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    Thanks for your reply. :)


    I did asked the service lady regarding the serial number which can be seen from the setting. However, I was told in this case that they had opened up my iPhone and as they did not see the serial number plate, they considered the phone a tempered product and would not replace or hold responsible for it.


    They really opened up my phone. They took my phone and went to the backed room. Later they call me and told me they did not see the serial number plate in my phone. Since they opened the phone , literally open into 2 halves..they showed me where the location of the plate shld be.. 


    I feel so short hanged. Really bad experience!! Sigh. :(

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    Really? For wifi issues, is it more of a software problem and they have no reason to open up my iPhone?

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    I replaced my linksys router with a netgear router that broadcasts 2 separate SSIDs - one for 5Ghz and one for 2.4Ghz.  Check my post earlier in the thread.

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    This thread is funny.  A lot of people are bending over backwards to get a defective product to work lol.  I'm not trying to hate on the iPhone, I have a 4s and loved it.  I really wanted the 5 to be just as solid.  Bottom line its not.

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    Greentree: You must have some type of Regulation Body that you can make a complaint to indicating you gave no authority to open the phone and explain your cause. Trying to find a serial number inside your phone for identification purposes sounds like rubbish and they took you for a ride. I'd say they took your phone behind the scenes, left it on the table for 5 minutes to make you think its getting worked on then give back to you. Then they make up some kind of story that you believe. I'd be grabbnig those bulls by the horns and start shaking them around.


    Serial Number can easily be found without tampering / pullnig apart the phone. Further more.. any Apple Supplier / Store should know that, otherwise they shouldnt be worknig at all for that company.


    As for Fadie's comments: Just count yourself lucky, as Iphone 4S's have known WiFi issues with IOS 6 and various WiFi Devics. If you havent upgraded to IOS6, then dont. Stick with IOS 5 to keep yourself content

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    I agree.  This is the first product I have ever seen that is not backwards compatitable with older or any wirless network interface.  If Apple thinks that public hot spots are going to do any thing to connect their phones, they must be crazy.  This is in response to the older router issues.


    Regarding the metallic back, I guess the jury is still out on that one.


    Regarding Ios6, I have heard from friends with 4s phones that don't have any issues.


    Bottom line...Apple needs to address this issue!

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    Hi Marshall.. Iphone 4S's are known to have WiFi Issues if they have IOS 6, the IOS 5 is OK since day one from what ive read.


    I know this 'cause we have them in our company. The moment IOS 6 came out, it went from Good Apples, to Bad Apples.


    Moving on....


    Anything that resembles having IOS 6 loaded, will probably turn out to be a Bad Apple communicating with various WiFi Vendor Models and their firmware versions.


    For personal use, if you cant consult with your WiFi Vendor to upgrade/downgrade firmware and you've pretty much tried all the past solutions, then you're in the same boat as everyone else.


    you sit and wait to hope for a new IOS release to fix these WiFi Issues OR you buy yourself another WiFi Device


    Though another i have though of and i havent seen any post this..

    If you have an Iphone 4S and upgraded from IOS5 to IOS6 AND you're still under warranty, has anyone tried to send their phone away for repair/replacement and just state there is a Wireless Connectivity Fault.


    Just say you have two Iphone 4S's at home with same settings, one works and the other doesnt.


    When/IF you get the iphone 4S replacement, i wonder whether it will come with the factor IOS or will they put IOS 6 on it ?


    Everyone give this a try if you can

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    Hi Marshallfromct,


    Yes, I agree they do need to address this issue.  I would even go as far to ask how the **** did this past the testing phase and fully released to the public.  The question is will they address this?  If you look back to the iPhone 4's attenna issue, that was never resolved.  Granted that was a hardware issue, but still Apple's answer to that was to "teach" customers how to "hold" the phone the right way lol.  Again, not trying to bash apple, just looking at their recent track record with the iPhone.  If this is a hardware issue, well then I really doubt they will address it, at least the way we would want them to.  From everything I have read this does sound like a software issue, but the thing that makes me uneasy is I see a LOT more people complaining about this exact issue with the iPhone 5 than any of their other mobile devices.  In fact every person I know in real life with the 5 has experienced this issue.  Not everyone with a 4s or iPad that upgraded to iOS 6 is.  What makes the 5 more prone to this issue than the other devices?  I could be wrong with that statement, I am just going off what I have read in forums and from what I have seen with friends who own these devices. 


