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    Actually that is incorrect. On Both parts.mikieos..

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    Being that my husbnand has done coding and software development for years with IBM,has developed applications for many devices, being that I do tech support for a living, and being that WiFi is NOT considered a consistant signal depending on your location, the number of devices trying to access the software server at any given time and what the user is doing with the device while it is tryng to pull a large software update that will not only rewrite code on existing applications as well as import code for new applications, it is VERY possible that if the signal strength waivers then, JUST like a phone call cutting in and out the software will do the same, and while the update will comeplete, some of the conversation is still missing causing a variety of issues.

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    Has my iPhone5 for 3 days.  Had to Rest All Settings and Reset Network before I could get Wifi to work.  But although it can see my wifi network, everytime I leave home and return it won't access wifi without re-inputting the password.  I have iPhone4, iPad and Ipad1 which all access ok at all times.  This is really frustrating.  Any suggestions?


    I also had prpblems with accessing bluetooth in the car and the only was that was fixed was to delete other devices, then the iPhone5 connected.

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    The idea that you're trying to peddle that an OTA update will install even if it's missing chunks of code is laughable. Ask your husband what an MD5 check is. This will be part of the verifying update stage of the OTA process, namely if there is code missing, the phone won't proceed with the install.

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    Brilliant! Solved my issue after 2 days of trying.Thanks.

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    To each his own opinion..I stand by my statement.

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    I have found a fix for my wifi issues. The problem I was having was I could connect to my home wifi perfectly but as soon as I left the wifi network and joined another one I could not get back onto my wifi when I got home. A quick solution was to reset the network settings, it worked but it was annoying as I'm out and about a lot. I had backed up my iphone 5 from ICloud since I had the phone but decided two days ago to do a restore from my laptop. This has completely fixed my issues. I wonder if there was a bug developed while restoring from iCloud that is not present while restoring from a computer. I know this wont help everyone but if you have not tried it then I'd recommend giving it a shot. Happy trails iphone family.

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    Wonderful except it's not your opinion that matters because the fact is that they check the md5 hash before installing so you should learn how this thing works before you post something that can confuse people.

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    Okay I tried almost everything I have read online but still no luck, if I am more three feet from wifi router I lose the signal.  I have no problem with my family's 2 iPhone 4S and IPad 3 all of which have iOS 6.01, with them I can go anywhere in the house and see routers down the street.   My iPhone 5 can't pick up signal sometime in the same room and if it does it will drop without moving in minutes.   Has apple posted anything on this problem do they even read these forums?   If this keeps up the Galaxy S3 will be selling more.   Please fix until this been very happy with apple but iPhones are not cheap and should work.   I shouldn't have to get on 4g while at home or borrow a family member device when I have the "best apple product".

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    Did nothing

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    JT, you are absolutley right. It's not an opinion, when she's disseminating mis-information. tkhun, It's only an opinion until you've been proven wrong. And, you, my dear, have been proven wrong. I was going to refrain from responding to your comment to avoid detracting from the wifi issue at hand. But, it would be absoultely irresponsible for me if I did, so I'm chiming in. MD5 and other checksum algorithms are used in OTA updates, OS update, firmware updates, etc. And you had better believe that both Apple and Verizon employee checksums in their upgrade routines. Your statement was completely rash and incorrect; all it stands to do is confuse people, just as JT pointed out. EBBOM! Live by it!

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    I bought an iPhone 5 yesterday, took info off of 3GS and all was good new info on 5 then I tried to do upgrade to the IOS 6.0.1 bam recovery mode. Spent 3-1/2 hours on the phone with a sr tech could not get it out of recovery mode.  I had to return the phone(Thank God for Walmart because even Apple wouldn't just replace) so new phone in hand. I downloaded from cloud all pics and contacts etc are there. No updating to IOS 6.01 but yes it shows my home network but says It is unable to join? As a person who started buying Apple products because of the ease of it I am really having doubts. I am in no way a tec person. So I can read people's suggestions but have not a clue on how to implement them. I need a step by step as many of us do. How do I get into my router and take it from a wpa2 to just as you all say downgrade. Lost !!! This is a very sad day if no fix in the next few days then I will have to become an android user!!

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    I got my Iphone 5 last night and was very disappointed! Apple is this what you want your costumers to return to you?


    My wifi doesn't work in the house where my itouch works perfectly.  At work it can't even detect wifi signals around.


    I should be enjoying the new Iphone 5 instead of trying to fix base from the advice here, but it doesn't work for my phone at all.


    Apple please solve the problem before even selling it and involve people with your crap.

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    Same issues here. Tried everything I could find by using Google.


    I'm using a very young Airport Extreme router, V5.

    Even connecting to this device goes wrong, while my wife uses my old iPhone 4 without any problems.


    Right now everything is stable. I manually changed my DNS settings (iPV6 also) to Google's servers.


    I hope this helps others too.

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    iOS 6.0.1 update fixed my iPhone 5 2.4 GHZ band 802.11n WiFi problem.


    FYI,an update to my two previous posts on the slow or nonfunctional WiFi I had with my new iPhone 5 on the 2.4 GHZ band of my 450 + 450 dual band linksys router, but normal on the 5 GHZ band, on the latest Apple Airport Extreme and Airport Express, and 2.4 GHZ of an old 802.11G linksys router, the iOS 6.0.1 update corrected the issue on the 2.4 GHZ (3 x 3; 450) band  of the new Linksys. Now WiFi works well on all of the above. I haven't tried it anywhere else.