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    I went to the apple store twice, the second time they replaced my phone (black 32 GB) and I'm still having the same problem.
    Guess that replacing the phone may work for some but not for others.

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    I, like many, have been patiently waiting for iOS 6.01 to fix this issue. Can't really explain why some have had luck exchanging their phones and some haven't.


    It's hard for me to believe that so many phones could have been manufactured with hardware defects. I'm hoping that its something as simple as a bug related to different wifi chipsets, although this in itself is somewhat unsettling. It seems like a bad idea to manufacture a specific model with potentially different internals, unless supply issues made it unavoidable.


    I refuse to turn the wireless security off in my primary home network to use this phone. I have, however, been using the "Guest Network" feature of my Airport Extreme, but that prohibits use of any apps that talk to any other devices on my network (remote control for anything).


    I will be disappointed if the point release does not correct this problem. In my opinion, the iPhone 5 has already been the most problematic iphone released by Apple so far. Apple's non-existent response and clueless support on the issue to date has added to the frustration.


    In the end, its a phone. These problems are not the end of the world by any means. Unfortunately though, it will be hard to get too excited about any phones that follow this one, and I certainly won't be standing in any long lines to pick one up on the day of release ever again.

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    I've had my iphone 5 for over 2 weeks and the Wi-fi would not connect to router unless 2 or 3 ft from the router itself.  Also, the bluetooth on both of our toyotas was garbled and would disconnect constantly. Today I went to the Apple Store  and when the wi-fi acted up at the store like at home the genius guy ran a diagnostic test and decided I needed a new phone and so I agreed and the new phone works perfectly. The bluetooth is perfect and the wi-fi is working great. So the problem is the hardware ....he told me the phone was defective.

    So try the Apple store where they can do a diagnostic check.

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    I will be receiving my 4th iPhone 5 after talking with Apple.  It turns out that the 2 replacement phones have been reconditioned iphones!  How is that possible!  I took in a new iphone 5 and got a reconditioned phone!!!!!!  Something's wrong there.  The replacement will be a new phone.  How can we be sure that a phone is new and not a reconditioned unit.


    I'll let you know if the new phone makes a difference. All have had very slow downloads on wifi with the occasional good speed to make it all the more puzzling.


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    Unfortunately a large number of people did exactly as you did, including myself (3 times!).  None of the replacement phones, including the one I am stuck with now, connects to wifi.  I am just sitting and waiting for the update to come.  My case was elevated to the engineers and they said that is all I can do.  I willl never buy another Apple product after this.

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    Didn't work for me. Took it in and diagnostic test showed nothing. In fact on their super fast network Wi-Fi worked fine. It's just everywhere else in the world that it doesn't seem to work properly.

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    Same issue here. Only thing that fixes wifi for me is to restart phone. It will work just fine for a bit and then it seemingly jams up and won't pull any data. I shouldn't really be surprised though seeing as how Apple has had wifi issues on every single device since iphone 1. But definitely toss Forstall and not your wifi team right. How about you get rid of both, because this isn't made up. You can search back and see that this is correct, yet other device makers don't have this many or the same issues....ON EVERY DEVICE.....HELLOOOOOO, wake up Apple engineers, you get my vote for the next ones that should be shown the door.

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    I was able to restore my i5 from the cloud and that is the last time my i5 was able to use my N Router for anything, including txt messages.  I will be talking to AT&T on Saturday to see if I can get them to give me my money back and then go back to my 3GS which worked very well...thank you very much.  I have been an avid Apple fan, but this is the poorest device I have had short of a Trio with Windows.  I have to back up to my MacBook rather than the cloud.  My iPad  1 syncs up just fine with the cloud over the same router...maybe it is an iOS 6 issue as it will not support my iPad 1.

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    Just letting you know, i had the same problems with the wifi. It was SUPER slow. About a week ago i reseted my network settings on my 32gb iphone 5 and since then it has been WORKING fine! However for the first 4 days it wouldn't remember the wifi password and i would have to re-enter it 100x... now it has finally remembered it...


    (I live in Australia btw).

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    I tried resetting...same problem...It looks like even though it finds the router it is still searching as if it does not recognize that it has a connection.

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    This is a known issue. The Apple stores have allocated iPhone units for exchanges. However, I believe these are refurbished units. Moreover, after spending time at VZW store and two different Apple Stores I believe this is a hardware problem. I was going to be given a unit that would be "new" unit and my current unit would be repaired. When I required about holding out for a patch. I was again told that my unit would have to be returned for repair and I would have to be given a different device. This was echoed in my two phone conversations with Apple support.  My iPhone connected to the wireless network at VZW without a problem. In my opinion, this problem won't be acknowledged, because it only affects those customers that are using specific wireless settings. I wish there was a way to accurately poll affected users for wireless settings.

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    Yesterday's news and off topic.  Please wifi issues.

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    Ok. Thought I would throw out another datapoint. Using both my daughter's 32GB iPhone 5 and my 64GB iPhone 5, we both are limited, mysteriously to 0.70Mbps upstream. Using my roomate's Galaxy S4, however I get between 1.5Mbps and 1.6Mbps. Definitely sounds like a bad radio or a badly managed one. Oh, and the downstream speeds remain at a healthy 6Mbps to 8Mbps on both.


    Also, although my 64GB iPhone 5 suffers from severe signal degradation as I move only about 10ft away while on wireless G at 2.5GHz, my daughter's 32GB iPhone 5 frequently stops transmitting or receiving data about 5 minutes after the network settings are reset. Very frustrating as this means she frequently has to use LTE and use our plan data when she could be using wifi.


    Verizon is sending new iPhone 5s to replace both of our phones. I pray that they work.


    Still no word from Apple? OMG!

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    What is "interesting" is that just about everyone reporting it says it started about the time that iPhone 5 and iOS 6 came out.