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    I've tried everything suggested here and on the MacRumours forum including messing with my router, contacted my ISP & spending a few dozen hours screwing around wasting my time with settings in the past 3 weeks.  I've now been through two iPhone 5's, exchanged again at the Apple Store for the 3rd one last Thursday and the Genius & I did some WiFi speed tests on my 2nd phone and then the 3rd phone (he d/l the Speedtest" app on the new phone after a quick setup).  We went back & forth one at a time and did several tests, both upload & download speeds were better on the 3rd iPhone in the Apple Store - d/l speeds were a little better (+1 - 2 Mpbs) & upload speeds were markedly better.  I asked the question & he said they've had other people come in with WiFi problems.  So I decided to swap it out again and out I went.  As soon as I got home I noticed that under Settings/WiFi a list populates under "Choose a Network" (my neighbours, I live in a highrise), just like my old 3GS used to do, with the last two iPhones I only saw my own network there, nothing else listed, so I thought I was off to a good start but I wanted to give it some time to see if the WiFi starts to weaken.  It's now Tuesday morning and I'm still getting the same speeds, just as good as when I brought the 3rd unit home on Thursday and pretty much the same WiFi speeds that I got on my 3GS so I'm not getting the "Ultrafast Wireless" that Apple advertises & promises with the iPhone 5 but it's a lot better than the last two units I had, and no dropouts in five days either.  At home I'm getting about 7-9 Mbps and .60 - .80 Mbps upload

    I'm using a 2701HG-G 2Wire modem, I'm with a good DSL provider (Bell Sympatico in Toronto) with a 12 Mbps d/l & 1 Mbps upload plan.  I trust that Apple will soon acknowledge this problem and provide a fix, i.e. 6.0.2, if not Apple will never see a dime of my business again after all of this. 

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    My wife and I recently upgraded our iPhones (a 4 and a 3GS) to iPhone 5s and the wifi is unusually slow. I've followed the steps on resetting the iPhones and that helps for a while but the wifi speed always drops back to a fraction of what is achievable on my old iPhone 4.


    I've also read that resetting and reconfiguring routers will fix the probelm but iPhone 5 owners cannot go around telling the IT staff who manage every router we access that they have to reset and reconfigure their hardware everytime one of us wants to use the router when that router works with every other phone including old iPhones.


    This ball is clearly in Apples court.

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    Louis, this really helped me!


    I changed my iPhone 5 from the WPA side of my home network (2.4ghz) to the WPA2 (5ghz) encryption and it seems to work fabulously!  Thanks.

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    When I got home from work yesterday my home WiFi still appeared to be working fine.  However, on arriving in work today I'm getting the same cripplingly slow speeds here instead.  For some reason it's flipped which is the working location!  No changes have been made to any AP settings in the meantime.


    I won't reboot my phone today, to see if it continues the pattern of being fine when I return to the previously working network (which is now at home).  If it does, and it's still bad in work tomorrow I'll reboot to see if the usual temporary work-around applies.

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    I have a Sprint iPhone5 running IOS 6.0.1.  I experienced problem with my home WIFI (it would not stay connected to wifi) for a week since I bought my phone.  I went to local Apple store (in St. Louis) for suggestions. They told me that my IOS was up-to-date, and my phone tested out fine.  They suggested that I get my router firmware updated. My Cable Internet service provider (Charter Communication) told me that my router (Ubee DDW3116) firmware was up-to-date. So I was left with no solutions from Apple and Charter.


    When I went to Sprint company store in Denver with my son two days ago to activate his new iPhone5.  I asked them if they knew about the issue of iPhone5 not staying connected with wifi.  They told me to set "Enable LTE" under "Cellular" to "Off" (because LTE is not available in most Sprint areas).  I did that and my wifi connction at my son's house has NOT been lost yet (for two days). Hopefully, this setting is the solution to my problem.


    By the way, setting both "Enable LTE" and "Bluetooh" to "off" seemed to have reduced my battery consumption as well. 