    Side note, thank god I was lazy to upgrade my iPad 3.  iOS 5 is holding strong on it, but I am a little ****** because I would like an update to my OS without risking the integrity of my wifi connection.

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    I agree with all you said, except, Apple at least addressed the antenna issue.  They even offered free phone cases, lol.

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    I think that's what is confusing on this post.  Every one who clames that their iPads and 4s are fine with their  current connections points do no say what iOS they are running on those devices.


    I do have two friends that are fine with ios6 on the 4s phone. I agree that is only two people.


    I guess Apple has left us to find out what is going on.


    One bad iOS does spoil the whole bunch!!

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    I'm having similar problems.  I need to connect to my University network so I don't have access to the router settings, but they are kept completely up-to-date.  My problem is that the phone can rarely seem to even find the network in the Wifi menu list.  My iPhone 4, and Macbook Pro have absolutely no problem connecting.  Generally if I can "see" the network, I have a good shot at being able to connect, and when I am connected I *generally* have decent speeds.  However, I am very worried about not having acesss all the time and thus running my data bill through the roof.  I bought the phone yesterday so I have a week or so to replace it.  Can anywhere here advise me on wether its worth it to make the trip to the Verizon store and argue for a replacement?  Or are people getting the same problems on their replaed phones.


    Because people were asking the first six digits ofmy WiFi ID (MAC addresss) on phone are 04:F7:E4.  Can anyone tell me wether I have the "good" intel chip or the "bad" apple one?

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    Cheers Marshall. It just proves that what ever WiFi Product and firmware they are using appears to be compatible with IOS6.


    What needs to be done is identifying what WiFi Products and their firmware people are using with their IOS6 devices so this could be address to Apple or alteast consumers can make a choice whether to change their WiFi device altogether or cnotact their WiFi Vendors to assist with firmware changes.


    If that fails, then a X should be made aganist that WiFi Product and consumers can stay clear of it.


    Vendor wise, there could be some black lash between Apple and WiFi vendors, but thats not our problem.


    What we need is someone to drum up some Marketing Awareness of this issue on a Global Context and cages will start rattling.

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    I update my iPhone 4S from IOS5 to IOS 6.0.1 and got exactly same issue. my phone is using wireless data. so I went to apple store and they told me that i have to wait untill some new IOS would come out and fix this problem. I ask replacement becuase i am with in the warranty period. but Hard luck, new iphone 4S will come with new IOS6.0.1. that means i would have exactly same problem (as per apple store tech person). we have to wait like everyone else.

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    " IOS 6 with iphone 4S has no issue" this statement is incorrect. I have iPhone 4S with IOS 6.0.1 (unfortunatly updated last week) and I got WIFI problem starts. I talked to apple store tech. person (and apple store manager) and they told me that i have to wait for new IOS which will fix this issue. ( I hope)

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    That's an Apple chip.   I couldn't tell you if it's "good" or "bad", though I can tell you that my Apple chip (34:C0:59:....) doesn't work right.   I can't get a decent WiFi signal unless I'm sitting next to the router.  If I'm in the living room (30 feet away, almost has line of sight to the router with a half-wall between), half the time it won't even see the network SSID to connect to.


    I have had the best luck so far by configuring the iPhone's connection manually with a static IP and specifying WEP security (only on the phone -- the router is still set for WPA2).  That seems to work, and even manages to stay connected when I wake the phone from sleep.   It still drops at seemingly random times.  It also doesn't reconnect if I leave WiFi range and then come back.  I have to manually connect again. 


    I have several other devices that work perfectly on the WiFi (including other iPhones and Apple TV).   I have had four iPhones over the years, and this is the first one I have been very unhappy with.  I am strongly considering returning it as defective, but I'm afraid I will just get another one like it when I do.