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    Just got off the phone with a senior cust service advisor.  he said they dont know if its a hardware or software problem at this time.  At least he didnt act like I was the only person with this problem.  he also sounded like he just spoke with about 4000 other people about the same thing.  he was polite and chose his words carefully.  I was polite as well.  He said it was a gamble returning it for another one.  He said some people got good ones while others not.  Im going to try to return mine once since I already have the return box.  They said it would be shipped within 7 days.  I suppose I have nothing to lose.  I need wifi so having this phone is a waste right now.  If that doesnt work, we all have to just hold out for the fix.  this is my very first iPhone... man, how unexcited Ive become.

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    Same problem here with my iPHONE 5 after upgrade to 6.01 !


    Comming home iPHONE loggs into the WiFi network ( Apple Airport Extreme ) but the connections stopps after a couple of seconds. After Reboot it works. Same story if I arrive at the office.

    This is more than disappointing for me. I will call Apple Support tomorrow.

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    I felt like I had to say something to you....I know you are unexcited, and I share that sentiment.  I am picking up my 4th replacement phone tomorrow.  But what keeps me wanting to stick with my iPhone is my PAST experience with it.  It is worth it.  Once they work for everyone and they do what they are capable of doing, they are awesome phones. 


    Try not to get too disappointed.  Apple will make it right.  They are trying very hard to make it right for me when MANY people would've given up by now.


    Hang in there!

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    I have the same issue with my iPhone 4s... it's not just an issue with iPhone 5's.


    The funny thing is that I have an iPad 2, 3rd gen. iPod Touch, and an AppleTV 2 all on the same wireless network... no issue with those devices!


    Also, the wifi network I connect my iPhone to at work stays connected. It only happens at home... even when I'm only 2 feet from the router.


    I did notice that for my iPhone 4s, this issue was non-existant when I had iOS5. The trouble began as soon as I upgraded to iOS6 (and subsequently iOS6.0.1).

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    This is a shocker....there won't be a software fix for this as it looks like the chipset is inferior to older 4 and 3Gs see the router when the 5 cannot....that's an antenna issue.

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    Got my third replacement Iphone 5 today. (came with IOS 6.0)


    When i got home, wifi was slow and didn't stay connected as before. I upgraded it to IOS 6.0.1 and everything works pretty much flawlessly right now (knock on wood).


    Can't tell at all if this was a hardware or firmware issue. Download speeds are what they are supposed to be (10mbps) , airplay works way better that with previous phones and connection is not droping after putting phone to sleep.



    Wish you guys best of luck.

  • paulfromwinchester Level 1 (5 points)

    Hassle and stress waiting for couriers or multiple trips to Apple Store...better to sell on EBay and go back to my IPhone 4...this stinks for Apple.

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    This is the same issue I'm having.  It's incredibly frustrating.  I'm on an iPhone 5 and I upgraded to iOS 6.0.1.  At least on iOS 6.0 it would work eventually, now it just works for a moment then stops working.  Please fix soon.

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    I'm a lifetime IT guy and this one has taken me all night to resolve.  Part  of the problem is when a company makes products that historically have just worked (mostly) we get higher expectations and the old tried and true process of resolving issues is totally thrown out the window...  Doesn't help that they don't talk to us but anyway...


    iPhone 5 - worked great till yesterday when I got the pop about an update.  Tried to update from my phone over my wifi and it killed wifi completely.  Had some moments of limited connectivity but all in all - totally unusable.  Did the update using iTunes - still jacked.  Did a restore and nothing.


    Today my iPad mini showed and I was all jazzed up to use it.  No wifi.  My laptop has always worked fine along with my AppleTV and ROKU.


    Tried all kinds of "fixes" posted and not.  2.4 and 5g, wpa switched to wep, then turned off security all together.  5 and mini would show connected to wifi but would not talk to the internet.  Tried a bunch of different setting in my router to no avail.  Tried static addressing and alternate DNS - nothing.  Tried connecting directly to IP addresses to bypass DNS altogether - crickets.  Was getting ****** and preparing for the call to support on monday to exchange both devices and hope for a better chipset or at least a rollback to 6.0...


