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    I agree - and there definitely is nothing "possible" about it!  It is definite!

  • npsydney Level 1 Level 1

    My problem has been resolved, I had the phone replace again, this is my third phone now. So based on my experience there just are a lot of faulty phone out there. Note this was before 6.0.2 was released.

  • Shanon.Roberts Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Stepth, since yours is workplace related like mine, if your apple devices are critical to business, you'd need to take these findings to the IT people that look after your infrastruture then they'll need to kick off a change control process if required.


    If its a personal apple device and not work related, your chances for change are slim.


    Im fortunate that i look after the whole companies IT over-all, however i tried to explain to my MD that signs off on all my expenses that problem we have here. The MD put a smile on his face cause the moment IOS 6 came out, he walked in to the office and showed me his Samsung Galaxy S3 he bought on his travels


    Now its a toss up as to whether i remove our Netgear WiFi devices and get newer models or alternative brand OR i remove Apple Devices over-all and move to Samsung Galaxy S'3 or the Nexus Phone by LG has alot of fire power as well

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    My problem seems to have partly been resolved. I had a problem where my WiFi on my replacement iPhone 5 (original never had WiFi issues) would constantly disconnect then reconnect or at least it appeared to do so judging by the WiFi/3G icons on the status bar. Sometimes it'd do this a dozen times in the space of a few minutes. Whenever it did happen though and whenever I was on 3G, I realised that by going into Safari I would regain WiFi connection . Anyway, since updating to 6.0.2 a few hours ago the constant WiFi/3G switching has only occured a few times.

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    If Apple does not step up to the plate there will be a lot more making the easy decision!!

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    After updating my iPhone 5 to IOS 6.0.2 the speed has significantly increased.  I would say it is back to 100%.  However I still notice that on my D-Link DIR-655 wireless router my phone still only connects at 11g instead of 11n.

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    Do you have the router set to G-Only by chance? Maybe try G and N mixed or if you only have N devices set for N-only for best performance.


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    Well, now it seems like the update 6.0.2 has not made any difference.  It started out working great but now seems to be just as slow as before.

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    Hi Firefly,


    Its unfortunate, we all need to decide to smiply jump ship and buy an alternative Vendor Wifi Product OR Smartphone/Tablet etc etc OR we wait again for another update

    The issue is between Product Vendors and Apple that we have no control over

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    The new update didn't do anything for my ip5. This is getting very frustrating! I can only get wifi (Apple Extreme) if I'm within ten feet and then it drops.  Did this update really help anyone with an ip5?

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    It helped me.  My first three devices were exchanged until I got one that was somewhat better, but still not picking up wifi nearly as good as my old 3GS did.  Today's 6.0.2 update gave me somewhat better Speedtest results but the real improvements were clearly seen when updating apps. (blazing), doing a search & displaying a page in Safari and the Wiki app. (instant) with better speeds than my 3GS ever gave me.  I live in a very large highrise in the last apartment at the end of the hall, the elevator banks are about 60 feet from my apartment entrance door.  Previous to 6.0.2 I would get slow speed in my bedroom on my iPhone 5 which is twelve feet from the router (previous one's would drop out or give me no signal at all sometimes), today I get full speed and full bars in my bedroom.  When I walked my dog this afternoon I pulled out my iPhone while waiting for the elevator and I still had 3 bars, just like on my 3GS - before today's update I would lose the wifi signal a couple of feet outside my apartment door (I tried it!).  It should be noted that my roomate's first & only iPhone 5 (he has 32GB vs. my 64GB) has had full wifi speed no problem and would also stay connected to our wifi while waiting for an elevator.  He has never connected his iPhone to iTunes, only iCloud.  Not sure if that means anything or not but thought I'd mention it.  He only uses iTunes for his iPad. 

    It's been 12 hours since I installed 6.0.2, so far, so good.  Our router is a 2Wire using Bell Sympatico, 15mbps down/10mbps up. 

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    Having the same wifi issues as before the 6.0.2 update. I can connect to my work (wpa2 enterprise) network fine but when I go home the connection to my linksys wrt400n (wpa2 personal) gets 0 throughput till I reboot the phone.  I did not have the same issue with my previous 4s or ipad2 on the same networks.

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    Like you my wifi is good now, using a Netgear DGND3700v2 speed has increased, no stuttering or freezing or lack of thoughput so far, and the speed at which apps download now is so much faster. So far i'm happy with this update.

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    No change here either. No troubles connecting, just crappy range.

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    This post displaying a couple of possible solutions. Seems like it is fixed with static ip in my iPhone 5.