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    Went to Apple store for appointment. The guy wasn't hesitant to give me a replacement after I told him I talked to a senior advisor over the phone and told him my problem, he checked to make sure that my replacement didn't have any blemishes. The new phone works great, no wifi issues at all, then again my first one did too for about 2 weeks. This one is 54:26 like my first one. Will update how its handling up in a couple days.

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    I have a 64gb black iPhone 5 and my wifi reception is awful, my signal drops as soon as I am more than 15ft from my Airport Extreme but my wifes iPhone 4s and iPad 3 all get strong signals all over the house. Is this consistent with others experinces, should i try for a replacement?

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    I like(d) Apple and was happy to pay the steep prices, because it was plug and play, no issues, never. Until now... iPhone 5 doesn't work with wifi at home. I have an Apple time machine with build in router. I really tried everything. Nothing works. All my other Apple machines (Apple TV, iPad, MacBook pro, iPhone 4) work perfect. But not my new iPhone 5. Did quality and clarity die with Steve?

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    So, I noticed something today.  May be irrelevant but when I am in my basement I get "no service" on the iphone which has always been the case for years.  However, I am directly below my Apple Extreme so I have a strong WiFi signal.  However, when I try and load the speedtest app, it won't load just keeps looking like there is no connection.  Yes, sounds like it is going to cell data first but I am in Canada on Rogers, not Verizon.  Also, I have been watching my speeds and all is fine with no data overage.  I only ever get 1-2 bars of cell coverage in my house.  So, is my intermittent slow download somehow a reflection of my cell coverage?  Is my high wifi speed at work on our PEAP system because I also have LTE there?


    BTW, yes I have tried turning cell coverage off and running just wifi in addition to airplance mode -> turn on wifi.



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    Same issues with iPhone 5 32 GB: connected to Netgear R6300 Dual Band at 5 GHz WPA2 in basement fine if both router and phone are close by; cannot connect or signal drops to one bar or less if phone is upstairs (less than 30 feet away!)


    Signal was MUCH MUCH stronger when switched to 2.4 GHz WPA2 and I did not notice any speed degradation even though there are 2 other laptops, cordless phone etc. using the 2.4 GHz band in the same house.  Confirmed by re-connecting to 5 GHz band: signal strength just plummeted.


    Since 5 GHz signal does not penetrate and travel far AND consumes more power, unless there is any heavy interferance with other 2.4 GHz device, I suggest set the iPhone 5 connect to the 2.4 GHz band even if you have a dual band router.  You should get a much better wi-fi connection.

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    ISSUE SOLVED!!!!! My wife's iphone 5 had the same wifi issue. Wifi was intermitent even though connection to wifi network showed good. I turned off encryption on my home router(s) and saw that the phones wifi was now working. Turned 'ON' encryption and problem came back. Took phone to apple and after a lengthy time trying to explain the issue, they informed me that there 'IS' a known issue with some Iphone 5's. He explained that the phones were equipped with a WIFI card from two different manufacturers and that there is a known issue with one of the mfg's cards. They also explained that they are working on a firmware update that will fix the issue. Replacement of the phone is an option but that they have no means of traceability to see if the new replacement phone is equipped with the "GOOD" wifi card. In all they assured us that the following update will have the fix incorporated. They also offered some help in making changes to our home wireless network security setting to allow the phone to work until the firmware update was released. We opted for a new replacement phone. The new phone seems to have the "GOOD" wifi card installed and all is perfect. In all, we are very pleased with the Iphone 5 and Apples customer service. Stuff happens, we just got one of the bad ones.

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    I also had wifi connection problem with my iphone 5. When I tried to connect to wifi at home I got "unable to connect" message. I was able to connect to wifi at Apple store and few other places, but I was not able to connect to wifi at home. I went to Apple store today and I was told that it could have been due to some bad apps running on my iPhone. Apple rep did hard reset (called DFU I believe) to basically format and reinstall the iOS. I had no issue at Apple store connecting to wifi. But when I came home, I found out that wifi did not work again. I searched some user forums and I found the solution finally.


    My problem turned out to be  the wireless router I use at home. It is Netgear WGT624v3. What I did was to downgrade my router's firmware and it worked perfectly. My router's firmware version was 2.0.26 and I downgraded to 2.0.21.


    I hope this will help others.

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    The downgrade in firmware on your home router simply changed the security settings. The newer firmware has the higher wpa2 security which is what the faulty chips have an issue with. I suggest that once apple releases the firmware fix for your iphone, you reinstall the newer router firmware again.

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    I am experiencing the same problem -

    iphone 5 is not connecting to the wifi network that is secure, instead, the phone gets the data from the 3g or LTE network. After further debugging, I realized that it works only when an LTE network is available.


    iphone 5 connected to secure wifi network, LTE available - OK, gets data from LTE and browsing is fine

    iphone 5 connected to secure wifi network, only 3G available - NO data connection, not able to browse

    Same issue with Safari and Chrome.


    Temporary Work around until Apple confirms the bug and releases a fix- connect to the secure wifi network and restart the phone. It works.


    How I tested it:

    connect iphone 5 to secure wifi network and only 3G availability, try browsing using safari or chrome - no progress. Restart the phone. try browsing using safari or chrome - works. Go to settings -> general -> cellular -> cellular data - change to Off. try browsing again - works.


    Hope this helps.

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    Final post from me until Apple freezes over: Third phone, third example of substandard WiFi performance. How many flavors of disappointed are there? All I want besides a phone with working WiFi is for Apple to publish that it knows there is a problem and that a fix is forthcoming. In the meantime, I continue to monitor this and other threads in case someone comes up with an actual working fix. I've tried every hocus pocus I'ver run across and nuthin'. sigh....

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    Stuart, I am in the EXACT same boat as you.  3 replacement phones and NOTHING involving wifi works.  I was supposed to hear back from a Senior Advisor (who elevated my case to the engineers) on October 8th but so far no response.


    Apple REALLY needs to acknowledge that there IS a problem and there IS a fix coming.  Otherwise, this will be the last Apple product I will ever purchase.

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    Sorry for the delay Mike,


    I was inadvertently sidetracked the rest of the weekend.


    To answer your question: I was referring to how your father's network is set up in comparison to your own.  I was curious if, for example, his home network is set up with an ip class of 192.168.x.x and if yours is set up as 169.258.x.x.  or something of that nature.  The point being that they are both different.  If, when you go to his house, you pick up a local ip, navigate around the internet for a while, and then go home to your local network, I'm curious if your phone is holding (cached) the ip for his network and having a difficult time releasing/picking up a new ip address from your network.  Once network settings are reset on the phone, it can then pick up a local ip.  I just seems like a long shot to me, but I'm trying to understand individual experiences to see if it might help narrow the scope of the issue.

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    My iPhone 5 is arriving via UPS today, so I'm hopeful everything has been sorted with these lastest manufactured phones....key word being "hopeful."  I had hoped this discussion would have been dried up by now.  Talk about a black eye for Apple.  The even funnier thing (really not so funny) and what totally blows my mind is that some Apple techs/Stores are aware of the issue and others are either in complete denial or live in BFE!  What is the deal?  For a company that is supposed to have some semblance of leading the industry, this is almost embarrassing.  I'm embarrassed for them.  The left hand isn't talking to the right hand.  And this one cannot be swept up under the carpet.  Either be accountable or lose's as simple as that!

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    Here-Here GhostRyder!!!

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    I can confirm what someonw wrote early about airplane mode.  When I turn on airplane mode, the wifi works fine.  My problems are at work and my Uverse wifi at home is fine.  So, this tells me it should be able to be fixed via a software fix.