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    watki wrote:


    I agree. Honestly, as a consumer, we should not have to guess at this.


    Amen to that. 176 pages nearly 3000 posts and approaching 400,000 views - we as the consumers are doing all of the troubleshooting.



    The device should just work on all wifi routers no matter what software. If apple thinks that router manufactures suppose to cater to them, they are screwing the consumer. Some say when they go into the applestore, their wifi is blazing fast because it is an apple router. This is not right. I am not going to buy another router so I can have faster speeds on my phone. That is ridiculous!


    And again - an Amen to that. The fact of the matter is, I AM using an Apple Router and I'm still having the problems. In fact, I'm having problems on multiple routers - a TP-Link WR1043ND router with the latest factory firmware - same problem. A Netgear WNDR3400 with DD-WRT build 19519 - no difference. A Buffalo WHR-HP-G300N running DD-WRT (from Buffalo) build 19154 - no difference. Again, the bigger point here being - (and my bold is not intended to yell at any of you or even Apple - just an expression of my frustration) - I AM USING A SILLY APPLE ROUTER AND I'M STILL HAVING THE PROBLEM!!!


    The last senior advisor I worked with (who is the one who replaced my phone) has been very professional and he even emailed me to follow up. When I informed him of what was going on with the replacement phone, he asked for all of my specs on my iMac and Router and he's going to pass it along to their engineers. I gave him everything I have so we'll see where this takes me.

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    I'm on my 3rd 64GB iPhone 5.  First two from the Bell store in Eaton Centre Toronto and I got very weak wifi on those two units and frequent disconnects, third one from the Apple Store in Eaton Centre where Genius Bar fellow told me he's seen a few iPhones come back with wifi problems.  My roommate has a 32GB iPhone from the Bell store and he gets great wifi speed, he can still get a signal all the way down to the elevator and inside the elevator cab (about 60 feet from our apartment door + another 10 feet to router) yet I couldn't get wifi with the first two units in my bedroom (12 feet from the router).  With my 3rd iPhone it's not as good as my 3GS was and I don't get any  dropouts although it can get slow sometimes in my bedroom but no dropouts plus I noticed that I can see about half a dozen of my neighbours broadcasting but compare that to perhaps two dozen I used to be able to see on my 3GS plus that's what my roommate gets on iPhone 5.  So mine is better but it's not what it should be.  I'll offer this after reading every post since early November when we finally got our units, my roommate has never connected his iPhone to iTunes, he's only used iTunes for his iPad whereas I connect to iTunes every day (and used it to restore) but I don't use iCloud. 

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    Just got my 3rd iPhone 5.  So far, the wifi is working just as one would expect it to, after all, isn't that what we all expect?  I'm not doing a restore nor am I installing the iOS update yet.  I'm only installing a few select apps.  My original phone lost wifi after two weeks, my 1st replacement lost wifi after one week.  I'll have to wait and see with this one.

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    I was just going to ask about not receiving voicemails either. I had a miss call yesterday afternoon and didn't get the voicemail until the middle of the night. ***? 400k views!! Apple should put ads on their forum to make even more $$.

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    Voicemail would be your carier's issues. Northern parts of Los Angeles on AT&T are upgrading to LTE and have been going in and out for the past 4 weeks. As towers go up and down calls, voicemail, and texts (not imessage) will go in and out.

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    Agreed. Voicemail being a carrier issue was my thought too. Plus I'd hate to see this thread get off track as these threads so often do (I'm pretty amazed it hasn't happened already!). Not that I don't feel for those not getting voicemail - it would surely be frustrating. It's just not the topic at hand here. 

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    Well just an update, for what it's worth. The senior advisor I've been working with and I have been emailing back and forth today. I provided him with detailed info on my router and system as well as a copy of my iPhone Update Logs and he said he's turned in a ticket to the engineering team. I'm at least impressed he took the effort to follow up with me today and while it remains to be seen if any solution arises.

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    The senior engineer who worked with me treated like I was an idiot and know nothing about technology. He also doesn't respect the time and energy I put in to fix the issue. I enventualy got really mad, and he ALSO got really mad so I had to hang up the phone. What a terrifying experience!


    He insisted it is not a hardware issue, although every other devices I own worked just fine on my home Wifi. Therefore he did not want to send me replacement. Too bad it was 16 days after I purchased the phone. Otherwise I would return it to at&t right away.


    I have never disappointed with Apple so much like this. Now the image of Apple has changed 180 degree. Apple, shame on you.

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    Just received my 5th Replacement phone today and it STILL won't stay connected to wifi. If the phone is put to sleep for more than 10 minutes, it drops wifi and goes back to 4G.


    This is completely unacceptable and I am will now be requesting a full refund. Apple really needs to get their stuff together. This is by far one of the worst purchases I have ever made.

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    cocktail5555: dont waste any more time. you can get a million-th replacement phone tomorrow - wont change anything. all phones are designed the same. if its a hardware design flaw, we're all stuck. if its a software flaw, it MAY be addressed in the future.

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    Just because voicemail is hosted by carriers doesn't necessarily make it a 100% carrier issue in every case.


    what if there's a flaw in reading/fetching those voicemails? whose fault is it then?

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    That would be incorrect.

  • Eliot_P Level 1 Level 1

    I'm going to go to an Apple store and request a replacement tomorrow, and see how it goes!

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    electronicsguy wrote:


    all phones are designed the same

    From what I've been seeing in some of these forums - though far from confirmed - is that not all iPhone 5's are created equal. Namely, some have been using different Wi-Fi chips. But again - that's really just speculation so you may in fact be correct.


    Just because voicemail is hosted by carriers doesn't necessarily make it a 100% carrier issue in every case.


    what if there's a flaw in reading/fetching those voicemails? whose fault is it then?

    You're right - it doesn't necessarily mean it's a carrier issue and if it is a flaw in reading/fetching voicemails, I'd suspect again hardware or software and then it's Apple's fault and absolutely they should resolve it. I never meant to minimize the Voicemail issue. My point is that it really doesn't seem to be related to this Wi-Fi issue and therefore risks pulling this thread off topic (though at this point, it wouldn't surprise me if somehow the two issues ARE related )

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    I also have spent hours trying to resolve the wifi home router  connection issues after the upgrade 6.0.1 to our iphone 3g, iphone 4s, and iphone 5 which I just purchase two days ago. Both versions of our  ipad's connected without issues.


    After hearing that nothing could be resolved with apple tech; I went out yesterday and replaced the Netgear WNDR 4500 router with their latest Netgear R6300 and within 30 minutes had all the devices connected to the home wifi. Figured if it didn't work I'd take it back. So far no dropped wifi signal, and no cellular data leakage while on the wifi.


    While this isn't the best solution at least it worked as we were incurring large amounts of data usage and additional charges.  Once this worked I turned on the cellular connection and looked at a weather app and then checked data usage and saw that the iPhone 5 was chewing through about 2 MB a minute on AT&T.  Called and talked to AT&T tech folks who said they were having a meeting on the data bleed issue today.  I just wanted to have my phone on record so when they figure it out I can get a credit back!!??