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    I still think it must be a software issue as I have an iPad 3 which worked fine until ios 6 and now has similar issues with wifi as my iPhone 5 does. Both are now on ios 6.0.1 and do the same things. Wifi is ok when connected (although not as fast as my iPhone 4 was or my iPad 3 pre ios 6.0) but both will ha g when browsing and page has to be refreshed to get it going again. iPhone 5 will sometimes disconnect from my wifi network several times then ok after that and iPad also does this when it has been locked. Connecting again a few minutes after it has been woken up.


    My signal strength is fine all over my house too. So looks like ios is to blame as like I said ipad3 was great until it was updated in September.

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    I have weak wifi, 2m away is fine, but 5m+ and it is non existant.


    Would this mean it is more likley to be a hardware issue over a software one?



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    Because of this issue, last month my 2GB data limit has reached max for the first time ever since I'm on Cellular Data 24/7, even at home. And now I have turned LTE off. What's the point of having iPhone 5 now? just slightly longer screen, that's all.


    So I'm going to wait until Samsung Galaxy S4 comes out and see if Apple has fixed this. If not? my iPhone 5 will be on Craigslist for sure.


    New Apple is not same as Old Apple

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    The tech specifications for the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4S differ on dual-band 802.11n capabilities.  But, you implied that dual-band has been baked into the cake for all IEEE802.11n devices.  Please also note that my prior posts took into account the issues that using things like the first generation Time Capsule 802.11n model might pose, but said Time Capsule uses the draft 2.0 version of 802.11n (the final IEEE802.11n specification was not adopted as a full standard until October 29th, 2009, according to Wikipedia).  Knowing that end users may not have taken into consideration how to fine tune their router settings to properly allow for both security (IEEE802.11i, which we call WPA2 out of convenience, was finalized in 2004, leaving at least 5 years before a standard MIMO implementation would test it out) and full dual-band functionality (if the hardware and firmware allow it), I offered a few posts in the thread as points of consideration for people to discern for themselves if they applied to them in their situations.  I did not say this was something everyone was going to personally gain from (note the first part of my first post).  No one's network topology is the sole network topology being used in the real world.  No one's array of devices is the sole array being used on each person's network.  However, a close read of point 3 of my second post implies your theory on the issue.  Another possibility, if you are right and none of the advice I offered is useful, would be that the hardware was not wired appropriately (disconnect between the chip and one of the antennae).  The only reason my third post was a less than kind retort towards a post of yours is due to it coming across as a thoroughly unthinking post intended to dull the community's attempts at thinking through the issue with what we have, here and now, to deal with.  Your solution is to give up on the users' end and push Apple to help.  My solution was to try everything that might apple on the users' end and push Apple to help.  Your solution probably works for your situation, but not likely for everyone's situation.  Personally, I do not have an iPhone 5 on my network to worry with.  I noticed this thread after searching the forums over WiFi connectivity issues presented to the rest of a network after adding a dual-band device to the network, saw this, gave my two cents, and dealt with my own network issues.

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    Did the update work for you? It didn't for me and this is getting ridiculous.


    If Samsung were smart, they would put out an advert listing problems with the iPhone 5 and offer Apple users an exchange for a Galaxy S 3...

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    Dont worry I wont be buying anything new I might be able to replace the one at home with a spare wifi router in storage that should actually be newer than the one that is configured in the house already. I certainly would not get a new router to suit one phone model. I have a 4 year old macbook and an iPad 2 and we replaced an iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 with the iPhone 5's. All the old devices worked perfectly with the existing wifi, so does every other wifi device from android to windows that has been used on the network.

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    In my case it is absolutely a proximity issue. I exchanged my first iPhone 5 since we couldnt figure out the issue. While reading through the posts today I saw that someone mentioned proximity and decided to check it out. My time capsule is upstairs in an home office. I tried speedtest downstairs (as I have been doing alot lately) and the phone couldnt even find the nearest server. I went upstairs to the office and bam.. 30 down and 5 up which is normal. I went back downstairs and tried it again with no luck and back upstairs again with success again.

    I am not sure this is the result of a design flaw or not, but i dont see a firmware update fixing an antenna issue.

    Not sure if an Airport Express downstairs would fix the issue and I hate to buy another product to fix a hardware issue on new product, but thats the way it goes. Hope this helps.

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    Only fix work for me is a new phone.  Apple store replaced after stating I most likely had a bad wifi antenna.   He also said a backup from iTunes if bad could have cause the problem.   So far after not using my iTunes back up everything is good can go more than two feet from a router and can keep a signal!

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    after a week of reviewing many of these posts..i was quite disappointed about the prospects of ever connecting to my home wifi...but then just decided to upgrade my router to a Netgear 600... and voila!... my iPhone now connects at 300mbs!


    i feel fortunate.. and hope Apple fixes this for everyone else!

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    As I wrote not long ago I had bought 2 iPhones5 in US and took them to Russia. One iPhone worked perfectly in my home wifi and another had very slow speed or even lost signal if I was more than 3-5 meters away from router.  Little bit later I have made official unlock. And situation did not change, but it seems to me that faulty iPhone have started to work little bit better, now I can go away from router 4-7 meters)) It is very strange, two absolutely same iPhones, but one of them has wifi problem.

    Also my wife's iPhone4s works perfectly.

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    Any one above having problems with thier PUSH NOTIFICTAIONS on wifi ? when i am near the router i pop up with all the push notifications as soon as i go far i dont get any, anyone ?

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    WiFi on my first IPhone 5 only worked within the room where the router was physically located. Signal was dropped in the rest of the house. Other devices were picking up a strong signal anywhere in the house and even outside near the house. I explained this to the folks at the “Genius Bar” at the Apple Store and they immediately gave me a new phone. Tried again at home and signal was strong in all rooms. This is clearly a hardware problem. Both phones were operating with iOS 6.0.1.

    I'm now concerned about using iTunes for syncing or backup based on Wookies comments that somehow it is related to the WiFi issue. Any thoughts or suggestions?

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    Just arranged to send it back for a full refund. It was my second try, and thats enough for me. Shame as i really like the phone. Going back to my old 3g, slow as, but i know it works. See y'all

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    If you are patient enough, just stick with 3g for a few months and wait for the issues to get resovled.


    What a shame. iPhone 5 is a good phone in terms of screen quaility, richness in color, brightness. I like the form factor of iPhone 5 also. Light and just the right size to fit in my small palm. But all these issues on essential and basic features really turns off even the most loyal fans.

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    I got my iphone5 on Sep  21 did not work went to Apple got a 2st iphone5 still didn't work. But today I had Comcast put in a  New router and now my phone is working great. It is a software problem with the Iphone. Omg I can't believe it works.