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    Anyway I start to think that we all don't have the same prob... I see people getting glad of getting full bars of wifi when restoring settings or the complete phone.


    I always got all the signal from my router. And router has always worked great so I'm not changing any setting of it because an Apple issue.


    I only noticed this because I get poor cell signal at home, then I checked the 3g consumption and then noticed the wifi connection is not being used by the phone even being correctly connected. If I had got a great cell coverage at home, probably I would've not noticed.


    I'm quite scared because I work in a commercial centre for a carrier selling iPhones, besides other phones, and I'm quite frightened of what to say when somebody come to me to tell me wifi doesn't work properly. Apple is letting me down as a customer but as a saleswoman aswell....

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    In regards to Frank's comment..... though some may be happy with home router working I don't have that luxury.  I need to be able to connect to a WIFI open to public or secure.  Especially the secured ones. Working in law enforcement, our networks are secured and CAN'T be modified due to stipulations.


    Basically, it should be universal that all smart phones which have been this way for quite some time allow you the options to connect. I shouldn't be expected to request my administrator at work to modify our network for me.... which they won't.  I should also expect that if my iPhone 3g and 4 worked without any problems and my iPad 3 works though slow.... that I should be able to use my iPhone 5 in the same manner without having to change network settings on my router, it should just work.


    Obviously, we don't live in a perfect world, and human errors do occur. Though it is a pain, I have had no trouble having Apple exchange my iPhone 5. As I said before it's like hitting the lottery. You have to get lucky and get a good one. I've heard quite a few people state they got a working iPhone 5 after several replacements in which they could connect to a secure network without issues.


    I have not been so lucky and I'm on #3 iPhone 5. Luckily I have been able to connect to my WPA2 network with my 3rd phone though I still have some network issues, but this 3rd phone also has great reception and signals for 4G in my area compared to the others as well as much better reception for WIFI.  I don't know if the antennas were weaker or what, but I definitely saw a big improvement from the others and though it is not working perfectly like it should, I really don't want to let go of this one and end up with one of the previous ones which was horrible.


    At this point I'm stuck on either returning it in a couple days when my 30 days are up or take the chance and just wait. There is still a 3 to 4 week waiting period and my local stores still have people waiting to get one. I made the mistake to mail in my iPhone 4 to Gazelle and I can't go without a phone.  So I'm not really sure yet on what I'm going to do.  I don't know if a software update will fix the problem or if it will be a hardware issue. I know if I had my old iPhone, I would hold off and wait a little until things got ironed out, but that's not an option now.


    Still trying to decide what I'm going to do.

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    I always got all the signal from my router. And router has always worked great so I'm not changing any setting of it because an Apple issue.


    Good words, sir. I have same opinion about this. It is the Apple problem. And it is Apple duty to fix this. Otherwise they'll lose a lot of customers. Probably including me.

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    Just to be clear: the reset network settings is in the phone settings, not the router.


    I wish this would work for others like it worked for me.



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    Same issue with me. Full WLAN Signal - Zero Data. Fianlly I found a solution:

    Send back your Iphone to Apple and buy a Galaxy S3 - Wifi works great

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    I got tired of messing around. My samsung iii is arriving tomorrow, my iPhone is going out on eBay for some kiddo that wants to get tecky to make it work

    Bye bye apple.

    You made it!!!mis not easy to take an apple fan to android

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    I got my iphone 5 exactly last wednesday, and have been have wi-fi issues. My wi-fi is fast and works fine on my laptop and my ipod 4, as well as my mom's iphone 4s. But on my Iphone 5, i get really good wi-fi for about 1-2 minutes and then it stops working, but says it is still connected to the wi-fi, but won't connect to it at all... I have restored to factory settings, and reset the network setting and it still happens... Should I return it and get a new one?? Or is there an easy fix. Thanks.

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    Most Android manufacturers like Samsung have NO policy of keeping their devices up to date with the latest versions of Google's Android operating system --those OEMs decide if, when and which of their prior handsets to upgrade. If it's too cheap or caters mainly to affluent people who can afford to go buy a newer one, they might not upgrade their software for your prior purchase ever, or at least not in a timely manner.  On the other hand, Apple seems to support ALL of their prior iPhone devices being upgraded for free to either iOS 4.2, or if they came out after 4.2, up to iOS 6.0 --and since iOS 5, you don't even have to dock your phone to a computer (or go to a genius bar), you can simply tap a button and it will install the latest update...


    Hey, lastly, before you sign for your Samsung delivery, you may want to google for ANDROID MALWARE WARNING (and look at the hits from the past 24 hours).  While you're at it, google for APPLE INJUNCTION S3 and note that Samsung could opt to just drop it like it's hot and ship a newer model that doesn't infringe leaving their prior consumers with a discontinued and unsupported product.


