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  • dallasboy Level 1 (0 points)

    Ok, so I turned off ariplane mode and back to LTE and wifi still working perfectly.  I'll keep ya'll updated. 

  • marlopez85 Level 1 (0 points)

    Yep! My carrier coverage is real weak at home, do I must have airplane mode turned up all the time if I want to browse internet decently. But that really annoyes me - I'm missing many calls and I have to spend my minutes to call back...


    Anyway that's a good sign; this proves it is not a non functional wifi card, but some issue with the management of the connections.


    Can't wait to see Apple admitting the issue and releasing the bugfix for all of us. Otherwise, as someone already said, I'm quitting Apple for good!!!

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    Me conecto a través de la wifi de mi casa para ahorrar datos 3G,pero tras la adquisición de mi nuevo terminal Iphone 5 vengo notando tras unos días que el wifi se desconecta sólo y se queda en modo 3G.

    Incluso tratando de conectar a alguna wifi abierta de un lugar público da error o simplemente en la búsqueda de redes wifi abiertas,encuentra alguna y se queda procesando al tratar de conectar y nunca llega a conectar,o en otros casos ni detectas las redes a pesar de existir,tras verificarlo en otro terminal.

    Un saludo y espero se pongan manos a la obra y se solucioné rápido.

    Gracias y un saludo

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    Hola Javier,


    Básicamente es lo que nos pasa a todos los de aquí. Algunos dicen que hay algunos iPhones que no presentan problemas por tener fabricante de la tarjeta wifi diferente pero es una lotería.


    Mientras se soluciona, he optado por tener el modo avión en casa con el wifi encendido. De esta manera internet sólo circula por el wifi, sin gastar megas.


    Espero que saquen el parche pronto porque vamos.... Menuda vergüenza!!!!



    Cheers people.... Just updating about what we already talked. Every minute that Apple delays in admitting and solving the problem is one more minute in which my angryness increases!!! If we gave our phones back to the store and asked for a refund.... That would really stress them... And force them to a quick sollution!

  • SpanishCop Level 1 (0 points)

    Ghostryder... We are both on 192.168....


    Not sure if that makes a difference or not. I can get them to work, but I have to shut my phone completely off and then power back on. Well I got 9to5mac to include this problem along with other issues in a article they posted. None of the other media really paid much attn to it or run with it.


    I'm assuming 6.0.1 will be a major update fixing many problems. I'm thinking Apple is aware of this issue and other issues, but don't want to draw to much negativity after the purple lens flare and iOS maps. I'm thinking there is a lot in the hush hush basket and it will not be announced publicly. So those of you waiting for a public announcement or apology... Don't hold your breath, it isn't going to happen.


    I'm on my 3rd iPhone, and I'm giving up on replacements for now. I think chances of getting one with the right chip or bug free is like hitting the lottery.


    There are other issues like battery problems reference draining, poor signal or weak antennas, and other things. My first 2 had horrible reception. This one seems better and no problems with battery or other reported issues. I'll wait and see what happens if and when an update is released.


    It is very frustrating I will admit. But I'm tired of driving an hour each way to my nearest apple store, aside from fuel expenses. I don't use credit cards so can't have it shipped, and with a debit card they want to withdraw over 800 until they get their replacement back which is not acceptable to me. I got other expenses and I shouldn't be inconvenienced this badly.

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    After going through this i realise that there are multiple issues cropping with regards to wifi - speed, unable to connect or dropping off.


    I have iPhone5 16 GB. Here goes my issue.


    I setup my phone with my secured wifi network at home. There is an option which says "AUto connect". I have kept that to "yes".


    But everytime, phone sleeps it doesnt reconnect to the network. Sometimes it does. Even when i am using/ downloading something it suddenly switches to cellular netwoork.


    And when i go and check the auto reconnect option is set to "OFF". I find that the issue is that - somehow it doesnt stay at "auto reconnect".

    Dont know what to do here. Confused. Every time i have to go and reconnect the wifi manually. And then pray it stays on.


    68: 96 model.

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    Anyone try taking their case off the phone? I just did and got full wifi reception straight away. Worth a shot.

  • dr e a Level 1 (0 points)


    Taking of the case has been discussed as solving wifi problem indeed by some already!


  • y0lorenzo Level 1 (0 points)

    i am also having wifi problems after ios6 update. i have a 16gb wifi ipad2 with ios 6 and a belkin n300 router. wifi works for a few hours, cuts out. says its connected but cant connect to router via browser by typing IP address or visit any webpage or use app that needs internet. go to airport mode on ipad for 30 seconds, switch back on wifi and it reconnects and works without needing to reboot my router. so i dont think the router is crashing, its the ipad. never had wifi issues prior to ios6 updgrade. going to apple store tomorrow.

  • Kimberly Seiz Level 1 (20 points)

    I received my replacement phone, same MAC address:54:26 as the old one. Same issues with connections. I can CONFIRM that a using a case takes down the WiFi signal AND your cell signal. I also confir with those who posted videos on putting cases on and even holding your hand over the top half of the phone losing signal. I can't talk on my phone without it cutting in and out and even dropping my call unless I gingerly hold it by the bottom portion of the phone. Would really like to use a case, as I'm afraid of what will happen if I drop it.

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    So i thought yesterday i resolved my iphone5 wifi issues by reseting the phone, and it did work for the day yesterday...this morning, turned on the iphone and no wifi. This is so frustrating. Has anyone found any kind of solution??? I am really thinking about going to samsung, a buddy of mine has one, and its impressive. I have been a mac guys since day one, but serious i don't have the time for this. Hate to do it, but i am tired of standing in lines, waiting hours on the phone and zero results. I miss steve jobs.

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    I removed the case, reset my phone and modem, and cleared out my Safari cache & history -- all steps that had been recommended on this and other boards. My iphone 5 wifi now works fine.  I wish I could identify which of the steps was most instrumental; hazarding a guess, it would be resetting my modem.

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    I had the same issues with my wifi connection and I think it fixed (hopefully) my problem by manually changing DNS to "". This is at work. Its been a week since I modified and no drops yet.


    No problems at home with wifi on my i5 or my wife's i5 (I have D-Link 655 WPA/2 enabled; last update on the firmware 1 year ago).


    BTW, my wife uses the case and I don't.


    Fix source:

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    I put an iPhone 4S, with a case on it, laying on my desk, it showed 2 out of 3 bars on the WiFi indicator. I then started a PING from my PC to the phone and zero packet loss and respone times what I'd expect.


    Then put the iPhone 5, with a case on it, in the same location, it also showed 2 out of 3 bars on the WiFi indicator. Started a ping to its IP address and horrrible packet loss, in the 70% range. I did take the case off and try it again and much better, but still not as good as the iPhone 4S was. The case I'm using is a *Speck rubber case, in fact it's the same type of case that Apple supplied for free to correct the antenna problem with my old iPhone 4.

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    So quick recap of my wifi problem (and mine maynot be as bad as others).  UVerse wifi at home works flawlessly since last thursday.  Work wifi would connect, and only the email client would work, no web/apps data at all.  Tried many different suggested fixes until the "Airplane" mode fix.  I put the phone into airpplane mode yesterday and bang, wifi worked.  Then took it out of airplane mode.....wifi still working!  So, came back into work this morning and wifi still works great.  Weird deal I know.  Also, phone picks up all wifi networks (Home and office are the only two I have setup for now) automatically and running fine.