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    Foovo: Take a leap of faith and upgrade your iphone 4s with IOS5 to IOS6 and see if you're the few who still manage to get successfully. Personally i wouldnt


    I can be corrected if im wrong, but from memory im not aware of Iphone 4 having issues on IOS5, ive only been hearing Iphone 4S. In addition id like to point out i have Iphone 4S's, Iphone 4, iphone 5's through my work.


    It stands to ground, it sounds like a similiar issue to mine, the Iphone 4S and Iphone 5's pick up my SSID's, but fails to accept the password ive applied for the encryption, bare in mind this is what using WG102 Netgear with latest firmware, my only workaround was to downgrade firmware. i maed this choice is the older firmware poses no security differences. For anyone doing firmware, they should consult the documentation on the purpose of the firmware before changing it whether its a security enhancement or otherway.

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    Shanon.Roberts wrote:


    it sounds like a similiar issue to mine, the Iphone 4S and Iphone 5's pick up my SSID's, but fails to accept the password ive applied for the encryption, bare in mind this is what using WG102 Netgear with latest firmware, my only workaround was to downgrade firmware.

    Yep - same issue, the iPhone 5 can see the SSID but entering the password won't allow it to join - and it's cut & paste password - so it's correct. This is all with Apple's own routers so don't rush off to buy them expecting that that they will work when Netgear won't. The 2 Extremes I have at work are the latest model and latest firmware as well. Let's hope 6.1 fixes this

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    Elito_P - Between home and my office, I have 4 different routers and I'm having the same problem on all of them with my Wi-Fi slowing down. I've tried about every possible workaround on these forums and nothing has worked.

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    I am not attacking you.  I am pointing out Apples lack of response.  Below is your post I responded to.




    To Marshall: All issues are pointing to encryption with WiFi relation to IOS6. Its the IOS6 that has caused the compatabilities issues with WiFi Vendors communicating with IOS 6.




    countless threads and posts have all pointed to this direction.




    If all you're tweaks to the Apple Deviec & Your WiFi device have failed, this also includes upgrading/downgrading firmware for your devices, then you're simply left to hope and pray for the new IOS update like the rest of us OR you go and buy a new WiFi device and hope for the best.

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    Foovo: Can you downgrade these Apple WiFi firmware devices as you pointed out having the latest, atyour descrection, are you able to downgrade ?

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    To Russ: Your 4 different routers, do you have the capacity to upgrade/downgrade firmware on these devices to see if it resolves your cnnectivity issue, thats something to try out the realms of fiddling with your Apple device


    Otherwise, you're in the same boat as us all, have to wait for IOS6.1 and fingers crossed OR buy a new WiFi device and hope for the best. This is of course on the proviso you have tried just out all the suggestions of workarounds on these threads.


    Good Luck

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    I'm not sure if the AirPort Extreme can be downgraded. They keep these things pretty locked down. The funny thing is, I bout the APE when i got an AppleTV hoping that having all Apple stuff would solve my problems


    As for the other 3, I should be able to. 2 of them are running DD-WRT; one is a TP-Link. I'm going to try some different firmware and see where that gets me.


    One thought - anyone on here - if you are NOT having any issues, would you mind posting:


    1) What brand of router you're using (e.g. Netgear, Cisco, Linksys...) as well as the revision number (if applicable)

    2) What firmware you're running?


    I mean, this seems nuts that we're doing this and not Apple. Perhaps it's just something to keep us occupied while waiting for a response/fix from Apple

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    those are good ideas. I suggested people to do things like that, but got lost in limbo through these thread when people post having wifi issues after the most common thread as opposed to the first post.


    Here's my info:


    Netgear Profsafe WG102

    Firmware Version          V5.0.1 WORKS

    Firmware Version          V5.0.3 FAILS

    Acting as Access Point

    Frequency Band 13: 2.472 Ghz

    Data Rate: 54Mbps


    NOTE: Netgear are aware of the connectivity issues with Apple Products and are atleast willing to try and assist with a possible solution or "workaround"


    Are any other WiFi Vendors recognising connectivity issues with Apple products out there ?


    Please point this out when you are adding your details in the post as per "RUSS T' comments

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    Why is every one on here taking on this as their problem.  This is Apple's problem!  We paid for the product!  Apple respond!!!!!

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    Totally agreed. This isn't our problem insofaras we shouldn't have to be doing any of this; Apple should be (and hopefully is) working on a solution.


    In the meantime, I - if nothing else - like the illusion that I have some control over my situation and even if I'm just banging my head against the wall, it's better than just staring at the wall.


    In addition to that, perhaps (and that's a big PERHAPS) the more posts on here, the better the chance it does finally get acknowledged by Apple.


    Trust me - I completely get your frustration. I just got nowhere with Apple so I'm taking matters into my own hands. Plus I like to troubleshoot and/or I may be a glutton for punishment.

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    I really don't think Apple reads these post!!!

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    The best way to get a CRY out is through the Public Complaining. for Apple to take notice, its going to take someone in these threads who know's someone with "STRONG" contacts in the media industry such as Television Channels, New's Papers etc that can review these threads and make a story out of it.


    Writing to these Media's isnt enough, its going to be a case of "its not what you know, its WHO you know" to get the ball rolling.

  • Russ T Level 1 (5 points)

    Shanon, you totally beat me to it. I was going to say almost exactly the same thing. I sent a tip to MacRumors but don't know if that'll do anything. Hopefully at some point this will grab someone's attention at Apple.

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    I have saying this for a month now!!!!

  • marshallfromct Level 1 (0 points)



    This is what I have been saying for a month now!!!