    BTW, my second replacement iP5 has the WiFi/WPA2 issue too (though none of the other issues my first did) and I now believe this remaining issue is related to a chipset/firmware incompatibility that manifests during interference while talking to certain other chipset/firmwares used in some WiFi routers (including older Apple models).  Apple should be able to improve that situation with a software update (it's excruciatingly difficult code, by the way) and/or by putting out a list of optimal WiFi routers --but-- if Apple needs to do a formal recall/replacement of iP5 or any product, know that they're down to their last $155 billion (with a b) and they don't really look at you (or you or you) like a "one-off sale" to burn through until their next model,  They even have these cool things called "retail stores" all over the world where you can go hold them accountable and get help to maintain customer loyalty and satisfaction, all gratis --the people there are not even on commission.  Still, it's a very irritating problem while Apple engineers sort through the data they have coming in from these first few millions of units shipped out of their contractor's factories in China.

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    Hello everyone,


    My iPhone 5 already shipped with the 13.1 carrier update. Since day one I had been getting my wifi usage added on my data usage. Every time I downloaded something from iTunes match or watched a YouTube video, this issue would occur. Since the first iPhone in 2007, the wifi turns off when put in sleep mode, which is save power I assume. Now in iOS 6 here is what I have noticed:


    I started downloading my iTunes Library onto my new phone (2000+ songs) via iCloud at around 10pm and a sudden 1,5GB data charge was added around 3am. The next thing I did was watch a National Geographic Documentary on the YouTube app at around 12am. The documentary is about 45min-1hr long. Again data was charged (this time 500mb). The next day which happened to be the first of my reset billing cycle I had already gotten the text from verizon claiming that I had exceeded my 2GB monthly usage. However on the Verizon website it said that I had only used about 1,5GB.


    After doing A LOT of research, I found out that Verizon did admit to a bug in their notification system that was responsible for notifying the user about exceeding their data limit, when they really had not. I have had this bug occur to me back a few months ago when I was on my iPhone 4 running iOS 5. But that still does not explain why it is being charged as data in the first place. Now 1 month later, the billing cycle has just reset again and I was dedicated to figure out what exactly had been going on. Last night I was on YouTube watching another documentary on wifi. About 20 minutes in, I exited the fullscreen and went to check the data usage, and sure enough it was using LTE and had used about 116mb of cellular data.


    So my conclusion is:

    Even though the wifi should only turn off when the screen is locked and turned off, in iOS 6, it also deactivates after a certain time of inactivity. That gives explanation to both scenarios:


    1. Leaving the phone locked, downloading songs all night.

    2. Leaving the phone "inactive", although I am using this term very loosly as you are still utilizing the YouTube app.


    So my guess is that the problem lies with iOS 6 itself, not Verizon and not the YouTube app. My advice is to turn off Cellular data whenever you are connected to wifi (at your house, work or public place) and turn it on only when you are on the go.


    Please try this yourself. Watch a good ol' National Geographic Documentary and about 20-30min in exit the fullscreen mode and also check your data usage. Was it on LTE? Did it charge you data?

    *Note that it may take some time to show up in the Cellular Usage under Settings -> General -> Usage -> Cellular Usage.



    Congrats if you made it through all of this text.





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    So I got a warning on using 65% of my plan this morning.  Is there a way (besides the ATT app or online) to see exactly when you have been using celluar data over the past few days?  I have the DataMan app, but that is just a summary like ATT.


    So, I turned off my cellular data here at work, and wifi and internet working but I suspect yesterday it was using LTE the whole time....argg!

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    Ok, well scratch that!  Even with cellular OFF, and wifi is USING LTE!  Massive bug!  Just checked usuage and it was zero before work and 50MB now checking emails. 

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    I don't know if this matter but I did the reset network settings when I was in airplane mode, and it solved the problem. The iPhone restarted and all issues were gone.



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    I was willing to test your theory (I've tested them ALL) on my 3rd replacement iPhone 5 due to my inability to connect to wifi.


    I reset in Airplane mode.  Didn't work.

    I reset in LTE mode.  Didn't work.

    I reset with cellular data off.  Didn't work.

    I reset with both wifi and cellular data on.  Didn't work.


    Worth a shot!  Thanks for the suggestion.  I am still waiting to hear back something - anything - from the engineers as promised but so far....not a darn thing.


    *eyes Samsung GS3*

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    I just heard back from a very friendly senior advisor (not the one that was supposed to contact me) and he gathered a ton of information off my phone (same as the other one did over a week ago) including my 2 most actively used routers (home and work).... (*sigh*)  He acknowledged that this is a "somewhat known" issue but didn't go any farther than that.  Unfortunately he never once admitted that this is in any way Apple's fault or issue.  I told him that our 3, 4 and 4s iPhones connect to both routers with absolutely NO problems but it didn't seem to change his mind.  He told me that he will send all of the information to the engineers and they might work with (in my case) Motorola and Netgear to see what can be done (if anything).  That disappointed me.  While I'm still somewhat willing to see where this goes, I am sad that they still didn't say "hey, this is widely known and Apple is actively working on solving it."  That would've made me happier. 


    Meanwhile, my phone cannot connect to wifi and my data plan continues to skyrocket.  I think if nothing is resolved by the end of this month, I am just going to get my money back and buy a droid.

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    My iPhone 4s was a great phone with 5.1.1 until I up?graded to ios6 and wifi and battery life died.

    Also iphone5 seems to have many troubles.

    S3 isn't any prettier than iPhone 4s but at least works!!

    It arrives tomorrow, I will se what apple says about my 4s in soho applestore, they deny the problem in apple Brasil.