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    I would be happy to!!!  When I go home for lunch today I will grab his extension number and my case number and send it to you.  Do you have a private email?

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    <Email Edited By Host>

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    Perfect - thanks!

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    I sent you the information via email.  Did you get it?

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    as mentioned previously, I got mine replaced with a new Iphone 5 - works perfectly with Wifi, but unfortunately my new Iphone 5 has problems with "Imessage waiting for activation.." and facetime, so going from one problem to another, but I would guess my wifi problems were related to the hardware itself.


    Apple do it better pls

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    This actually got me connected to my wi-fi.  Super slow speeds still but it's the only solution that has worked for me.

    I have an iphone5, my iphone 3gs has no issues. both on iOS6.0

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    well, I've same issues on an iPhone 5 which was restored from my iPhone 4 Data and a brand new iPhone 4S, which was set up as new phone (company phone). I hoped it would be fixed with 6.0.1 BUT: it's getting worse!

    the iPhone 5 is able to get some traffic after rebooting the phone and reconnect to the WiFi channel. But if I leave the WiFi area and come back to it later with the phone, it will connect but not sending any Data.


    More worse behaviour with iPhone 4S ! This won't even transfer any date after reboot. [EDIT] This issue was not present BEFORE iOS 6.0 !!

    As I had iOS 5.x on it it worked fine without any trouble regarding WiFi! [/EDIT]

    I'll go crazy if Apple won't fix this driver issue soon!


    it's almost impossible to download any app updates via appstore by WiFi. So I'm constrained to connect the phone to the mother iTunes System and update it there.. I hope this will be fixed very soon. I need the WiFi ability for my work. Because My Cell Service provider won't give me enough free fast traffic on 3G/LTE...


    so please fix it soon!

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    My provider's service guy just left. He brought a brand new iPhone 5, but it had the same WiFi problems. Beside that I upgrade my old iPhone 3Gs to iOS 6.0.1. It has the exact same problems now. When iPhone 5 doesn't connect, the 3Gs doesn't connect too. When iPhone 5 does connect, so do 3Gs and the new iPhone 5 the service guy brought.


    On another wireless router I experience the same problem. When connected speeds are ok, but when I've been from home sometimes the iPhone 5 forgets the network and I can't connect until I reset my accesspoint. Same at work.


    Because my iPhone 3Gs having the same issues, I'm still hoping this is a iOS6 related issue.

    I remember my former iPhone 4 (which I sold) having connection issues too, but not as bad as now.


    Waiting for Apple to respond officially, or coming up with a fix. If that doesn't work I'll get a new iPhone 5.

    Hoping the newer iPhones are fixed by then.

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    I am traveling with my iPhone 5 and having problems with my WiFi all the time, but few minutes ago I think I found a way to make it works. This is not a hardware issue for problem was that the phone after sometime trying could find the network but was unable to connect was not even asking for the password. So after many times trying, I just click FORGET NETWORK and then tried again..and it worked !!! At least I could type the password and it is working fine now. Regarding speed, mine is Ok..but I will pay more attention in all the apps after I read some messages here..Hope it helps .

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    Add me to the list... I've got an iPhone 5 6.0.1 that is on wi-fi successfully then all of a sudden, and without even alerting me, the wi-fi data stops working. The phone stays on wi-fi and doesn't switch to cell. It happens when I'm within 10 feet of the airport extreme and usually happens after a few hours. During this time I don't receive any alerts. I usually just leave it on cell now, which I'm glad I have an unlimited data plan.


    I'd like to get this resolved but I'm willing to wait for the next update.


    Another iPhone 5 on the network works fine.

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    Same issue as everyone else....iPhone 5 can't hold a WiFi signal for more than 5 seconds.  iPhone4, iPad3 and iPad2 all have no problems......come one, Apple......we're waiting.

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    That won't work because the iPhone doesn't always give you the choice to forget a network. But even when it does it does **** all !!!


    This is my 2nd iPhone 5, if they can sort this in the next couple of weeks I'm moving to SAMSUNG.

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    Explain this one:  I just set the proxy to auto, then turned off wifi and back on, reconnected.  Then compared using chrome versus safari and chrome is blowing safari out of the water.  I'll now research for a hack to lift Apple's lockout of making Safari the default browser (this practice got Microsoft in big trouble with the EU around ten years ago). 


    Congratulations, Apple.  You are officially the new Microsoft.  Google, you are the new Apple.

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    well after intense testing and result recording it seems to be as follows:


    The WiFi driver within iOS 6.0.x allows the NIC to go into kind of sleep mode. This seems to happen after 2-3 hrs after FIRST usage of the network. But the driver obviously does not have the ability to wake the NIC up out of the sleep mode. So it keep staying in this mode and only give you really small bandwith. (in my case 1Mbit/s max.. mostly about 10-25 kbit/s)


    this have to be fixed ASAP!

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    Me too.....White iPhone5 32gb experienced little to NO wifi connection at home on WPA2, 2 black iphone 5's, ipad & macbook work fine....Installed 6.0.1, no improvement on the white one. Apple store swapped out today for new........same problem, but black (side by side) worked fine. I then realized the white one was in a case, i thought it couldnt hurt since i tried everything else...............REMOVING THE CASE FIXED THE PROBLEM!!!! ????