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  • uaewys Level 1 Level 1

    Change of hardware


    I recommend you go back to the shop and ask for a replacement.

    As other people wrote here: Apart from the io6 wifi issue, in some cases, it might also be hardware related. I took my iPhone 5 back to the shop today after 10 days of this wifi nightmare. I explained, that I can only connect to a wifi if standig within a few feet away from the router. They took the phone an started shaking it. You could hear there was a small moving part inside the iPhone 5. They have also checked that I had never droped it. Since it was within 14 days since purchase, they offered to swap it. Maybe a case of "designed by Apple in California, bad assembled in China".

    So, shake it and if it sounds, go have it replaced. This worked for me!

  • Shaddow Level 1 Level 1

    Yea I did that. New phone was fine for a few days, now it's back to the same thing as before. Others have reported that as well. Hopefully 6.01 fixes it for real.

  • agustasj Level 1 Level 1

    hola amigos,


    I just wanted to tell a bit of my own experiences with slow wi-fi on my iPhone 5. I pre-ordered mine here in the States so it arrived on September 21st and I noticed the slow wi-fi right away on my home network, which is an Apple Airport Extreme (5th gen) using WPA2 personal security. After reading posts here suggesting a switch to WEP or no security at all (yikes) I tried these, as well as turning off LTE, turning off Bluetooth, but nothing seemed to make a difference. Meanwhile, on my old iPhone 4S and iPad 3 (the iPad running iOS 6) I was seeing the speeds I had been used to, which were around 25-30 Mbps, consistently. My new iPhone was getting anywhere from .39 to 12 Mbps, and a lot of variation in between. I called Apple tech support on Saturday and made an appointment at my local Genius Bar for Monday. Took it in and they had me try it on their wireless network in the shop, and it got around 25 Mbps consistently, after three or so tests. So the guy at the Genius Bar is going 'hey, don't worry, we get it, this is one of those problems that's difficult to reproduce.' And he also told me that he had read about this problem on the support forums. He said he would do a hardware replacement for me if I wanted to or I could wait a bit and see if a software update came out that would fix it. I chose to wait because I had a lot to do that day and din't feel like going through the whole restore process just then. I left for a trip to Italy and the UK a few days later so during that time I had a chance to try it on many different wireless networks (hotel wi-fi is always pretty slow, isn't it?) and it was pretty slow everywhere. I've just come home from that trip and yesterday I went back to my local Apple Store and they gave me a replacement, which for more than 24 hours now has ben consistently fast on my home network. I'm seeing speeds of around 25 Mbps again, so for me I'd say the problem was definitely hardware. Also, another weird thing that my original iPhone 5 did that this one doesn't seem to was this: I have it connected via Bluetooth to my car for hands free use (I drive a 2012 Fiat 500). For some reason, my first iPhone 5 would sort of 'lose' the Bluetooth connection to my car and each time I would get in and start it up the car would ask me if I wanted to sync the phonebook. Normally you only have to do this once when you first establish the connection, and my new one does not seem to have this problem. Anyway, good luck to you all.

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    Dear all, and Apple Engineers.


    I used to run a troubleshooting BiG Mac site several years ago with 1million hits a month.  I am PhD and scientist  and finding solutions to problems is in my DNA. In fact, I provided jobs to people that eventually became Apple engineers.


    I read all the thread here because I also had the same problem this week during my business trip. Each hotel I went to, I had trouble with iPhone 5 WIFI but no issues with my iPad 2 running iOS5. Of course, I had no way to know if the hotels routers were running WPA2 wit AES but I supposed that Hotels like Hyatt, Meridien and Hilton must have. I presume that just like me, you backup up your iPhone 4 before upgrading to iphone5 and that you restored your iPhone 4 settings in your iPhone 5. I am not sure if this is correct or not but it is maybe not a good idea to restore networks settings that were good 2 years ago. This was my hunch. So I try resetting things and firstly, I tried Network Settings Reset. And it worked...EVERYTHING WENT BACK TO NORMAL.


