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    I think it has something to do with the 802.11N ,2.4MHZ If I run 802.11N I get very flakey, next to none reception. After 3 months of running 802.11g, I got better reception just slow G speeds. I had a dlink 655 router with no go. Then I got a router from my provider a 1432 by zyil or something like that. It ran better with fewer drops but still not acceptable. I had my eye on the apple airport router since summer then the ip5 wifi problem happened. Anyway I bought the airport 3 days ago, and set it up to run 802.11N ,5MHZ. For the last 3 days I threw everything at this thing data wise, and couldn't slow it down. My 2 ip5's work amazing now. The airport also broadcasts 802.11N ,2.4MHZ so my older wifi products still connect and run no problem.

    On a side note as soon as I leave my house and join someone's else's WIFI the ip5 turns crap again, till I get home.

  • Lostmymind Level 1 Level 1

    When I take my iPhone 5 out of the case, the network is greatly improved.  Give it a shot before you lose your mind.

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    sorry for my bad english am not native english speaker

    Ok i bought my iphone 5  2 days ago , the moment i got it i updated to 6.0.2 asap and restored my backup from my iphone 4 .My 3g connection  is fine , and My iphone 5 have same speednet result as my pc and my other iphone 4 when i run it , but the weird stuff is when i download app or any type of thing on downloading manager app my speed is so slow took around 40 min to download a game of 114 mb when it take 5 min to download on my iphone 4

    what i noticed that :

    - if i download after locking the phone for sometime the 1st download goes fast then it goes back  to the usual bad download on the 2nd app

    - if i remove my back protector the 1st download goes fast aswell then the 2nd goes slow ( not always )

    - i have no probelm with surfing the web or siri ( even tho siri sometimes take awful long time to answer 1 question and the others r so fast ).

    - i didn't try any other wifi connection other my Home one ( TP-link  150 M wirless lite N router )

    what should i do or try .

    pls tell me it's not hardware problem cuz i bought mine online and where i bought it from or where am living here they don't have appstore only providers for apple stuff

    it's stupid to see a gr8 phone with such a stupid problem pls some feedback , i tried almost everything u guys been discussing , nothing worked .

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    I have the same issue with bad wifi range and reception with all 4 of the 4 iphone 5's I am looking after.  I know that the problem is with the iphones themselves because I can get full wifi bars on my MacBook Pro, 2 ipod touches and iPad in places that the iphone 5's can't connect to the same wifi network.


    Even though I had a D-Link 802.11n wifi router, I bought a Belkin dual channel n router as a test, and the range only barely improved for the iphones - still not even close to what the other Apple devices were capable of.  I found that switching the new router to only use 802.11g instead of 802.11g/n mixed helped improve reception on the iphones slightly, but still nowhere near what the other devices were seeing.


    3 of the 4 iphone 5's are on ios 6.0.2 and 1 is on 6.0.1, and they all have poor wifi reception.  2 iPod touches are running ios 6 and have much better wifi reception.


    Tried many recommended fixes including resetting, rebooting, restting network settings, clearing Safari cookies and history, etc. etc. with no improvement.  Regardless of the suggestion, I am not willing to compromise security by trying WEP instead of WPA2 just to overcome a flaw with the iphone 5's wifi range.


    Still looking for a solution.

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    The phone surfs the web no problem so it's not your connection. Wifi isn't the issue. Apple servers can get over loaded. Sign out and power off phone. Turn on and sign back in


  • psteel25 Level 1 Level 1

    The software in the iphone 5 is newer than in any Mac Book or Router. It really is that simple. Your old devices connect to old firmware. iOS is newer than any of them. Resetting the router and updating the firmware solves the issue. When was the last time you updated your firmware on your router?

  • Flying Pelican Level 1 Level 1

    This is a brand new router and the firmware is up to date (latest release July 2012).

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    While you bring good points, its not really a solution. There are SO many WIFI hotspots and so many different models of routers from different manufacturers that is not practical to suggest that they all make changes or update to accommodate Apple devices. Are you saying that if you buy a $600 iDevice you will only be able to connect to the newest routers in the world? So every hotspot and every corp office and every individual will need to toss the old routers and purchase the newest ones so their Apple device can connect? Even when all the other smart phones and laptops and tablets connect to the old ones just fine? Sorry but that's a bit of a stretch.


    I have a couple of  4s and they connect to pretty much any router i have come across including the old Linksys WRT wireless g deals that have not had firmware updates available for years. My current router I use at home is the DLINK DIR-655 rev a and the latest available firmware was in 11/2010. Not that old but there have discontinued updates for that router. It works with every WIFI device I have ever tried it with.  Guess my point is Apple needs to conform to the WIFI standards with their devices not the other way around. Folks were pretty much working fine until iOS6 came around then all h*ll broke loose and these WIFI issues became pretty widespread across the iPhone 4s and 5, iPads, iPad mini, etc. Have friends that were perfect with iPads and iPhone 4s while on iOS 5.1.1 and before and when they updated to iOS 6 is when problems started.


