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  • Katie901 Level 1 (0 points)

    Iphone 5 newbie here


    Guys someone posted that to make sure your router has the latest firmware? I am completely stupid at computers and the likes, but my house interent wireless was purchased about 2 years ago... how does one update??aaaghh.. so not fair, spend 20 euro of phone credit in the last 2 days on my iphone 5 because it can't work on my home wireless. It says connects successfully, but fails to be able to acess the interent.


    anyone can help me:(:(

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    Not an iPhone expert, but a couple of things I'd try, worked on my 5.


    First, go Settings->general->reset->reset network settings


    If that's not the fix try Settings->general-> reset-> reset all settings


    The second reset seemed to fix my phone. When you set up your phone, did you set it up as your previous iPhone? I hear that some software corruption as been transferred through the iPhone sync.


    I use several different networks in different countries, without adjusting any routers, this fixed my problem. Now, my phone is just as fast as my iPad.


    Best of luck!



    Blue skies....

  • Katie901 Level 1 (0 points)


    Thanks for the reply!!! i tried the reset network settings, and that didnt work, if u reset all settings, will it delete everything that i have on my phone?


    I hope i dont have to send back my phone as it took a month to get delived to me:(



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    That was the same question I had. Apple support told me to back up just in case, having said that I did NOT back up my phone and just reset all settings. It did NOT erase my data (pics, apps, music) was all there. The settings were changed (like push settings, wallpaper, pass code etc...)






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  • Katie901 Level 1 (0 points)


    Ahhh is there any secret settings i can do to fix my interent though?? just going to reset all settings there, i hope it goes okay!!

  • Codeman234 Level 1 (0 points)

    I would absolutely try just resetting network settings first. Again these two steps came direct from apple support.

  • Sevo1234 Level 1 (0 points)

    Love to know if this works

  • Katie901 Level 1 (0 points)

    did both codeman, but to no avail:( life *****:( anyone have any recommendations..aaaaaaaaaaaaagh

  • Proteous714 Level 1 (10 points)

    Yep... Look at my post on page 158. Go into Safari settings and Clear both your history and also your cookies and data.. then reboot the phone.


    Let me know if that works....

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    I have posted several times and just wanted to post some thoughts now that I'm on month two. I think there are several bugs within the new iphone 5. I have been experimenting with several things and hear are my thoughts.  I do believe that there is some corruption when upgrading iPhones, in my case I came from an Android so I did not experience the upgrade bug I've read about. My problem has been dropping wifi and very slow speed.  In my settings for wifi I set my http proxy to auto which seems to help the dropping issue. As far as signal strength I've experimented with how I hold the phone and different types of covers. I can tell you that when I hold the phone by covering the silence button my wifi drops down to 1 Mbps when I make sure my hand is away from that my signal jumps up over 11 Mbps. As for covers, I get the worst signal with the otter box which is about 8 Mbps.  When I use a cheap thin protective case my signal jumps up to over 15 Mbps and without any protective cover at all my signal is over 20 Mbps. I'm no expert but I think there is an antena problem. I've had many android devices and iPods and iPads and have never seen the protective covers affect performance so bad. Just some thoughts hope tis helps.

  • Katie901 Level 1 (0 points)

    Did that proteous, and to no avail:( this ***** so much


    my sister cant connect to our wi fi either, and she has an android phone. Is there tsanyway i could change the settings of our wifi?? dont knwo how to start tho:(

  • Proteous714 Level 1 (10 points)

    Hmmm... sorry to hear it. Since your sisters Android doesnt conect either then yes I would say its an issue with your Wifi or router settings.. Maybe have a look at the 2 WIFi fixes on this page. Have you tryed re-setting your router and also your modem? Let them stay off for 5 mint and then turn back on. Also try turning off your security settings and connect to it directly and see if it works and if its also faster. Sometimes a simple reset will do the trick.


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    I'm just posting to let others know that I had WiFi issues that were resolved by Apple replacing my iPhone 5.  The tech said he'd seen this problem before.


    WiFi was working great at home and at work.

    On 11/21, I started a movie download over WiFi from iTunes when I went to bed.

    On 11/22, When I got up, saw that download failed and was not able to connect to home Wifi anymore.  the phone could see the home network, but would fail to connect.

    On 11/23 At a friends house, could not see any networks that I used to see and use.

    On 11/24 At work, could not see any networks that I used to see and use.  That night I found that I could connect at home if I was within 1' of the router, but 8' away sitting on the couch, I lost the connection and couldn't reconnect.  Did a complete reset of the phone, still could not reconnect to home network unless was within 1' of the router.

    On 11/25, Went to Apple store and they replaced the phone.  WiFi works great again at all the above locations.


    Old phone had Apple WiFi chip.  New phone also has Apple WiFi chip.

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    Thanks Proteous, well i have established guys that it is in fact my wi fi that is the problem. Went into uni today and they set up the wireless on my iphone 5 and it works like a dream!!!


    I changed th4e SSID name and the channel was already auto, but then my interent connection left!! So i have to turn it on when i go home tonight, but im loosing so much patience if it does not work soon. At least i know now it is my wi fi, not my iphone that is the problem!

  • Katie901 Level 1 (0 points)

    Guys what is my IPv6 address because i have none for it and i only have IPv4 address. Anyone know?? pleeeeease?? thanks:)