    So the SOLUTION to ALL your network connectivity problems with wifi on iPhone 5 is: go to SETTINGS--> GENERAL--> RESET--> RESET NETWORK SETTINGS




    stop returning your iPhone 5 :-) it is working properly.


    have a great week!



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    Well, obviously you have not read the 119 pages.


    That has been tried.


    And failed.


    That is not a solution.


    However, what does fix the issue, is exchanging your iphone5. The third one I received worked. All three were default settings.

  • Silverstar555 Level 1 Level 1



    It really works for me and I had all the symptoms described. even the same Mac address range, same factory and same week of production.


    I bet if u restore ur iPhone 4 backup that u will have the same issue again :-) please try for the sake of everybody.



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    Nice try but I didn't have an iPhone 4 and I have the issue with WPA2 (and I did reset the network setting anyway a long time ago). It might have worked for you but it has not been a solution for many people in this thread.

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    Silverstar... I'm going to take your comment lightly, because I know you have not read this thread nor do you speak like an individual with that kind of knowledge.  Many have set their iPhones as new like I did while at store and never attempted a restore until later. Resetting.... that did not fix the issues and a senior advisor request me to reset the phone completely which never solved the problem.


    I'm thinking you probably don't even have an iPhone 5 or this problem to relate to. So I'll take your comment like a grain of salt. And if what you speak is the truth and you do train apple engineers, apple will have some serious trouble with attention to detail and listening to their customers. But I'm sure that is not the case.



  • Silverstar555 Level 1 Level 1

    Ok I stopped reading after page 25..then found the solution. I did read the other tread mentioned totally. I had iPhone 4, 5 running iOS 6, iPad 2 running iOS 5 and HP laptop running win 7 when testing.


    So I guess there are multiple problems. I am glad it worked for me and sorry u had a lemon.


    And pseudo cop , why being so vile? Grow up please. I have no reason to lie to you.



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    Dear Frank, this is not the solution for many users experiencing problems. Tried it myself, many times. The only working solution for me is turning off the security of my WIFI network (Wifi via TimeCapsule). Hardly a 'solution' is it?...

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    This actually worked for me! It went from just the dot on the wifi symbol and when my device rebooted it is now at full bars. I will try it at work as well as that is where it hurts the most, no cell signal and the entire building and garage is wifi enabled!


    oh and to add, yes I did restore from my 4S backup from the cloud

  • Joniels Level 1 Level 1

    The Network Settings Reset worked for me, I´m back with full bars on my wifi! Thanks!

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    Greetings from Russia. Have problems with my iPhone 5 with iOS 6 considering wifi.

    First - very slow downloading from the AppStore. It takes up to 15 minutes to download an app of 25 mb. My home network connection speed is 80 mbit/second by the way :) Other Internet works fine and a speed is good.

    Second - I have an AirPort Extreme router. My iPhone 5 connects to 5 ghz network on it. When the phone goes out of sleeping mode it connects to wifi. I try to launch Internet then I see spinning flower up in toolbar (no Internet), then wifi connection drops for just a bit of a second ( I see edge or 3G mark), then it connects to wifi again and the Internet works fine (but still has the AppStore problem).

    Apple, what the f....?

    Hope they will fix this in 6.0.1.

    I am very disappointed. Steve it is so sad that you're gone. Tim do not turn Apple down with such problems with top Apple products.

    Need the update of iOS. And quickly.

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    Hi all, I'm no expert and have been dealing with this wifi issue too, even got a hardware replacement that did no good. I've tried everything on here and got to the point of trying to find an upgrade from my router, which is brand new in May thus year. Then in another discussion someone mentioned to login to router and change security from Tkip + Aes to just Aes. Seemed harmless enough so I tried and it actually worked ... My wifi at home finally works.


    Don't know if it'll work for all, but wanted to share. Been struggling with this issue while dealing with newborn. Apple tech is nice enough but really crap to have customers try to fix thus when they could.

  • FrankDrebin76 Level 1 Level 1

    Thank you for your advice but I think it is no good for Apple customers to change their router settings due to the Apple problems with hardware and software. It is their obligation to fix it. I have iPhone 4, 4S and 5. 4 and 4S work fine with AirPort Extreme. Only 5 has problems I've been talking about recently.