    So I would say it points to a flaw in iOS 6. I mean the WIFI standards have not changed iOS has. Again I am one of the lucky ones who have seen no issues and my 4s works great and has awesome battery life but clearly others are not in the same boat. Last point is the software in iPhone 5 is the same as in the iPads and 4s (if folks update to iOS6) not any newer so an upgrade should not render a feature like WiFi usless because of "older routers" If they choose to do that for some strange reason there should be a disclaimer. "Warning updating to the newest version of iOS will ONLY work with the most current wireless routers in the market. Do not upgrade if you plan on using wifi with older wireless routers such as in most wifi hotspots" 

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    Yeah left that out of the last post. Two of my buddies have the newest Netgear N routers with latest firmware. One at his business the other at home. As soon as employees updated their iDevices (4s mostly) they could no longer connect. The other one updated iPad  at home and now only gets wifi signal if within 2 ft of the router. So newest router with newest firmware is not the answer either (some have been helped but others not) And even some with Apple wifi routers are having issues since iOS6. Apple to Apple so whats that say? Really a strange issue with random "fixes" for some and nothing for others. Some devices fine and others not fine on same network. It appears that its a wifi driver issue introduced  in iOS6 due to the 5gh band now available to iPhone 5 and some iPads. So I have heard anyway. I suspect iOS 6.1 will most likely solve it. Hopefully we will see soon.

    Flying Pelican wrote:


    This is a brand new router and the firmware is up to date (latest release July 2012).

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    Here's a "Sensible" New Years Resolution For You "ALL"


    Dont "Buy" Apple Products that will bind you to the IOS 6 OR "upgrade" your devices to IOS 6


    Otherwise, based on all these thread's that have been made thus and from all my postings and others who have contributed alot to suggestion i work arounds, my empathy for you all experiencing these WiFi issues are some what limited.


    You have been warned thousands of times as per these threads. Pass the message around.

  • Akira-sama Level 1 Level 1

    that could be true if my other iDevices have this problem but non of them have it

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    Pardon me, but you have no idea what you're talking about.

    There are these things called "standards". iPhone is supposed to be standards-compliant

    with all of these standards, and should work with existing routers. You shouldn't have

    to upgrade a router just because you bought a new iPhone; that's a ridiculous assumption.


    The problem lies with Apple and the software (or maybe hardware) on the iPhone 5.

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    To Troublemakr & psteel25 : Reality check, its a combination of WiFi Standards of Apple Devices and WiFi Routers coupled with the Software that drives them. Having said that its a consumers responsibility to also ensure their Firmware for these devices are updated to suite compatability to some extent across the board.


    If this fails, then aside from "physical faults" with a purchased Apple Products, you are required to perform the firmware updates, possibly even downgrade as well


    Failing this, the WiFi product fails to communicate with these modern Apple products and the IOS6.


    You buy a WiFi device thats more modern as certain WiFi devices and their firmware wont continuously be upgraded. Its the same as anyone having Windows 95/98 its no longer support and thus you need to get with the program and upgrade like everyone else.


    Failing this, read my previous post.


    In conclusion im well aware of WiFi Standards and others given the IT responsibilities i have for my company.

  • Akira-sama Level 1 Level 1

    i just made comparison between my iphone 4 my new ipad and my iphone 5

    - surfing the web all have same speed even iphone 5 is slightly faster

    - downloading the apps the new ipad and iphone 4 have same speed , iphone is 1/10 their speed.

    -watching youtube videos on youtube app , kinda all the same (iphone 5 faster a bit )

    - watching Imdb trailers : iphone 4 load the video with no delay , iphone 5 i need to press play every 1 sec cause the video is 2 slow with buffering

  • troublemakr Level 1 Level 1

    Having been in "IT" since before WiFi was born, I can assure you that this is Apple's problem. I don't have 802.11n router; I have the "older" b/g router. It has worked flawlessly (using the excellent DD-WRT) with every other device I have bought (iPhone 3G, 4, iPad2, MBP, MBA, iPod, PS3, Roku, etc. etc.). None of them had any problems connecting via the router.

    And suddenly the iPhone 5 has issues?


    Forget about my home router for a moment. At work, we have latest state-of-the-art "enterprise" Cisco devices ( work at a large Internet company). I am having WiFi issues there too with the iPhone 5; when my other iPhones never had a problem.


    All signs point to Apple's fault. Blaming the consumer for not updating their firmware is ridiculous, because the only common factor is the iPhone!