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    Bsalita's solution solved my problem.  I was at the Verizon store for over an hour and they could not fix it.  They finally decided to send me a new Iphone 5 which I will get tomorrow.  Looks like I won't need it.  THANK YOU Bsalita..........  Phone now rememebers my password everytime......

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    I'm finding it's a proximity problem for me. As soon as I'm in the same room as my router the iPhone 5 signal is back strong and doesn't drop but when I go to my bedroom 30 feet away, my signal drops and won't return. My old iPhone 3S (iOS 6 installed) didn't have the same issue but my New iPad (3) does from time to time,  and only reconnects on reboot.

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    Hi, everyone one i have have been reading this a bit before getting the new iPhone, as my iphone 5 arrived two days ago I have been expricincing WiFi Problems with the push notifiactions i am not able to get Push notification when on wifi other wise on 3G it works like a charm, the wifi works fine on my phone except the push.. I have tryied restoring my iPhone but same problem comes i am using Belkin Router N600 with a modem, if any one experincing this kind problem please share or suggest something.

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    Well this really is getting beyod a joke now isn't it? Apple are normally pretty on the ball when it comes to resolving such issues but this has been going on for far too long and as I far as I am aware they haven't made an official announcement regarding the issue.


    So yesterday I'd had enough so tried changing my router settings to WEP and so far so good. About 24 hours on and my Wi-Fi is still working. But this isn't a great solution for me, WEP security isn't that good and I don't feel secure using it. Hopefully Apple will address the situation soon.


    What I wondered is if anyone is experiencing any issues with telephone calls too? It's an intermittent problem not related to signal strength. When I speak to someone on the phone sometimes (probably about half of the time) I can only get about half of what they are saying. They keep breaking up but they can hear me fine. I can get this even if I and the caller both have a good signal.

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    There seems to be a wifi issue with the new iphone, that is an assumption based on the amount of posts about it here . I purchased two iphone5 saturday and had the problem of it losing internet just feet from my router when all else in the home worked just fine, my husbands seemed okay and he took it to work. I phoned apple support and after a number of questions about what I had done so far, restart of phone, wi, router etc they said I needed to change the phone at an apple store. When my husband got home from work he had had the same issues. As it happens the provider we had chosen based on their cover proved to be very poor. Apple shops were excellent and refunded and apparently have stopped the contracts too.

    So back to square one we will re buy and hope they work, we are now going to go sim free, just wait for delivery via the apple online store.


    Is there any possibility that the wifi issues could be connected to locked phones and the software used by providers I am thinking of UK where we are, are there less issues with sim free phones would be interested if anyone following the threads has seen a pattern at all.

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    I posted a while ago, white 32g att iPhone 5. I had very slow wifi connections(.5-1mbps) Especially with my clear wifi router at my house. I just moved a couple days ago and got comcast Internet hooked up. They gave me a net gear wireless router and now I'm getting normal/high speeds on my iphone. It's set up on wpa2. Just wanted to share my experience.

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    Add me in the list of people with the same issue. My mac address is 04:F7:E4, which means my iPhone5 has Apple chipset. I guess apple never tested it before they release.

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    This is really dissapointing. On my second i5 now, first had screen issues and now this.


    Apple, say something, say when the fix is coming out.


    Think i'm going to send it back for a refund and go Android

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    If I could ask for refund, I would do it. But my phone is under contract. I have used 3GS, 4S, but now this iPhone5 is nothing like previous models, full of issues. Apple has indeed fall short in providing a good user experience.

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    I would also love to just get a refund and upgrade back to my old iphone 4 but can't due to a 2 year contract. The genius who was helping me has now just ignored me for 2 weeks so ill have to start spending my afternoons on the phone again to try and get a solution or 4th phone from someone else. I literally HATE Apple now!


    There's a lot of people viewing this discussion, over 300k. If all of these people start posting as well as viewing maybe we'll be heard :(