    Took a break and kicked the dog (kidding - i don't have a dog).  Had a glass of wine.  Started from the beginning.  Factory reset everything to new - devices and router.  Checked router firmware versions - updated to the latest as I was behind.  Kept everything basic - no security enabled - no fancy settings.


    BAM - works on both devices.


    All this comes down to (I believe) is check your firmware/software/hardware and make sure your running the latest of everything.


    FYI - mine is a DLINK DIR-825.  Happy to report that apple is only part of the problem because I really didn't want to switch to samsung.



  • David Pearson Level 2 (220 points)

    iPad Mini struggling too...


    Well here is an unwelcome update :(

    iPhone 5 still can't hold WPA2 signal, 6.01 a little improvement, but picked up iAd mini on Friday and bugger me its the same.. Ffs apple what's going on?.


    Dropped my network back to WEP and so far both stayed on net for an hour. Desktop gets 23mbps and both iPhone 5 and iPad mini dribble in at 3mbps, utter pooh...


    Anyone else got a mini as well and can confirm?


    Jst for completeness rest of kit in house

    iPhone 4 - 12mbs

    iPhone 3G - 16 Mbps

    2xMBP - 15 & 21 Mbps

    Mac Pro 24mbps

    iPad 3 Retina per very latest - 18mbps

    iPad 1 - 16mbps


    Running a bthomehub3

    Now fixed on Chanel 10 and WEP only

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    Bought an iphone 5,64GB 05 Oct,have a D-link 524. Even after upgrading to IOS 6.0.1 still no connection,unless I stay 2 meters in from of the router. Have tried everything on the router, upgrading firmware,changed packet size,setting up router against apple recommendations,downgraded from wpa2 to wep,even running non-encrypted network,restarted etc. On the iphone 5, I've tried reset network settings,upgraded to ios 6.0.1,changed name to myname,reset to default settings,reloaded as new iphone a couple of times and stil doesn't work.

    I've a macbook pro,2 iphone 3gs, 1 iphone 4, 1 iphone 5 32 GB (iphone 5 which came with the same shipment) and an apple tv, that connect perfect, exepct this iphone 5,64gb.

    I called the apple care and they tried to get me through all the knowledge base articles and i mentioned that was exactly what I've tried, got redirected to the sales team as I'm still under the 14 days return policy and requested a new one. Hope that one works, but as I can see from all the posts, some of you are on #3 and #4. Will probably return the new one, if that doesn't work and rely on my old iphone 4, which works perfectly. Bit dissapointed as this issue/flaws was exactly why i shifted from Nokia/Ericsson to Apple for 5-6 years ago. I've talked positivly to all my friends about apple and they've also bought iphones (mouth to mouth), but surely if this issue is not solved, it will definitly change my view on the whole Apple lifecycle and will unfortunately impact my future buying of Apple products.

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    Update: 24 hours after applying iOS 6.0.1, my iphone 5 is still connecting to wifi (with WPA2 AES encryption) very well.


    (Previously, it will only connect and show 1-2 pages, after which it starts hanging)


    No dropped connections, no paused loading pages, Apple Store works perfectly.


    This update ROCKS.

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    Well it's been 3 days since updating to 6.0.1 and the wifi issues are back. I'm now running WAP 802.11g with good wifi again. Also noticed a YouTube video still drops wifi around 10 seconds even with 6.0.1 update. Also my battery is draining faster since 6.0.1 update.

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    I'm having the same problem too. Using wifi has been very difficult for some time so I've been using my networks 3G. Until today and now that doesn't seem to want to work either. So I've just managed to connect to my router as a hotspot (I have BT) and that seems to be working ok now. Not sure how long that will last though.