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    I just got my iPhone 5 last night and have been trying to add apps to it and it is increadble slow at downlaoding apps too.

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    Welcome to iPhone5 owners with wifi issues club!

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    Seems my wifi uses where unique to everyone else's postings. My iPhone 5 has never had any wifi connecting troubles until I traveled to Australia, and I could no longer connect to any network. The phone would IMMEDIATELY tell me the wifi password was incorrect. Apple support told me it was the router... Surprise. I dealt with no wifi for a couple of days, and then I finally reset all factory settings. After the reset, everything came back to normal as before. It now connects to every network, and works as fast as the iPad or other iCrap I pack with me....

    Again, as everyone else says, this is a software problem. But The reset worked for me.


    (Settings->General->Reset->Reset all settings)


    *note, resetting all settings did not dump all of my data (apps, music, pics,)  that i was afraid of, as the apple tech I spoke with suggested would happen. It was all there, but in slightly different order.


    Best of luck to all, this *****!

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    try going to starbucks

    they have fast wifi and yummy holiday drinks

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    Just got my 3rd iPhone 5(2nd replacement set), and it works well with my home wifi now. I suggest you guys not to upgrade to iOS 6.0.1 as it might be the root of the problem...

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    I have had my iphone 5 since Sep 21st. While wifi is working as it should( speedtest, browsing,youtube etc) downloads from the Appstore,itunes,podacsts are painfully slow. If i turn the wifi off and then back on while pausing the download it speeds up. Anyone else having these kind of issues? Using 6.0.1 WPA2 5Ghz network? thanks in advance.

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    Just a quick update... I have been getting a better signal since unplugging a cordless phone that uses a 5.8GHz signal. I probably need to change the channel on my time capsule if I plan to use the cordless phone. Still early but I have been getting a good signal all over the house this morning.

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    I have the same problems everyone else is having, I know my wifi is doing 15mb down and 2 mb up all day any time. Yet the speeds on the iPhone 5 is really slow on wifi. I replace my router for a docsis 3.0 gateway and still issue is present.  Its has moments where its fast, but it also has more moments where its being sloooow. I hope Apple fixes this soon!

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    Well been a week and so far the replacement iPhone5 wifi is working great can go half way down the street and keep my wifi signal.   I am running iOS 6.01 iPhone 5 black 16 gig just for info. 


    The guy at the apple store who helped me comment on iTunes back up was that if something was corrupted on the old phone/backup it would be transferred to the new phone if you did use a iTunes backup.

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    After upgraded to iOS 6.0.1 my iPad 3 and iPhone 5 will dropping Wifi after the devices do not do activiities involving Wifi and they go to sleep mode. When woken up, the Wifi setting will show no connection. The devices will not auto connect to my Wifi, eventhough I set Ask to Join Network to On. I have to choose my router name and the devices will reconnect. But after the Wifi activity such as downloading is finished and the devices go to sleep mode, they will drop the Wifi again.


    Someone in this thread recommends changing router name from generic ones such as linksys to another name. It works for me. I changed my router name from linksys to something else. It solves the problem. Now when the devices are woken up, they auto reconnect to the Wifi.

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    Got the iPhone 5 yesterday for my daughter and it cannot connect to any wifi. Sat next to her at several wifi locations and my iPhone 4 detects and connects while hers searches and searches and finds nothing. Both phone are running OS 6.0.1. Verizon or Genius Bar no help. Probably going to return it tomorrow.

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    **** my 3rd iPhone 5 is still NOT working with the wifi.

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    I'm on my 3rd 64GB iPhone 5 and although it's somewhat better than the first two, the reception is nowhere as good as my roommate's 32GB iPhone 5 (both black).  Our apartment is at the end of the hall, 34th floor in a large highrise, about 50-60 feet from the elevator banks.  He can still get our WiFi signal when he gets on a cab to go down but it starts to weaken around the 30th floor and then drops quickly after that.  I go into the hallway and I lose reception just before I get to my first neighbour's apartment door.  That said, with my previous two models I'd lose reception in my bedroom (15 feet from the router) but with the 3rd iPhone I can get reception even with the door closed, though it is slower with the door closed.  My previous 3GS got the same reception and coverage as my roomates iPhone 5 but the 3GS speeds were a little slower, my roommate can get full speed that our DSL offers but my tests are always slower in the 7-8 Mbps d/l range (based on numerous tests sitting in the same spot together using the "Speettest" app on our devices).  We are both using iOS 6.0.1 and he has a 3rd gen. iPad which also gets full speeds with iOS 6.0.1.  Go figure. 

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    Same problem like ZenErik. Apple should better solve that issue before iphone will be sent back!!

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    Hey mobg888,


    This was great... Your hard work paid off for me as well, cleared both the history and the data / cookies and the phone is back to blazing speeds thanks for the post! Funny thing my phone has had no issues at all for the first couple weeks and then just suddenly yesterday began getting super slow on Wi-Fi. After trying a few options on my own which didnt work I tried your post and I'm back to full speeds again. I'm just curious as to how long it will work until it starts to bog down again but at least I now know how to reset it if need be.