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    Another user with the same issue.  Switched from 4S to a 5 and now I can't connect to my wifi.  The 4S and the iPad2 can connect all the time.  And all the gadgets are running latest iOS 6 updates.  Netgear WNDR4500 router has latest updates as well.  This is definetley an iPhone 5 problem.  Starting to wish I never got this phone!

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    I have a brand new iPhone 5 that looks like it connects, but fails to connect to my Cisco EA4500 router (about 2 mos old).  It seems to be that the iPhone 5 cannot connect to wifi networks that have WEP2 enabled.  The solution for me is to create a guest network that is unprotected, and then the iPhone 5 works great.


    Clearly Apple has either a hardware problem or a software problem with iOS 6.

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    I am so tired of hearing these silly work arrounds!  Go into a restaurant and try to get a connection.  In most cases they have a guest connection.  I still have problems connecting, and when I do the connection drops in and out forcing me to turn off wifi and reconnect, maybe.  Lets stop fooling around! Apple does not read these posts.  It's time to get the word out about Apple's worst failure.  Go to your local media!!!

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    I am wits end.  i have 2 iP5's and both of them connect to the wifi but nothing happens.  i have tried a different router and still nothing.  i restored my iphone and I am very disappointed on this issue with apple.  I tried changing the security from WEP to WPA and it still does not connect.  Thankfully i do have the unlimited data plan with ATT, however this should be working fine.  I know if i go to an apple store, they will probably just swap out my phone and give my another one which will do the exact same thing.  I am thinking of just buying an apple branded router since majority of those people are not having any issues. 

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    I will say it again Apple does not read these posts.  Go to you your local media to get the message out about this defective product!

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    I tried that here in Charlottesville Va, they called Verizon, AT&T  and the Apple Store say there is nothing wrong with the iphone 5. It work fine in the Apple Store and Verizon. They are all saying its not the  phone. I have iPod touch 4 ipad 2 all works fine. But not the iphone 5. I can't even get Verizon or the Apple Store to give me my 3rd iphone 5  this is the biggest piece of **** I have payed for and no one will listen to me. I have been going though this since Sep.21. I really don't think Apple or anyone is going to fixes this problem.

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    So, we've had lots of iPhones.  What happened on our network is that once we upgrade a device to iOS 6, this problem happens. No standard wifi connection.  Luckily, I can use a 'guest access' to my Linksys EA4500 router, and my iOS 6 devices can connect. They cannot connect on the main network however. Not here, and not at work.


    I suspect if the Apple store folks tried to connect with one of our devices to ther secure store network, it would fail.  They MUST know this is an issue.

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    Read back alot.  This is a defective product.  Go to your local media to get this in the real world.  Apple does not read these posts.  There is a problem with this product!!!

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    I've got 2 days left on my 14 day grace period from ATT.  I'm ready to take my i5 back and trade it for a i4s.  I'm not sure what would cause a phone to work fine for 6 days then just stop working unless you are right next to the

    router.  Not impressed with the way Apple is handling this fiasco.

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    Today I went to AT&T and they told me to go to Apple. Device works fine at Apple. Does not work here. I have had 3 other iPhones, two other iPads, two android devices, a Nest, Apple TV, Onkyo Stereo, a Zune, and a Camera connect to my router with ZERO problems... My iPhone 5 AND my wife's iPhone 4 she upgraded to iOS 6 FAIL everytime on the main network. Can only access the non-secured network (Guest Net) created by Cisco...  Something is certainly not right here.

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    This is really poor on apple's part to have made an iPhone that just doesn't do the most basic of functions. I had my i5 replaced a week ago (the 3rd one now) where the wifi stops working or if it does work will not hold onto the wifi signal even though i am only 5 meters from the router.


    This has now cost me so much time and money being i have gone over my monthly data allowance 4 times and my carrier is right its not the network its Apples product at fault.  So apple when will you accept that your customer are right and you have really made a product that doesn't live up to the brand quality that Steve Jobs would have expected????


    I am now stuck with a device i am very unhappy with and the Genius Bar can only keep replacing my device which after the 3 times i have done that is getting rediculous.

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    Same issue with 5 dropping wifi - both at home and my mother's house. None of the suggested fixes work at all.

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    I've absolutely had it with my iPhone 5. Unless I'm standing a metre away from my wireless router at home, it won't even find it on my phone as one of the wireless networks available. When I took it back to Apple the first time all they did was reset it, and that didn't work. I took it back again and got a new handset which STILL DOESN'T WORK. My iPad, iPhone 4 and all laptops in the house connect fine. I've tried everything. Resetting network, restoring phone, changing wireless setting, resetting router, changing the name of the router to something 'simple', and nothing fixes it.


    I really regret upgrading. This has been the most frustrating technological experience of my life. And I'm stuck with the stupid thing for 2 years.

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    What I will say is when I have my case off (it's aluminium) the wifi signal gets infinitely better. So try that if you haven't already.

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    I have the same issue, but someone just told me that the update next week might mix this.