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  • Peta22 Level 1 (0 points)

    cosmic81... I'm not sure what you mean by 'chip'? Could you expand on that?

  • cosmic81 Level 1 (0 points)

    Sure, go to the phone's info page under Settings and see what the first 4 #'s are for your WIFI address. That would help identify the chipset manufacturer over


    I would just be curious what chipset you run now compared to the previous one that gave you the issues.

  • Peta22 Level 1 (0 points)

    OK... the first 4 #'s of the WiFi address are 68:96... I don't know what the old phone's were though - it's gone and I'm not complaining!!

  • cosmic81 Level 1 (0 points)

    for sure nothing to complain, never change what works...interesting, that's the chipset that did not work on my old one. Only thing that I know of my newer working one, is a 3 weeks later my guess is something wrong in one batch or a batch within the chipset line used. Won't know for sure probably and don't really care anymore. Hoping everybody else will get their troubles sorted, with replacement or IOS upgrade, fingers crossed.

  • Peta22 Level 1 (0 points)

    Actually this is part of whats concerning me... if the was a manufacturing fault in the 'batch' mine was in, whats the likelihood of my husbands phone (bought together but his is still in the box waiting for im to come home...) having the same problem? ... very concerning considering how much trouble its been to get mine replaced!!

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    definitely understand, hard to put any meaningful speculation out. You could check / compare production dates and factories for the serials perhaps -


    But still I don't think it would prove anything - can't you start testing your husband's phone now already?


    With all your experience he should be happy to hand it over to your hands

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    Hahaha - Thanks but I'm still nervous as **** about it! He's not know for his patience and I really don't want temper tantrums right before we're about to leave for our O/S holiday!! Ofcourse this is where we have time pressures... the phones were bought specifically to take away with us!


    Unfortunately, I can't do anything with his phone until he's back as I need to have his phone number reallocated to the new phone which would leave his current phone useless - and he's thousands of kilometres away!! That wouldn't go down well!!

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    hehe, for sure then not a time to get bored will be an exciting wait for him to return to hand over his SIM...

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    Ok! this worked for me, you choose your network by pressing the blue arrow, then i pressed "forget this network".

    Then press your network again and write your code.! Done

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    That's great Peta:-)


    It seems I spoke too soon.. :-( my phone is showing that's its connected to the college Internet but no data - I can't use the Internet.. Other people here are able to use wifi without issues, like I was able to do this morning.. At a loss as to why it's suddenly stopped working..


    Any suggestions anyone?




    RTA 33

  • Sease Level 1 (5 points) eeks-ios-6-1-to-come-after-holidays/


    Apple has to fix this, there are no obvious fixes for the slow wifi and other issues.  they just missed a few bugs when they launched.  Sounds like we may get a iOS update here soon!  Cheers.

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    Wooo for first world problems!!!!


    But this is still seriously annoying. Both my 3G and wifi are having problmes. Wifi is barely working and 3G isn't at all. Come on apple! Give me my £600 worth!

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    Just got off the phone with Apple for the first time on this issue.  I got my iPhone 5 on Sept. 21st and have had major issues with connecting to WPA2 WIFI networks since.  I've been following this thread for about 3 weeks. I asked to get a supervisor after I got an Appointment to get a replacement and informed him of this thread and the 100's of posts.  First he said they had a resolution for this switch from WPA2 to TKIP and that will slove the problem.  That is pretty frustrating as many here have posted that work networks will not just be changed cause apple has a bug. He looked this thread said that Apple has not released an offical statment on why this is occuring but from the number of posts he is convienced there is an issue.  He told me they were working to fix it and hopefully would be in an iOS 6 update. 


    By the way Apple is sorry for any inconvience, they guarentee it will be solved at some point.

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    I just received my iPhone 5 and have been having issues as well.  Could not do a restore from iCloud to transfer data from my previous phone because of the wifi issue.  Switched to iTunes, but because I had been backing up to iCloud, apps were all jumbled up and took a lot of time to straighten out.  I will wait for iOS 6.01, but if it does not fix the problem, the phone is going back.  Can't have the office change their encryption method just because of my phone.

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    i am also having the same shows connected but no upload data or no dl data.every other devices just works fine,even ipods :S cant connect with home router!they sold us we appreciated that!bot now what!no reply??what is that?just a ********!