problems would happen in the store.

    Any suggestions? Right now I'm thinking about doing nothing and living with this mess until the fixes come out.

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    both my wife and I had the same problem on the iphone 5. my ipad 3 does not have the problem.


    the problem is when you turn off the iphone (press power button for 3 seconds, then swipe to power off) and turn it on again, you lose Wifi connectivity to your known network. it does not detect the known network when you return home. you need to select the network manually.


    my resolution which is still working, is to change my network id to something that starts with a charater "a" and not far away to "z". my guess is that to safe the battery power, the phone will only search for max number networks up say 10 available network around you. if your known network is zzz and for example, the iphone probably search for Wifi network id names from aaa, bbb....up to jjj and ignores the rest, if it searches a max of 10 networks.


    i hope my guess and testings works. the good news is that after i changed my network id and power off and on the iphone, the Wifi was automatically detected.

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    I got my replacement today from the Apple Store after making another appointment for iphone5 #3..... and BINGO !!! Finally, I got connection with fantastic results on downloads. On WPA2/AES I'm getting 32.78mb download speeds. My upload though not very impressive, I'm getting about 2mb uploads. I was lucky to get connections with my last 2 iphone 5s and downloads speeds under 1mb and uploads in a horrible 0.2mbs and 0.3mbs.


    I noticed while at the store that wifi reception was much stronger than the other 2 phones I had, but I was afraid of getting my hopes up. When I got outside the mall I tested my connection LTE with a happy 21.36mb download and a 6.42 upload.  Not sure how that compares to others, but based on what I have been getting with the other 2, I'm happy LOL.


    NOW THE BAD or ODD........  So I was very happy with the outcome. Cellular reception was great and satisifying. So I decided to go visit my father that has been feeling a bit sick. When I get there, my iPhone 5 located the wifi router in my father's house. He has the WNDR4000 Netgear Dual Band also running on WPA2/AES which I setup at his house. My iPhone 5 connected to the 5ghz and with 3 bars NOTHING, no data !!!  My stomach just dropped. I tried to connect to the 2.4ghz side and NOTHING again. I checked the firmware and found that he had not updated his router, it was still using the same firmware that I had installed when we bought it. I updated the router firmware and my iPhone was working fantastic again with great speeds.........


    So after visiting I get back to my house and I notice my iphone 5 is already picking up wifi from the driveway... that's a good sign.  I walk inside and decide to try a couple websites..... NOTHING.. NO DATA on 3 bars of WIFI on 5ghz and 2.4 ghz.


    I turned the power off on my iPhone5 and then powered it back on and I was back to doing great again.


    SO.... my curiosity is striking...... is my iPhone 5 getting confused when connecting to another WIFI especially a secured one?????  There is definitely an issue.... but I'm not sure what to think or do now.  This is by far the best iPhone 5 so far that I have had in my hand compared to the other 2 I've had.  I'm not sure I want to take the chance in returning this one and getting a replacement that is like the other 2 or possibly worse than them.


    It is DAY 1 with this iPhone5.  I will be going down to my father's Saturday.  I will play around with this and see if maybe other networks are causing confusion to the iPhone 5 as my father's network possibly did. I do have it setup to not search for Networks for the time being. So I'll update on what happens when I go back to his house and see if it connects ok and then what happens when I return home.  Sunday I'll be home all day, so I'll see if the iPhone remains consistent to my wifi without being affected by other network connections.


    This new replacement is using a MAC address of 88:53  and firmware 1.00.16 (firmware same as the other 2 I replaced).  I'm hoping that I got lucky on the hardware side and the remainder is software related.  It's so hard to make out any of this and why it is happening. I still have a few days before my 30 days is up. We'll keep playing with it and see what happens.  I'll either hold on to this one or return it and request refund until the problem is solved and then go buy one.  I'm just really ****** i Gazelle'd my iPhone 4.  I can't go without a cell phone and worse yet my old iPhone.  It's a lesson learned. Next time I'll wait on shipping my iPhone 4 out until I know I have a perfect working device to replace it.



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    its the router

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    I've seen such lines too, once. They showed for a short period of time, like 2-3 seconds.

    Also my phone bugs me once or twice a day with "Please sign in to App store /.../ Sandbox" even though I made a complete wipe + restore. I have to press cancel about 30 times before the dialog ceases to pop up. This happens even on my 2nd iPhone 5.

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    I think it has something to do with netgear. I finally got my phone working good with wifi. I can connect to my work wifi with aes no problem as well as home. As soon as I connect to a netgear router I can't get any wifi working until I reset network settings on my phone.

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    For those saying the problem is about the router;


    Set your iphone to airplane mode, but turn on the wifi connection (so the data connection and everything else will be turned off).


    You will find wifi connection working great and speedy.

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    My iphones are now working fine!


    My resolution is to change my network id name to something that starts with a charater "a" and not far away to "z". My guess is that to safe the battery power, the phone will only search for max number networks up say 10 available network around you. if your known network is zzz and for example, the iphone probably search for Wifi network id names from aaa, bbb....up to jjj and ignores the rest.


    Try this and save you time changing for a new iphone.

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    I am having similar wifi issues as well with my new iphone 5 and my wifes ipad 2 and iphone 3. From what I can tell it is tied to something Apple did in IOS6 as I never had the issue with the other devices until the IOS6 update.    All my other wifi devices (laptop, kindle fire hd, printer, netork adapter, etc) all work fine on my network.  Once the phone drops the wifi connection and then comes back into range, it can find the network connection fine but cannot seem to authenticate again.


    My short term solution for now has been to reboot the router and cycle wi-fi off then on on the phone when I can't connect and this seems to fix the problem until the next time. The router is a Netgear NDR3800 with up to date firmware and according to internet search it appears that Netgear has seen a large amount of complaints that are tied to IOS6.  


    Hopefully these two companies are working together to fix the problem and not pointing fingers at each other. Would be at least nice for Apple to admit they are looking into the issue.  

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    SpanishCop: This sounds very similair to my problem. A reboot always seems to fix it and everything is great again. I noticed you mentioned seeing the wifi from your driveway. Is your phone connected to bluetooth in the car at that time? That's what seems to trigger my problems where only a reboot fixes it. If I turn off my bluetooth a couple of blocks from the house then when I get home wifi seems to work. Or if I leave bluetooth off alltogether everything seeems to remain normal. This is my 2nd phone with this same problem.

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    I am experiencing similar problems with my home Netgear router.  The phone finds the network OK, but after entering the passcode it just comes back with it cannot connect, with no additional information. The router is running the latest firmware update and I have rebooted it but not tried cycling the phone on and off (it's my daughters iPhone 5).  I had no problems connecting with my recently purchased RAZR M to the same router.  Netgear has a bullitin out on the problem so they are aware, but it would seem this is an Apple issue.  Does anyone know if Apple is going to issue an update to iOS6?  This issue has been on the table for awhile.  Maybe they need to make a call across town to Google (Android) to get a little help;-)

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    crowmotion, I had a similar problem that I posted about. Here's a copy. Hope it helps.


    "Sweetness. I discovered an almost perfect fix for my iPhone 5 WiFi issue. The 5 would not remember the WEP password. I had to re-enter it every time. After the fix it always remembers the password -- except after a reboot.


    Here's the fix: Settings->Wi-Fi->Choose a Network...->Other (yes, deliberately ignore the shown SSID)->Name (enter your SSID)->Security->(enter your security type)->Other Network (to return to previous screen)->Password (enter your password)->Join.


    Voila. My 5 now remembers the password every time."