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  • Healz4u Level 1 (0 points)

    Wanders: Not sure whether you want to mess with it now that it's working, however, a good experiment would be to change it back to "NETGEAR" and see if the issue returns. If it doesn't, it was likely some value or setting internal to the iPhone that was reset or cleared, hinting at yet another software bug.

  • Elgonza Level 1 (0 points)

    I have 2 iPhone 5. One works without any problems but the other one have lot of wifi problems on the same router. Have tried everything (restore, reset network settings etc) but stills unstable. Any suggestion? Apple needs to release a solution asap!

  • Wanders Level 1 (0 points)

    would love to say that I've done it and it works... but I'm just not that keen to play any more, given that the phone is still working properly.


    I honestly can't believe that changing the SSID was the answer, but swear on my grandmother's false teeth that I did NOTHING to the iphone and nothing else to the router set up. It was/is a ridiculously frustrating issue.

  • electronicsguy Level 2 (190 points)

    it may appear so, but it still may not have been THE factor that was affecting it. Granted somehow it made it work, but its possible that something else changed in a non-transparent way (maybe it switched the channel on account of changing the SSID, or power levels, ) which solved the problem.


    I am saying this because SSID is such a basic thing, it would have shown up in the simplest of wifi tests they must have done. Plus, there's no reason why it shouldn't connect to "NETGEAR" SSID .. a way to check your hypothesis, it to change it back and see if it again gives the problem. Its also possible that there's another "NETGEAR" SSID closeby which was interfering to begin with.

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    It's been discussed already 1/4 into this thread. Changing the SSID can make some iPhones connect to WIFI with no problems. It could be as simple as changing his SSID to NETGEAR1 could solve connecting to WIFI. Same as instead of looking for WIFI on your phone, connect by adding the name your SSID helped others. I know it doesn't make sense, not bashing in anyway just stating doing so did help other connect. I've been doing this for 3 months and found out I cannot run 802.11N at all without problems, currently I'm running only G. I'm also at looking at another router cause mine locks up like the other poster around a page back, I'm running a new Zyxel (VSG1432) run with provider software and I think it's garbage.

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    Hey guys!!! I posted here before about my iPhone 5!! Basically my iPhone works perfect with my college wifi, but it does not work with my home wireless broadband! Anyway, what can I do to fix it?? It connects to my wifi but doesn't actually work. Also I have tried resetting the network settings on my iPhone and changing the ssid name of my broadband but to no avail!! I also tried updating my broadband settings.


    What can I do??? Please someone help me:( thanks in advance

  • heatonmusic Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi Katie


    I purchased an iphone 5 32gb from apple today and have the same problem. I couldn't setup the phone over wifi but had heard that apple had released a fix for this. So backed up my iphone 4 to my mac and then setup up in this way. Downloaded and installed the new update but nothing?


    I can connect to wifi with full bars but no web page will load?


    Apple what are you doing? I haven't just paid £600 pounds for this sort of service and no official response?

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    Hi Heaton! I know it's very frustrating! I paid 679 euro for an iPhone 5 16gb!! I think it defo has something to do with my broadband tho!!!! :( someone help me :(

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    It happens to me when I'm connected to 802.11N only or even mixed 802.11B,G,N. Try changing it to 802.11G it works for me just not as fast as N. Or change WPA2, encryption AES to TKIP. If that didn't work change to WPA, AES then to TKIP. 

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    If it helps Katie I have just followed some of the advice above and it now (well so far) is connecting at a good speed.


    I don't know what broadband you are with but I am with BT with a homehub. I did the following for a BT homehub but I presume other routers will be similar:


    - Reset my router by sticking a pin in the reset hole on the side

    - Logged into my homehub from my computer via http://bthomehub.home

    - Entered admin password (which can be found on the back of the hub. Once in you will be asked to change this again to something more memorable)

    - I then went about changing my SSID (which is basically your router name)

    - I also changed the password to again something more memorable.


    Not sure if it was the reset or the name/password change that did it but I would try both and see if this helps.


    Still find this very poor of apple. The whole point of these products is they should work out if the bag (especially for the price)


    Good luck Katie, I hope this works for you and if it doesn't call Apple first thing tomorrow and make it their problem!

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    Thanks again Heaton! I will try that later and let ya know how I get on!! Also I've had my iPhone for over a month now!! Is your Internet working now ya? Also what have you set for http proxy settings on your iPhone?:)

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    The bulk of the problem seems to be with WPA2 authentication with 802.22n.  If you can set your access point to WPA instead of WPA2 you have. Better chance of connecting with the iPhone 5. 802.11b/g on the 2.4 GHz band has a better chance of connecting than 802.11n on 5GHz.


    An IOS fix from Apple will hopefully resolve the WPA2 authentication problem on newer access points and routers that contain a access points. Older routers may need a firmware upgrade to be WPA2 compliant for all devices.

  • Paul Derby Level 1 (120 points)

    Should be 802.11n above. Unfortunately no way to edit postings with iPhone using Safari. 

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    Way back a hundred or so pages ago on my second of four iPhone 5's I changed my router from WPA to WPA2 as recommended but nothing changed in terms of Wifi speed or occasional drop outs (no connection problems here).  After learning a bit about routers/security etc. I decided WPA2 was best and left it there.  iOS 6.0.2 helped my speeds a bit plus I get full WiFi bars now but I'm still not getting full WiFi but I count myself as one of the lucky one's in that it didn't screw anything else up.  I'm still not satisfied with WiFi speeds because I'm now getting a little below what I used to get on my 3GS but at least iOS 6.0.2 is better than 6.0.1 for me.   Just my 2¢. 

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    Had all of these wifi issues with my original IP5. Exchanged for a new one at Apple store and wifi is now fantastic! Much faster than my old IP4. Keep returning until you get a good one. This is a hardware issue.